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Sunday night embattled retired General HR McMaster, Former national security adviser who is not favorable to President Donald J. Trump,  was on 60 minutes and discussed the possible motives of different groups of civil servants and staff in the White House who were expected to work for the Presidential administrations.

That is surprising because McMaster is not well-liked by most Trump supporters.

“McMaster was a part of the civil war in the White House in the Trump administration, one side is for the establishment protecting the Marxists and one side who wants liberty and McMaster is on the other team from us, “John Gundolo from Understanding the Threat said.

Regarding competing groups in the West Wing, former national security adviser H.R. McMaster said,” there’s one group of advisors “who cast themselves in the role of saving the country and maybe the world from the president.”

McMaster made it sound like it was normal .. as in it he thought it happened in “every administration”, but to the extent that we have seen with the opponents of Trump?  No, that seems unlikely.



McMaster is not respected by all military members.  Guandolo told me that McMaster was the worst general as far as understanding the threats the country faces and the impact of Islamic dynamics in America and facing the military. Guandolo even said he thought that McMaster was “on the other team” meaning the Islam threat our government had been infiltrated with at the time.

It is ironic then that McMaster said, ” I think what he [Trump]  did with this new policy, is partnering with the Taliban against, the Afghan Gov. I think that it’s an unwise policy. What we require in #Afghanistan is a sustained commitment to help the Afghan Government and help the Afghan forces to bear the brunt of this fight.”

So considering Trump’s new peace plans in the area, it is no wonder McMaster was not happy with Trump.

“H.R. McMaster should also explain how his hawkish “South Asia Policy” for Afghanistan which quadrupled the bombs dropped on our soil including the Mother of All Mombs (MOAB) & raising civilian casualties to a record high was more helpful?” said Dr. Omar Zakhilwal, former ambassador to Pakistan. 

Guandolo talks about the threat Americans face being the “Red/Green Axis, which is the Red of  Islam and the Green of the Marxists.  He believes McMaster was a part of protecting that movement, and that it is dangerous for the country.

McMaster was either a part of the team spying on Trump, or he just makes really poor choices:

Of course, McMaster has a new “tell-all” book to exploit his once trusted position and trash Trump days before the election.

McMaster is an individual when speaking about Jihad threat, he doesn’t understand. How Islamists are working with the leftists and how they are on the inside of the government.  They are trying to rip apart the NSA, and how they are working together.

HERE is a video about McMaster an enemy by Understanding the threat:

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