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If there was ever an award for overacting, Democrat hopeful Joe Biden would have to at least be in running for his new 2020 Campaign style of speaking. Sunday at a campaign event at the Constitution Center Joe Biden not only showed his poor acting style, but he also made a gigantic blunder saying that “200 Million people have died” and from the clip, we don’t know what his frame of reference was.

If he meant that 200 Million people have died from the beginning of time, he is sure to be right, but we are not sure, from this clip exactly what he meant. As of Sunday, Worldwide, 958K are estimated to have died from COVID.

“It’s estimated that 200 million people will die, probably by the time I finish this talk,” said Biden. “The complications of COVID-19, like lung scarring and heart damage could be the next deniable pre-existing condition for more than 6 million Americans.”


We have to go to the full speech to see what he is talking about. He wanted Republicans to wait for him to choose the next Supreme Court Justice. That was the purpose of the very short speech.

“In the end, the choice [for Supreme Court Justice] will be mine and mine alone but I will consult,” he said. “It will be the product of a process that restores our finest traditions, not the extension of one that has torn this country apart over the last years.”

WOW… Biden appeals to squishy Republicans to resist Trump. Biden made an appeal to Republicans that he was the rightful person to choose RBG’s replacement. He did say he would choose a Black Female, but gave no names.

According to Why.Com “Joe Biden gave a speech in Philadelphia Sunday to try to sway a handful of Republicans in the U.S. Senate to wait until after the November election to confirm a replacement for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Ginsburg died on Friday at the age of 87. Her dying wish was for her replacement to be named after the general election, which is 43 days away.

In his speech at the National Constitution Center Sunday, Biden pointed to the turbulent period the country is in as it nears 200,000 COVID-19 deaths and — because of a combination of virus-related restrictions and a struggling economy — millions of Americans remain unemployed.”

For his part, Biden has only made public his hopes to name the first African American woman to the highest court and has been critical of how the Trump administration has gone about making his list of possible nominees public.

In his message to Senate Republicans, Biden pointed to how Ginsburg listened to those whose views were the polar opposite of hers, including Justice Antonin Scalia.”

Full Speech:

Que up the Scarlett O’hara Award please…

““The last thing we need is to add a constitutional crisis that plunges us deeper into the abyss, deeper into the darkness. If we go down this path, I believe we will cause irreversible damage,” Biden said, as the leader of a Party that tried numerous times to overthrow the United States sitting President.

Come on man… I know you were thinking it..

Kari Donovan

Kari is an ex-Community Organizer who writes about Voter Engagement, Cultural Marxism and Campaigns. She has been a grassroots volunteer with the GOP, on and off for 18 years. She is a Homeschool Mom in North Carolina and loves Photojournalism and Citizen Journalism.

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