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Larry Klayman’s name is in the news this week in a Politico article about a man who is known for marginal lawsuits in a world of out of control lawfare, with civil liberities being slashed and burned in numerous high profile legal cases, that makes Klayman’s name somewhat of a nightmare.

According to Politico, “To hear conservative gadfly and attorney Larry Klayman tell it, the end of his legal career haranguing the Washington political establishment could be nigh.”

“Klayman insists he’s guilty of nothing more than ‘zealous advocacy’ in the episode. But looming over this week’s hearing is a more epic fight between ethics officials, who say he’s made a specialty out of using the legal system to harass his enemies, and Klayman, who contends he’s the victim of a politically motivated crusade to end his decades as a legal pit bull for conservative causes and figures.”

One of those enemies is Roger Stone.

In August Judge John Kastrenakes, of the Circuit Court in Palm Beach County ruled against Jerry Corsi, represented by Larry Klayman, in his defamation suit  against Stone and Newsmax, et al.  In the well-reasoned opinion, the judge stated, “…there is not a scintilla of admissible evidence to support Plaintiff’s “surrogate theory” of defamation.”  In the same order, the judge also granted Stone’s Anti-SLAPP motion against Corsi. 

Florida’s Anti-SLAPP law provides a unique right ripe for early review of the claims made by a plaintiff. The law creates a right not to be subject to meritless suits filed ‘primarily because the defendant has exercised the constitutional right of free speech in connection with a public issue, or right to peacefully assemble, to instruct representatives of government, or to petition for redress of grievances before the various governmental entities of this state.  In part the judge said, “ Plaintiff presented absolutely no evidence that created a genuine issue of material fact…” The judge essentially deemed the lawsuit meritless.

Not satisfied, and stung by a second defeat in a month and the near certainty that Stone and Newsmax can collect significant attorneys fees from Corsi, Klayman filed for reconsideration on behalf of Corsi.   Today, the judge issued an order stating that Klayman can’t just “regurgitate” the same old stuff and expect a different outcome.  Reconsideration was denied.  Counsel for Stone and counsel for Newsmax have set a November hearing for the right to collect fees in excess of $350,000 from Corsi. 

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