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Willmington North Carolina, A Group of Patriots and Trump supporters had a large gathering last week at what they call a “Flag Drop”,to show support for President Donald J. Trump, and they were infiltrated by a group of women who swore, called people names and harassed the participants.

The white female BLM members waived a flag with profanities, and they were in general uncivilized toward the Trump supporters. One of those members, Leping Beck, posted about her point of view on her Facebook page, where the aggressive BLM member found the discussion and proceed to be very nasty again.

The woman who owns the page talked to me about the event, drawing her concerns into an even larger agenda of fear and intimidation of Americans, similar to what the Chinese Community Party did during their cultural revolution.

“We were just Americans who were out supporting the President,” Beck said. Beck was a close friend to a Conservative man, a professor at a local university who was hounded persistently for his views and was found dead in July of gunshot wounds after facing down mobs of out of control young activists in the Willmington area. The young people were proud of their harassment- to the point where he may have killed himself, and still they were proud of their cancel culture behavior.

The following video is from the school where Adams taught, taken on the day that Professor Mike Adams died. These are students at the university who did not like his views.


Black Lives Matter Members

And now this… is this a pattern?

Leping Beck immigrated to the United States from Communist China, and had numerous associates here in the United States whose families also fled Communism and live in the United States.

Beck is a resident of the Wilmington area and has notice a great culture shift in the United States. Recently in the Willmington area a Conservative profressor from the local University,UNCW Mike Adams, a friend of her’s died after being harssed and threatented by college students and other Marxists from around the country.

“He was such a good man,” Beck said. “And now look at this terrible situation where this woman is harassing us for supporting our President. It is really sick. “

In the thread, the agressive woman seen harassing Trump supporters responded, “Lauralaine Thiers Hey that’s me!!! Fuck Trump forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️ KISS MY ASS LEPING.  I would rather shit in my hands and clap the national anthem before I take parenting advice from someone like you lol.

Lauralaine Thiers Leping Beck Did your parents teach you to be such a sheep? Or did they forget to teach you cognitive speech because when I met you today I literally thought I was having a brain aneurysm listening to you speak. Talking to you made me solidly the idea that you and and ACORN share the same level of intelligence. You are bat shit and make zero sense. And not to mention you HARRASING me and my friend who were just standing there silently holding our flags. Thanks for the free publicity LEPING ????????  because you are simple and have the brain capacity of a toddler- I am AMAZED that you worked in a las firm consider when you speak- I lose brain cells. You behave and talk like someone who smokes crack. The fact you’re parents didn’t give you a proper education is sad. And if they did- they failed. You would not behave or speak with so little intelligence. You are a sad projection of your parents failure,” she wrote.

One of the other participants responded to Beck’s post talking about her personal experience with Communism:

“My experiences with communism as told by my dad and cousin after the Vietnam War we fled to the US in 79 after the Americans lost, communist took control (yes the South Vietnamese were rooting for the Americans). We were very rich in Vietnam my dad owned many businesses. He said they closed all businesses and hospitals. If the communist wanted something they will ask 1st if they wanted your home you either give it to them or they kill you and take it. We had a 3 story house and it was bulletproof (one of a handful of homes could even afford it, not bragging just telling you how bad it was that we escaped) men were taken to re-education camps “concentration camps” where they mistreated them and trained them to be communists.

They get punished if they dont abide by their rules. My dad befriended the communists knowing they were evil to get the inside scoop. He would pay for their drinks and when they got drunk they would spill their plans. Because they thought my dad was their friend they left our family alone for awhile. This bought us time and allowed us to plan an escape. I had to be delivered at home my parents had to sneak a nurse in even to deliver me. We could have left sooner however we had a large family and my dads words were we all leave together so if we make it we make it together if we die we die together. We finally got a few families that sponsored us from a Catholic church and we snuck away and left by small boat. Got attacked by pirates women raped, ppl robbed. My mom said she would sew jewelry etc between layers of clothes.

Some of it got taken we were able to take a little over here. My dad’s watch was the 1st thing they snatched. Pirates punctured our boat and left us to die. We were saved from fisherman’s who couldn’t afford to leave they swam to boats escaping and jumped aboard. They were the ones that jumped in the waters and stuffed the hole with clothes until our boat made it safe for repairs. If communists catch you escaping they kill you. If it hadn’t been for my dad befriending the communists our family would’ve probably been killed. Under communism you are a slave. Everything that was yours is now theirs. It is crazy for anyone who wants this!!!”

Beck Responded: ” Thank you for sharing your story. I’m so glad you’re here in America and living your American dream. My family went through a lot too under socialism. So many lives destroyed. It’s heartbroken to see a bunch of poorly educated clueless brainwashed American brats behaving like world class assholes. They should be sent to North Korea, China or Venezuela to live for a year.”

And Thiers’ response to Beck’s post:

Lauralaine Thiers Leping Beck pay for my plane ticket bitch”

Kari Donovan

Kari is an ex-Community Organizer who writes about Voter Engagement, Cultural Marxism and Campaigns. She has been a grassroots volunteer with the GOP, on and off for 18 years. She is a Homeschool Mom in North Carolina and loves Photojournalism and Citizen Journalism.

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