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The embattled movie company, Netflix is fresh off of a month of boycotts because of a movie called, “Cuties” that depicts girls as young as 11 in sexual dances and sexual poses, upsetting people who are concerned about a growing sense of sexual exploitation of young girls.

Monday brings news of a new scandal for the film company, now that another one of their high profile stars is being investigated by the FBI for soliciting sexual favors from minors.

Cheerleader Jerry Harris is being investigated by the FBI after he allegedly solicited sex and sexually explicit photos from minors.

Federal agents executed a search warrant at his home in Naperville, Illinois, on Monday afternoon as part of the investigation, sources told USA Today.

A spokesperson with the bureau confirmed law enforcement were conducting court-authorized activity in the area, but declined to elaborate further. 

“Netflix’s Jerry Harris is now under FBI investigation for allegedly soliciting sex from minors,” USA reported.

Daily Mail UK reported:

  • According to USA Today, agents with the FBI executed a search warrant at Jerry Harris’ home in Naperville, Illinois, on Monday afternoon 
  • The 21-year-old has not been criminally charges as part of the investigation  
  • The underlying allegations were reported to police by Varsity, the global authority of cheer
  • One of the detailed inappropriate sexual conduct’ allegations against Harris stems from a May 2019 text exchange
  • In the message, someone under the listed name ‘jerry harris’ writes: ‘Hey btw I found a place for us to do stuff it’s actually pretty good haha’
  • Another of the allegations stems from an undated Snapchat image, in which someone, believed to be Harris, writes: ‘Hey would you ever want to f***’

Jerry Harris of Netflix’s #Cheer banned from Varsity Brands due to allegations of “inappropriate sexual misconduct,” @USAToday reports.

The news comes at time when American are seeing an escalation in media, entertainment and even legislation protecting adults who prey on minors for sex.

NetFlix is a leading culture leader making movies that glorifies minor having sex, and elevates icon figures Barack and Michelle Obama, and the royal couple Harry and Megan, perhaps leading people to make lifestyle choices to be more like their idols.

The influence on young men to breaks laws that they will have suffer the consequences alone, seems unfair.

Conservative lawmakers want Netflix investigated.

Fox News reported,” Texas Sen. Ted Cruz called on the Justice Department to investigate Netflix and the “Cuties” filmmakers to determine whether they broke any federal laws against the production and distribution of child pornography.”

The Republican senator and a growing list of federal lawmakers are appalled that Netflix is streaming the controversial film — claiming the “comedy-drama sexualizes young children and appeals to pedophiles.”

“The film routinely fetishizes and sexualizes these pre-adolescent girls as they perform dances simulating sexual conduct in revealing clothing, including at least one scene with partial child nudity,” Cruz wrote in a letter to Attorney General William Barr Friday.

Cruz continued: “These scenes in and of themselves are harmful. And it is likely that the filming of this movie created even more explicit and abusive scenes, and that pedophiles across the world in the future will manipulate and imitate this film in abusive ways.”

Netflix has numerous movies that exploit human sexuality.

And it could be that one of their own employees, Harris, is the 21 year young victim of thinking it is good to have sex with minors.

Kari Donovan

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