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Here is the story of a Community Organizer, an activist lawyer, who is exploiting the judicial system to push through the Democrat Party’s desired election laws with help, like from Democrat Govenor Roy Cooper, and Democrat Attorney General Josh Stein, to overthrow the elected North Carolina Government and force the Lt. Governor to call on US Attorney General Bill Barr to investigate.

In the absence of campaigning by a candidate, Democrat Joe Biden who isn’t capable of winning, the Democrats have tried numerous schemes to change the “rules of the game” which is a common tactic for the left. They have tried using Emergency Powers for Govenors- under a Pandemic, fear tactics with riots, ballot schemes, and now, it appears full on collusion and intimidation in the courts, to demand their way.

The damage is countrywide in states where the Democrats can get influence, however, it is unclear what the plan is to protect the Nov. 2020 President Election from the top.

The first step we see might be the Department of Justice looking at the damage done with Republican Lt. Governor Dan Forest in North Carolina, who sent a letter to Barr on Thursday to investigate what could possibly be Democrat collusion and election interference.

This could possible be a Civil Rights sase.

According to Forest here are the steps he has witnessed Cooper, Stein and the Community Organizer and activist lawyer take so far:


The activist lawyer and Community Organizer is Marc E. Elias. I confirmed with Forest’s office that he was indeed the person behind the lawsuits that have caused so much trouble for North Carolina, including causing two GOP Board of Election members to quit in protest of the new election laws that were adopted this week by Stein after the election has already begun in North Carolina.

Elias is a far left radical leftist.

On his Twitter account, in the midst of bragging about his judicial victories for his new voter law demands, he makes reference to failed Presidential candidate, Hillary R. Clinton:

In his newsletter, on a website that gets barely any traffic according to Alexa ratings, Elias wrote: “As I wrote in my piece, “The Urgency of Now,” all of us have a moral obligation to continue the fight for freedom and justice that was the cornerstone of Justice Ginsburg’s life and career. We are, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said in 1963, “faced with the fact that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now,” Marc Elias, partner at Perkins Coie and activist lawyer wrote.

So he is fighting, white knighting, for Ginsburg and Clinton, and a rising superstar of the Party, aparently.

On his Twitter timeline, Elias mentions North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Minnesota, Florida, Pennsylvania as his targets, to name a few.

His motto is “Democracy is on the Docket,” clearly demonistrating his push for new voter laws with the corrupt practive of lawfare, is what he plans to do to overthrow our Republic.

We are a Republic, recall. We elect representatives to represent us. Democray is Democrat fantasy.


Elias is a partner at Perkins Coie. Perkins Coie is a “controversial law firm”, who according to Jack Posobiec, an investagive Journalist and Sidney Powell, the lead Counsel for Generlal Mike Flynn who posted:

However lets not go down the rabbit hole on Perkins and Coie, you get the point.. lets jump back into the story of Elias and what he is doing in North Carolina, where Barr has been asked to investigate.


Thursday, after a long fight with Cooper through an extensive process to keep election integrity, the Lt.Govenor, Dan Forest, who is the Republican running for Governor against Roy Cooper, released a letter on the same day that two Board of Election member walked out in protest to the actions of the Board of Elections:

Cooper had earlier in the year keep lawmakers and office holders busy with his expansion of powers under his “Emergency powers”, which he instutited due to the Pandemic, and which he could not make stick to change election laws, has come up with a new plan aparently with the assistance of Elias.

Here is what finally triggered the call to Barr by Forest:

Elias admits this lawfare is to displace the Republican candidate, Donald J. Trump. Elias says they are “changing voter laws every day,” and looking at his timeline on Twitter he is very happy about the idea of removing the right from Americans to have our voices heard. He is truthful about one thing, that is Democracy. That is rule by mob. That is what the Democrat Party is displaying perfectly to us in this story.

It is in plain site:

The purpose of lawfare is to bankrupt the opponent and with activist lawyers that is easy to do:

He is an acvitist, he is a far left Community Organizer:

Here he is spreading propaganda to the Democrat allies, the media, which gives an air of legitimacy to the left’s agenda. When in fact all of these platforms are “Grassroots Marketing Platforms”, who all share a common messagng , branding and PR. One of victimhood. Yet they also are somewhat uniue at times, with their own logos and slogans. The left works together together perfectly as a machine to demand “Democracy” with a series of groups and platforms for a comon cause, to overthrow the Republic.

Here he is having fun and using a Grassroots Marketing Platform (Democracy Docket) to further his agenda, so other people can keep pushing his message:

Here he is talking to other groups, as pointed out in Forest’s letter. Active Retiree is another Organizing group, with COmmunity Organizers and activists, with their own grassroots platform, and according to their Twitter Timeline, “Alliance for Retired Americans, 4.4 million retirees strong and growing. Fighting for retirement security.”

Here he is talking about Democracy Docket, which is his own Grassroots Marketing Platform:

Here he is talking about the official twitter account of the Democrat National Committee, and a powerful activist network that has sucessfully flipped numerous house seats from Blue to Red, using Community Organizing and vibrant Grassroots Platforms, most aided by former President Barack Obama.


Elias is not trying to hide what he is doing, these are all public tweets:

Here he is pushing the same old tired tactic, the race card. The left does not ever deviate from their agenda or from their tactics. If you understand their tactics you can prepare and beat them at their game, the problem is that up until President Donald J. Trump, no one on the right, in power, has ever even tried to understand the left and how they work.

That is why the left hates Trump so much.

Here is a nother group Digi Dems, technical soulutions for all of the Grassroots technical issues, so each of those groups Elias is linking to has hundreds of other larger and smaller Grassroots Marketing Platforms, and they all need technical assistance.

Digi Dems is one group who assists.

“Democracy” is winning, by changing voting laws against the will of the people and their representatives, and they will now be enacting their grassroots “boots on the ground” will be the next step.


So far Elias has represented the desired utopia of the left very well, they want a Democracy where mob rule can control all of the instutitions. We are waiting to hear from Barr about what steps can be taken, if any to address this lawfare against the American citizens.

This is a developing story.

Kari Donovan

Kari is an ex-Community Organizer who writes about Voter Engagement, Cultural Marxism and Campaigns. She has been a grassroots volunteer with the GOP, on and off for 18 years. She is a Homeschool Mom in North Carolina and loves Photojournalism and Citizen Journalism.

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