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Just in time for America’s Independence Day, Bryson Gray and a few of his friends release a patriotic jam for Americans to add to their holiday playlist- to celebrate God, Family, and Country.

“This is the song everyone needs to be hearing right now. People need to stop throwing hate and remember the principles this country was founded on. God Save America. Turn back to God,” one poster wrote as a review of God Save America.

The lyrics are comforting for people who feel they have lost America- or who feel cut off from God’s blessing for Americans:

“I was born in the Red, White, and Blue-I don’t know what all that means to you, but for me, it’s about family and liberty and our almighty creator and his son. 

Turn back to God.
Why do you think those soldiers die, why do you think those families cry. It wasn’t for us to be brainwashed by politicians lies… because they work together convincing us to pick a side?
Our country is bound to fail, when it loses faith in God. And I was born and I was raised in the land of the free and I don’t know about you, but it’s what it means to me, it’s about Liberty It’s about family and God , remember that when the fireworks go off in the sky.  

Better turn back to Christ. I want to see you in the afterlife. I’m all about that Family Life, get the firecracker for family night. Hey, let’s remember all the people that die for that red white and blue, I got that eagle inside and flying high sky is not the limit.<

Call a friend and put another Chicken on the skillet.

So grab your kids and hold them tight. Make sure that they know the light- we are gonna stand for the anthem on the show, the Stripes. <

God is light for him I’ll live, for him, I will fight.”
The country-rap- ballad features Bryson Gray, James McCoy Taylor, Tyson James- all three of who are culture warriors and self-identified followers of Christ. The three top billboard artists are resonating with patriotic music lovers as the song is taking off around the world, inspiring people to remember the best of American pride and justice:

“GOD SAVE AMERICA” just hit the top 100 downloaded songs in the WORLD!!
That gives me hope for this country, and thanks for buying/streaming!!!
Keep sending videos of you and the fam listening on the lake, at home, or wherever!!
Here’s a link for the music video ?? Gives me chills, and please share and enjoy! Happy 4th, y’all!!!! ?,” Taylor reported on his Instagram page.


Bryson Gray often speaks out about the cultural issues he sees in American society that are the cause of disharmony and pain, taking real issue with the LGBTQ agenda.

In a recent post Gray showed his conflict with entertainment that is built upon a pro-transgender message:


“I wanted to make a song that was patriotic but give the TRUE message which is that we need to turn back to God. Where there is no God, there is CHAOS,” Gray told me about

“The chaos is the confusion, who satan is the author of. The LGBT agenda, the feminist agenda, the abortion agenda. It’s all disrupts the natural order put in place by God,” Gray told me talking about how it feels to have that order in his life, he said, “It’s peace. It’s true happiness. It’s simple. It’s beautiful.”

Gray identifies himself on his Twitter profile as a Torah keeper, I asked him to explain it to his followers:

“A lot of modern Christians reject the Torah, old testament, as only for the Jews. Christian means follower of Christ, and Christ kept the Torah. So, I feel like I’m doing what I’m called to do.”

It sounds a lot like Judeo-Christian to me. And I know that is pure America.

Here is his song, enjoy!:

And if you like it, be a part of the movement:


Kari Donovan

Kari is an ex-Community Organizer who writes about Voter Engagement, Cultural Marxism and Campaigns. She has been a grassroots volunteer with the GOP, on and off for 18 years. She is a Homeschool Mom in North Carolina and loves Photojournalism and Citizen Journalism.

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  • Nothing but stoooopid people! First of all the Torah is only the first 5-6 books of the Old Testament, NOT the whole thing. Secondly, the “jews” only believe in the Torah, which is NOT all of Yahweh’s word; furthermore they are NOT children of GOD, the Hebrew people were – GOD condemned the “jews” for denying Christ and for worshiping a false god. Third, there is no such thing as “Judeo-christian”, Christianity has NO foundation in Judaism – PERIOD! Fourth, modern Christianity is nothing but a cult of denominations stemming from the catholic church.

    A “true” Christian believes the entire Bible as truth and does not pick and chose, nor do they accept false teachings coming from the church – feminism, promiscuity, mixing the races, love of wealth, acceptance of perversion and false religions, pharmakeia, evolution, heliocentrism, etc. Christ was the “word of Yahweh” in the flesh.

    Popular (modern) Christianity is NOT biblical and Biblical Christianity is NOT popular!

  • I wonder if the Jews would have had a song they wouldn’t have had to wait for more than a hundred years for someone like Moses to set them free. Sing on and wait for God to act.

  • Guys this is beautiful. Be sure to find out if President Trump has heard it. He could want you to come to a rally with him and or use your video when you can’t go. God Bless!



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