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It has been four days since a progressive Democrat activist, Katherine Johnson, pressured a restaurant in Raleigh named Wye Hill to cancel an accepted reservation for a local Mom’s Happy Hour and get the place to deny Page service based on the perception of Page’s politics and the idea she might be anti-gay.

Except there is no proof Page is anti-gay.

Johnson is obsessed with the idea that Page’s group Moms For Liberty is anti-gay.

“Trust I’m not scared – I’m studying to be a lawyer and I would jump at the opportunity to wreck their face in court and drain their funds,” Johnson posted on her Tik Tok, referring to her obsession to harm Moms For Liberty.

Recall that old saying, “Gee, you have a great business here; it would a shame if something happened to it..” right?  The classic shakedown on a small business by a hustler and a racketeer.

Check this out and see if you can understand what Johnson was doing:

Page, an active Mom of two young boys, had planned a social event with her friends, a few of her supporters, and a few members of her group, the Wake County chapter of Moms For Liberty. All people who had something in common.  That is what people do when they plan social events.

Over the last four days, the restaurant has refused to talk to anyone and is reportedly in ‘chaos mode’ after complying with Johnson and issuing  Page a blistering, rude and nasty cancelation on Wednesday, claiming that she does not “align with the restaurant’s values”.

Further, they claimed to have investigated her and found that the group that she is the founder of the chairperson of, Moms For Liberty, is involved with criminal activity.

Finally, they said they do not want people like her in their establishment.

Yet- at no time had Page said she was Moms for Liberty.

She made the courtesy call to alert the restaurant she was planning on bringing 20-30 hungry and thirsty people into their establishment for a social happy hour, on a Friday evening, and she never did claim the event was Moms for Liberty- because it was not.

Page a meeting space for her group- the accepted reservation was for a happy hour for friends.

But Wye Hill smacked her down hard anyway and took a dig at her group, her associates, and slammed what they perceived to be her political beliefs.

And it all started with a woman who had targeted Page. But that is ok for Progressives to do to Republicans, right?

What Wye Hill have on their hands is a privileged progressive Democrat who- according to a recent Tik Tok video targeted Moms For Liberty, then found the Moms for Liberty chapter in Wake Co, and then corresponded with Julie Page by email under two names, with a clear intent to deceive Page.

Although Johnson, according to a public Facebook page, says she lives in Durham, perhaps she knows about Raleigh’s expansion of a non-discrimination law in 2021, which some progressive Democrats coming to Johnson’s aid are claiming to protect Johnson’s actions and then that of the restaurant.

“I infiltrated their group, I took a screenshot of the email where I was invited to the Happy Hour.  I let them know- hey this is about to go down, and I am pretty sure that my group is going to do something in counter, so I would highly recommend that this event get canceled because I don’t really know what is going to go down.  So here we are,” Kathern Johnson said, bragging about bullying and threatening a business to deny service to a local- regular North Carolina- American Mom.

This is the defense of some activists, they  cite that Johnson is covered under the  2021 “non discrimination” legislation:

Wake County and Raleigh City now both interpret “sex discrimination” to include discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. The ordinance defines “gender identity or expression” as “having gender-related identity, expression, appearance, or behavior, whether or not that identity, expression, appearance, or behavior is different from that traditionally associated with the sex assigned to that individual at birth.” That is what Johnson claims, without any evidence, that Page’s group does, recall- More information on the legislation- here. 

So- the question is, does that Raleigh ordinance cover Johnson’s threats to the restaurant that if they did not comply with her demands to cancel Page she would protest, the threats to Page personally that she was ‘coming for’ her personally,  and Johnson’s following taunts and harassment on TIk Tok and Facebook?

How about the fact that Johnson started a website and started a ‘Summer of Rage campaign for activists and started fundraising at the exact same time she set about to humiliate Page and Moms for Liberty and dominate Wye Hill.

Consider how Johnson got the information about the event at Wye Hill in the first place.  She was welcomed into the group to fill out an electronic membership, and encouraged and included as a new member by Page- ‘easily’ Johnson said, no one asked her about her sexual identity or anything about her activism or politics or religion or skin color.

But she hated the group with a passion, claiming Page and her group are bigots and other very nasty things.

One name  Johnson used was her own name- where she attacked Page and her group and got very nasty, by email.

The next time Johnson interacted with Page was as a new member of the chapter about 3 weeks later, with the assumed name.

After the Wye Hill incident  Page investigated and discovered that Johnston had used the same Google account email address for both harassing Page by email three weeks prior- and then signing up as a Fake member of Moms for Liberty Wake CO.

Watch Johnson admit to what she did, listen as she admits that she threatened Wye Hill that she would have her legions of group members come to the establishment to counter Page- who again was just a Mom having a Happy -Hour:

In fact,Page was planning a ‘Schools Out” Happy hour she decided to expand her guest list to new members in the Wake Co Chapter- assuming that people would enjoy gathering with other people of like minds, and sent an email with the location of the establishment she chose for her social event- Wye Hill.

Here is the meme for that event:

Immediately upon being invited to Page’s Happy Hour- which was a social gathering and not a Moms for Liberty event- Johnson contacted Why Hill and pressured them to cancel Page. She admits that in the above Tik Tok.

Johnson told Wye Hill management that Page was a bigot and Wye Hill complied immediately.

Here is that email to Page from Wye Hill Management:

So- Wye Hill did send a vicious email to Page, and then that email went viral and Johnson made many Tik Tok videos bragging about what she did, making threats to Page personally, and going to Wye Hill Restaurant to show herself, saying that she has a massive army of people who support her in what she is doing.

“Julie Page-Stay vigilant big girl because we are coming for you,” Johnson said, in a very haughty voice, in a now-deleted Tik Tok – which I captured for GETTR here-[3:10] :

The restaurant hired a PR team, who appear to have given the restaurant the advice to claim they canceled Page’s reservation because the restaurant was having a children’s book sale of books including Gender Queer, which Page points out even the Cary library moved to the adult section due to the graphic sexual content of that book. So that is interesting, and could be why they changed the book list of the children’s book sale a day later- TWO days after the cancelation- and in time for ABC to cover the new ‘book sale angle’.

So they claim they were selling some sort of books (there are two different Facbook posts after the cancelation and nothing we can find anywhere else) ‘for children’ the weekend that would have been Page’s Happy Hour- yet still refused to say why that had anything to do with Page.

And it is very strange because the only evidence of any book sale we can find is after Page’s reservation for Mom’s Happy Hour was made and the restaurant knew the story of the cancelation was going viral:

Here is what we found was the first notification of a the restaurant having a children’s book sale. Notice the post says ‘Gender Queer”.

Neither Page nor Moms For Liberty or Page are planning any type of protests against the restaurant, hoping that conversations may happen and people may be able to address this horrible situation we find ourselves in where Americans perceived as Republicans are being denied service, abused, denied their rights – fired, slandered, defamed , harassed and the victims of cancel culture far worse than other types of oppression the country has seen for decades.

In fact according to The Fire .org, cancel culture is a huge deal:

Nearly 6 in 10 Americans feel that our nation’s democracy is threatened because people are afraid to voice their opinions, according to a new survey from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

The nationally representative survey of 2,500 adults examines Americans’ attitudes toward various issues related to free expression, including cancel culture, self-censorship, and the constitutional limits to speech.

“A lot of ink has been spilled debating cancel culture,” said FIRE Vice President of Communications Nico Perrino. “Do Americans see it as a serious cultural phenomenon? What’s its effect on free speech? We aimed to answer some of those questions with actual data. The verdict is in: Americans do see cancel culture as a significant cultural trend that has a real effect on the country’s free speech climate.”

The concept of “cancel culture” has become increasingly prevalent — 73% of respondents have heard the phrase — as people, brands, and cultural works face public repudiation by those who consider them offensive or otherwise problematic. Of those familiar with the concept, almost 60% of respondents said that there is “a growing cancel culture that is a threat to our freedom.” 25% said there is not.

Effects associated with cancel culture have led to various levels of self-censorship and concern, the survey found. 

Nearly one-quarter of people surveyed are “fairly often” or “very often” afraid to state certain opinions for fear of losing their jobs or their standings in school, while 18% are similarly “afraid to say what [they] believe” for fear of the potential consequences. Eight percent admit they often feel pressure to say things they don’t believe “in order to fit in.” 

One especially significant finding from the survey reveals that nearly three-quarters of respondents agreed that people can experience significant stress — even to the point of engaging in self-harm — because of the public backlash against something they said. 

“Cancel culture isn’t just about what gets said and then punished,” said Perrino. “It’s also about what never gets said for fear of punishment. The chilling effect of self-censorship is real — and can have an alarming effect on how Americans communicate.”


Wye Hill was struggling, for four days, with many negative comments on their Facebook and had to restrict comments all while they were getting bombarded with many business reviews.

One poster reported that Wye Hill turned Yelp off. One insider reported that the restaurant was getting everyone they know to leave a 5 star review to combat the negative reviews people were leaving- and that does appear to be a success as they have got far more 5 star reviews than in all of the years in the business- prior.

That may be all the PR team is doing for the restaurant that is working:

Johnson, herself, is counting the number of views to her ‘take down’ Tik Tok- which was 59K on Sunday- as a sort of stamp of approval.

According to this TIK TOK:

Johnson claims that all of the viewers on that one video are the foot soldiers of her army, claiming that she is turning all of those viewers into Democrat voters to ‘flip North Carolina Blue. in a “Summer of Rage’ Campaign, where she is actually raising funds for over harassing Page in this way.

Read this article for more information on the activism:

Page and her group simply relocated, on Friday night,  to a very upscale eatery where the owner provided complimentary food, and welcomed the group to do business at their beautiful restaurant and tavern.

However news went viral all weekend with people still focused on the cancelation, and the public grew very concerned over the attack on Page’s civil liberties.

Now we see the storm clouds of the left’s allies trying to help cover up the action by Johnson with mainstream media floating stories- probably from the PR team- and nasty Tik Toks from the woman who caused this whole mess.

Why did she do it? Perhaps for attention, perhaps as a fundraising tactic for her own group, perhaps as a test of Raleigh’s news ‘Non discrimination’ law, perhaps to celebrate Pride Month- because one thing for sure is that Katherine Johnson is very excited and proud of her behavior against Julie Page and other Moms because she perceived them to be something that she does not like.

That is not beautiful and loving and kind and good- that is being a bigot. But Progressives are special, they are a protected group- right?  Protected from the consequences of causing this much drama, hatred, damage and fear- if you ask me.

And that is the world according to Progressive and’ inclusive’ Katherine Johnson- do as she says- or something might happen to your nice business, or reservation, or family- ya got there.

Kari Donovan

Kari is an ex-Community Organizer who writes about Voter Engagement, Cultural Marxism and Campaigns. She has been a grassroots volunteer with the GOP, on and off for 18 years. She is a Homeschool Mom in North Carolina and loves Photojournalism and Citizen Journalism.

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