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Video of a man fleeing a fire drenched area with wife and daughter in a car, went viral this week showing a frightening escape, while the family talks about the heat and what they are seeing.

“I can feel the heat, can you feel the heat?” the man asked.  “Oh my God it is so hot,” the woman answered. “It’s so- so hot,” the young girl answers, as the car is driving thru the area and the video camera swings around to capture the destruction.

As of Friday, local authorities reported that More than 10% of Oregon’s population has been evacuated due to fires. That’s 500,000 people evacuated.

A woman who claimed to be the sister of the man driving posted the video on Twitter.  She described the situation.

“My brother is a farmer and pays close attention to fires, and the weather is general. They literally live their lives by it. No one predicted this fire would spread so far/fast,” Nicole Funke said.

“There was no fire anywhere near them when they went camping. But high winds pushed it toward them, traveling 75 miles in a few hours. Which is unheard of here. The video is from an area they passed through headed home after evacuating their campsite. Their campsite was not on fire,” she said.

Portland police had asked very nicely for rioters to not set things on fire and make things worse:

On Tuesday, authorities declared a state of emergency in Marion County, Oregon.

FOX 12 on Tuesday evening spoke with some people who were forced to leave the area, including Zach Warden, who has lived in the area all of his life. Warden says he took whatever he could and left as fast as he could. “That fire got so dang huge that it was so scary, that we just went for it,” Warden said.

Warden took photos as the wall of fire crept over the hill near Detroit Lake on Monday night and into Tuesday morning. He described the drive out of town on Highway 22 as “extremely dangerous”.

“When we were approaching Mill City, you could see fire coming off the hill on the right and jumping the road to the left,” Warden said. “The trees were on fire on both sides of the road.”

This is his video:

The cause of the fires is being investigated as arson, according to a local reporter.

Another journalist, Michael Tracey reported on Twitter, “One of the massive fires in Oregon, which already destroyed at least two towns, is suspected to have been started deliberately… and this just happened to coincide with several other massive (naturally-caused) fires all throughout the West Coast? Odd.”

Radical far-left Democrat Governor Kate Brown is pushing “climate change” as a cause for the fires that are destroying her state.

Brown, who said she has students fighting the fire, and she said that fires in Clackamas county merged, and Portland is “on alert”.  The  Oregon Convention Center is open for evacuees and ppl with RVs. Salem-area fires are expected to merge Brown told people and said that evacuations in the Portland metro area is possible.

The fires are devastating an already embattled State.

Kari Donovan

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