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Our Revolution Chairman, Kristopher Jacks, a Chair who is also a Colorado Democrat Party Executive, was videotaped undercover with a member of Project Veritas talking about his tactics and plans to help Progressive Democrats win in the 2020 Presidential election.

Our Revolution is a charity that has special Tax status, 501(c) organization, for the purpose of building a revolution in America based on the work of Radical far-Left Senator Bernie Sanders. According to their WIKI page, “Our Revolution is an American progressive political action organization spun out of Senator Bernie Sanders’s 2016 presidential campaign to continue its work.”

A list of this violent group’s endorsements, including many members of the progressive far-left, are taken right from the website and appears at the end of this article.

Denver, Colorado is the most recent location of a murder of a Republican for attending a rally.

In a 12 minute video, Jacks is heard talking about brutal violence against Republicans, by his associates, laughing at times showing pleasure talking about his idea of a Populist uprising being violent, praising Antifa, saying that “If you want to do real shit, real Antifa shit, you have got to get real close and establish a pattern of random guys being dead. “A strategic hit against the 1% is what it is going to take, random Nazis in the street is what it is going to take,” Jacks said in the video.


List of Supporters from the website:

Eva Putzova, US House, AZ-01
Raul Grijalva, US House, AZ-03
Martin Quezada, State Senate, District 29
Adrian Fontes, Maricopa County Recorder

Barbara Lee, US House, CA-13
Ro Khanna, US House CA-17
Georgette Gomez, US House CA-53
Jackie Fielder, State Senate District 11
Ash Kalra, State Assembly, District 27
District ean Preston, San Francisco Board of
Supervisors, District 5
John Avalos, San Francisco Board of
Supervisors, District 11
Vinnie Bacon, Alameda County Supervisor,
District 1
Fatima Iqbal-Zubair, State Assembly
District 64
Suely Saro, Long Beach City Council
Tunua Thrash-Ntuk, Long Beach City

Saud Anwar, State Senate, District 6
Washington, DC
Janeese Lewis George, City Council

Monique Worrell, Orange-Osceola State
Tamika Lyles, State Rep., District 43
Florida Amendment 2, the $15 Minimum
Wage Initiative

Jacquie Esser, Honolulu Prosecutor

Chris Schwartz, Black Hawk County

Robin Kelly, US House, IL-02
Marie Newman, US House, IL-03
Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, US House, IL-04
Robert Peters, State Senate District 13
Dagmara “Dee” Avelar, State Rep. District
KansasAJ Stevens, State Rep., District 10

Ed Markey, US Senate
Alex Morse, US House, MA-01
Robbie Goldstein, US House MA-08


Jamie Raskin, US House, MD-08
Troy Jackson, State Senate, District 1
Chloe Maxmin, State Senate, District 13
Grayson Lookner, State Rep., District 37
Mike Sylvester, State Rep., District 39
Benjamin Collings, State Rep., District 42

Rashida Tlaib, US House MI-13

Ilhan Omar, US House, MN-05
Jen McEwen, State Senate, District 7
Omar Fateh, State Senate, District 62
Raymond Dehn, State Rep., 59B
AK Hassan, Minneapolis City Council

Cori Bush, US House, MO-1
Megan Green, State Senate, District 5
Derrick Nowlin, State Rep., District 134
Ballot Measure 2: Healthcare for

Rae Peppers, State Senate District 21
Sharon Stewart Peregoy, State Rep., District
Mary Ann Dunwell, State Rep., District 84
Andrea Olsen, State Rep., District 100
Shane Morigeau, State Auditor
Tom Woods, Public Service Commission

New York
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, US House, NY-14
Jamaal Bowman, US House, NY-16
Mondaire Jones, US House, NY-17
Dana Balter, US House NY-24
Christine Pellegrino, State Senate, District 4
Julia Salazar, State Senate, District 18
Jabari Brisport, State Senate, District 25
Ron Kim, State Assembly, District 40
Yuh-Line Niou, State Assembly, District 65
Phil Steck, State Assembly, District 110

Michael J. Skindell, State Rep. District 13
Amy Cox, State Rep. District 43
Nancy Larson, State Rep., District 47
Kim McCarthy, State Rep., District 73

Jeff Merkley, US Senate
Sarah Iannarone, Portland Mayor

Nikil Saval, State Senate District 1
Summer Lee, State Rep. District 34
Elizabeth Fiedler, State Rep., District 184
Rick Krajewski, State Rep., District 188

South Carolina
Justin Bamberg, State Rep., District 90

Keeda Haynes, US House, TN-05
James Turner, State Rep., District 52

Mike Siegel, US House TX-10
Julie Oliver, US House, TX-25
Jose Garza, Travis County District Attorney
Clayton Tucker, State Senate District 24
Jon Rosenthal, State Rep., District 135
F. J. Jones, Brazoria County Justice,
Precinct 4
Scott Feuless, Brazoria Drainage District 4,
Place 2

David Zuckerman, Governor
Peter Welch, US House, At-large
Beth Pearce, State Treasurer
Doug Hoffer, State Auditor
Christopher Pearson, State Senate,
Chittenden 6-4
Cheryl Hooker, State Senate, Rutland
Mari Cordes, State Rep., Addison-4
Emilie Kornheiser, State Rep., Windham 2-1
Tanya Vyhovsky, State Rep., Chittenden 8-1
Jesse Warren, State Rep., Chittenden 6-5
Robin Chesnut-Tangerman, State Rep.,
Susan Hatch Davis, State Rep., Orange 1
Taylor Small, State Rep., Chittenden, 6-7
Brian Cina, State Rep., Chittenden 6-4
Kevin “Coach” Christie, State Rep., Windsor

Kari Donovan

Kari is an ex-Community Organizer who writes about Voter Engagement, Cultural Marxism and Campaigns. She has been a grassroots volunteer with the GOP, on and off for 18 years. She is a Homeschool Mom in North Carolina and loves Photojournalism and Citizen Journalism.

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