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Steve Bannon, a Navy Veteran and a former strategist for President Donald J. Trump is a controversial American political and media icon who never fails to rise in defense of a strong America, and now he has a plan on how every average American can fight back against the persistent encroaching dominance of the left, which all Republicans complain about yet so few are will do anything about.

Bannon, a messaging and media guru, currently the host of the War Room Pandemic podcast, offers some tips on how Republicans can get maximum pushback against the left’s plans to change the rules of the 2020 presidential election; join the left, become a poll worker in the election system and raise some noise until you make some progress.

According to left-leaning Forbes, who covered Bannon’s plans with obvious fear in their fingertips, recently wrote, “Former White House chief strategist and accused fraudster Steve Bannon told attendees during a Wednesday night livestream held by the Metropolitan Republican Club that they should sign up as election officials to contest every mail-in ballot in November, as he alleged a think tank called the Transition Integrity Project will “steal” the election from President Trump.”

Being called an “accused fraudster” by a leftist these days means someone who is “effective in resistance to Democrat domination”, so let’s just deconstruct what Bannon said about the poll worker thing.

Forbes went on to expose their deepest fears; people might be listening to Bannon. Look at what they write:

“According to Bannon, the bipartisan Transition Integrity Project—which games out scenarios in which the election is contested—laid out the “lawfare” they will pursue to ensure Democratic nominee Joe Biden defeats Trump.

Both Bannon and Raheem Kassam, a former Breitbart News editor from London, England, who introduced Bannon on the Livestream, claimed that coverage of the Transition Integrity Project by The Atlantic and the New York Times legitimized the think tank, whose efforts culminated in an August report stating Trump is “likely to contest [the election] through by both legal and extra-legal means.”

If you can accept that the Atlanitc and New York Times being called “bipartisian” you should stop to examine your ideology.

I digress…

Bannon also claimed the ‘mainstream media and Silicon Valley oligarchs’ will be ‘ripping down social media’ in order to ‘make it very difficult for conservatives to communicate’ after the election, allegedly so that Biden won’t have to concede while mail-in ballots are being counted,” Forbes wrote.

So, in other words, Bannon is over the target.

That tells you where to look. They are afraid Republicans and Independents will read social media and learn something and get into action.

And that tells you who to watch, Raheem Kassam, the editor of National Pulse, who posted on social media recently:

If you understand the left, you can anticipate what they are going to do, and then you meet them on the battlefield. Bannon understands the left and has been successful in exposing their tactics. His investigation into how the left operates goes back to the administration of former President Jimmy Carter.

So- here is what Bannon and Kassam are working on now, the funding:

Bannon is right about the plan to flood the election zone with poll workers on the left, note that activist lawyer Marc Elias, who is behind the law fraud of changing the election laws, is pushing for his kind of election pollsters:

What the right doesn’t have is a host of “Rich Uncles” to pay for Republicans to engage in the defense of their country, so Bannon is reaching into the heart of the patriotic movement, with that “fire breathing” imagery only he can concoct so easily, to engage people.

Someone needs to “light a fire under the butts in the seats” to get people engaged.

Bannon is a powerful Community Organizer for the right if we ever had one. He uses his resources to organize Republicans and Independents, which is like herding cats- stray cats with bad attitudes, by smartly telling them the most effective arena to fight back, with the limited resources and time Republicans usually have.

He is basically saying: Get thee to the Polls, be a Poll Watcher and complain about every ballot that isn’t legal.

George Washington saved the country before with a group of disorganized Farmers. Bannon could do it with a bunch of firebreathing stray cats.. it could happen.

If you like this article, go sign up to be a poll worker in your area. You don’t have to love Bannon to know he is right.

We are “in this” together, after Trump wins we can all go back to fighting each other again.

Kari Donovan

Kari is an ex-Community Organizer who writes about Voter Engagement, Cultural Marxism and Campaigns. She has been a grassroots volunteer with the GOP, on and off for 18 years. She is a Homeschool Mom in North Carolina and loves Photojournalism and Citizen Journalism.

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