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President Donald J. Trump will face his opponent, Joe Biden at the first Presidential debate, Tuesday night from Cleveand Ohio, and it is sure to be a highly wated debate due to the nature of the oilitical battle between the two of them for the highest office in the country.

“President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden square off on Tuesday in their first presidential debate. With five weeks to go until the Nov. 3 general election, the stakes are high,” Reuters wrote.

Reuters listed 5 things in article that they feel the Debates will show, mostly that Biden is a victim of Trump, who they think is a really bad guy.

“FLASHPOINTS,” they wrote. Look for Flashpoints

Over taxes, Reuters wrote, “The report, which Trump called “totally fake news,” gives Biden a fresh opening to make his case that his working-class roots better position him to understand the economic struggles of everyday Americans than the billionaire occupying the White House,” which will be really interesting consider the amount of money we are hearing the Biden family made whole Joe Biden has been in DC.

On Peaceful transfer of power, Reuters wrote, “Trump also faced persistent questions, based on his statements about a rigged election, about whether he will accept the voting results should he lose. With millions at home watching, how will he respond if Biden pushes him to commit to a peaceful transfer of power?,” which is interesting coming from the party who has not accepted the results of the last 4 times a Republican won the presidency, and have yet to stop resisting the authority of Trump’s presidency.

Over Trump’s nominee for the vacant seat on the United States Supreme Court, Reuters wrote,” Both candidates will scuffle over Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court. Trump is using his pick to rally his conservative voter base and distract from his record on the coronavirus and other matters, while Biden is warning of threats to health care and abortion rights,” which is very interesting because Conservatives are very happy with Trump’s stand on Religious Freedom, Jobs and Abortion.

“BIDEN’S MOMENT,” Reuters said to look for Biden’s Moment.

Reuters is making excuses for Biden, writing, “For Biden, the debate will serve as sort of a reintroduction,” which is interesting because he has not been campaigning much and when he does, he makes a mess out of himself.

“OWNING IT,” Reuters said to look for Owning it.

Reuters wrote with great bias, and said, “Faced with alarming coronavirus statistics or unrest in the streets, Trump is quick to blame Democratic officials, activists, scientists – anybody but him. One of Biden’s goals will be making sure the public understands that Trump is the one in charge,” which is really interesting if a child wrote this, otherwise it immature.

“TWISTING THE TRUTH,”Reuters said to look for Twisting the Truth

See if you can grasp the fantasy of this next one,” As Trump’s campaign rallies show, he can fire off falsehoods in machine-gun fashion. Examples include the Republican’s common claim that the U.S. economy was operating at historic levels before the pandemic (it wasn’t) and that the virus has largely dissipated (it hasn’t),” which is really interesting coming from someone’s candidate said he was in the Senate for 180 years, calls Air Force service members “bastards” and can’t remember how many grandchildren he has.

“DOWN IN THE MUD,” Reuters said to look for Down in the Mud.

Reuters wants to float the idea that soft, kindly grandpa is a victim of Trump’s and said, “Biden has worried aloud about reacting to Trump’s propensity for ad hominem attacks. On the campaign trail, the former vice president has sometimes shown flashes of temper, getting his “Irish up” as he calls it,” which is really interesting if you can believe Biden is a victim.

We think that it might be a good idea to watch out for Jill. Watch Jill freak out over the use of the word “gaffe”

She may be misrepresenting her husband:

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