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On September 7, 2011, when he was the Vice President, the Democrat presidential hopeful wrote a long article in the New York Times in defense of his longtime government-funded association with the leadership of China, the Communist Party, and exposed that he was in fact instrumental in what we know now is a cultural revolution for both China and the United States of America, showing readers how he strengthened the power the CCP has over Americans.

“I FIRST visited China in 1979, a few months after our countries normalized relations. China was just beginning to remake its economy, and I was in the first Senate delegation to witness this evolution. Traveling through the country last month, I could see how much China had changed in 32 years — and yet the debate about its remarkable rise remains familiar,” Biden wrote.

Opponents of Biden believe that he was instrumental in the rise of the Communist Party’s power over the United States by transferring a great deal of our nation’s promise and wealth over to China, destroying the Middle Class.

“Then, as now, there were concerns about what a growing China meant to America and the world. Some here and in the region see China’s growth as a threat, entertaining visions of a cold-war-style rivalry or great-power confrontation. Some Chinese worry that our aim in the Asia-Pacific is to contain China’s rise,” Biden said in the New York Times Op-Ed.

Biden, who then supported competition from the CCP and is currently a bold lobbyist for China, wrote in 2011, “I reject these views. I remain convinced that a successful China can make our country more prosperous, not less.”

In 2011 when Biden was Vice President he used his authority to entice the New York Times to promote the enrichment of the Communist Party, and most likely Biden will not change his of view if he should become the President of the United States.


In Biden’s article, he went on to talk about the reason he doesn’t worry about building up a strong opponent in China, being the historic strength of America, which in fact appears to be a road map to exactly what the Democrat party has attacked since 2011; our competitive spirit, the richness of our natural resources, American ingenuity and innovative spirit, the strength of our economic and educational systems, the strength of our university system, exactly the institutions that CCP style Marxism has destroyed in America with the policy demands of the Democrat party.

Biden meant to say that the United States would never have to worry about building a strong competitor, because the things he wanted to transform, remember former President Barack Obama’s “Hope and Change” transformation of institutions that kept us strong.

How can the media and their Democrat allies go along with this without question?

Biden, almost taunting us, described his dream, note he said “FOR NOW”,look:

“America’s strengths are, for now, China’s weaknesses. In China, I argued that for it to make the transition to an innovation economy, it will have to open its system, not least to human rights. Fundamental rights are universal, and China’s people aspire to them. Liberty unlocks a people’s full potential, while its absence breeds unrest. Open and free societies are best at promoting long-term growth, stability, prosperity and innovation.”

And while he was transferring our nation’s manufacturing out of the country to China, Biden wrote the one thing that would help keep America strong in the face of a Communist takeover, “We have our own work to do. We need to ensure that any American willing to work can find a good job.”

Jobs. The difference between Biden and Trump can not be more drastic for the life of America.

Kari Donovan

Kari is an ex-Community Organizer who writes about Voter Engagement, Cultural Marxism and Campaigns. She has been a grassroots volunteer with the GOP, on and off for 18 years. She is a Homeschool Mom in North Carolina and loves Photojournalism and Citizen Journalism.

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