On Tuesday, a group of medical people spoke at a school board meeting in Wake County, NC, to push forced masking school children, and the school board was so impressed with them that they voted 9-0 to force compliance, even though 5,000 parents signed a petition to plea for freedom and choice.

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“The only concern I have is that it’s widely rumored the vaccines will be FDA approved for 12 and up in the next couple of weeks in time for school,” one NC parent told me.

“I am against minors being allowed to make medical decisions without their parents permission and also the forced masking of anyone in schools. I don’t have young children, but I do have a grandson starting kindergarten next week and I’m sick he is being forced to mask. I’m tired of teachers unions making medical decisions and school boards not listening to parents,” Another NC parent wrote to me.


“The NC Commission on Public Health met yesterday and they will decide if/when vax is mandated for kids. it was a public meeting and they asked if they had the power to mandate prior to FDA approval. Monstrous. We need to focus in on this board of appointees — all are appointed either by Gov or the Medical Society,” One NC parent told me in a group of concerned parents who wish to stay anonymous, told me.

Key Point: The left uses their position of authority to push testimony they want to hear, and they disregard testimony they don’t want to hear. Here is proof.


According to her Twitter account, Michele Benoit-Wilson, a radical member of BLM, made a public comment at the school board meeting for Wake County on Tuesday and demanded the use of face masking on school children. Again- the school board submitted, by a 9-0 vote.

Benoit-Wilson was a part of a group of medical workers who demanded school districts force mask school children, citing their medical backgrounds, against the wishes of children.


Except there are people with professional medical experience who disagree with the progressive healthcare workers. They were not allowed equal time at the school board meetings, so they protested at Democrat Governer Roy Cooper’s mansion in Raleigh, NC.

Reporter Stephen Horn, the Founder of  The Triangle Triangle, reported on the protest:

I was expecting this to be attended by many of the same people as other freedom events, like #ReopenNC, etc., but I was surprised by the number of healthcare workers in attendance, and the lack of familiar faces,” Horn told me when I contacted him on Twitter about his footage and reporting. 


Frequently citizen journalist reporters and media give a much more complex story about events than anything the legacy media is willing to show. As a result, citizen Journalists can help legislators and make for powerful activism.


On Thursday, Republican NC House member Keith Kidwell posted on Facebook that he and 54 other members of the North Carolina general assembly their protest about the vaccine and in defense of the medical workers who do not want the vaccine:

“Today, I joined 54 of my colleagues in calling on our state’s significant hospitals system CEOs to reevaluate its decision to require all staff to receive the COVID-19 vaccination in the coming weeks in order to keep their jobs. We believe there is a better path forward that includes more attention, consideration, and flexibility surrounding the concerns and uneasiness of employees and the impact such a mandate will have on recruitment, retention, and quality of care.

With the current nursing and labor shortage, this decision to terminate nurses and other healthcare professionals who do not take the vaccine will only exacerbate the problem. These men and women were rightly hailed as healthcare heroes while serving on the frontlines against COVID-19. It is simply unfair to force them to choose between their job and taking a vaccine that is only authorized for “emergency use only.”

Bottom line:  Groups are pushing back in North Carolina, where they see an escalation in Government dominance by Democrat Roy Cooper using emergency powers. At least one group is planning a lawsuit.


Link to lawsuit

Going Down a Rabbit hole:

The people are up against powerful authoritarian forces.  Consider that less than one week before the School district rules on forcing masks, Cooper made the shocking move to give his appointed Health secretary powers that only the executive has.

NC Secretary Of Health Given Governor’s Mandate Powers, Roy Cooper Starts New COVID Demands, This Time Through His Appointee


Further reading.

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