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The Attorney General for the U.S. Virgin Islands has filed a lawsuit demanding more than two decades of flight logs for sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s four helicopters and three planes that routinely traveled to the islands and reports from media and people online,  Washington DC is uncomfortable with the idea.

The AG has subpoenaed 21 years’ worth of deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs, reportedly striking fear in the hearts of high-profile passengers not yet exposed as Lolita Express riders.

According to Discrn,”In the lawsuit, AG Denise George levels 22 charges against Epstein’s estate, including aggravated rape, child abuse, child neglect, human trafficking, forced labor, and prostitution. In addition to full passenger lists, George is requesting any “complaints or reports of potentially suspicious conduct,” personal notes from the pilots, and witness testimony from anyone who interacted with Epstein or his guests.”

National Post reported,”David Rogers handed over logs from 2009, which allegedly showed that Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey and Naomi Campbell were among those who traveled on Epstein’s jet. Investigators last year told the New York Times that Larry Visoski, Epstein’s chief pilot who chartered the so-called ‘Lolita Express,’ had also been cooperating, although they did not say whether they had received his flight logs.”

But the 2009 logs did not include flights piloted by Larry Visoski, who flew for Epstein for over a quarter-century, lawyers for the victims told the Mirror.

“The records that have been subpoenaed will make the ones Rodgers provided look like a Post-It note,” an unnamed legal source told the Mirror. “There is panic among many of the rich and famous.”

George talked about alleged Epstein’s trafficking crimes in an interview with 60 Minutes Australia.

“It’s not like a young woman could run out on the island and flag down help. Based on the evidence we have so far, the crimes went on until 2018,” George said.


The subpoena states that Jet Aviation Holdings USA Inc. must turn over the requested documents within 30 days of being served. The document is dated Sept. 3, though it’s unclear when it was served.

British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, 58, who is in jail on charges that she conspired with Epstein to sexually abuse young women, often piloted helicopters to the disgraced money manager’s private island.

“Attorney George said that with God’s help and the support of the entire community, she looks forward to leading the Department of Justice “towards meeting our legal mandates and serving our community with excellence,” George poted on her DOJ page in 2019.

According to the lawsuit:

Today, Attorney General for the U.S. Virgin Islands Denise N. George filed an enforcement action under the laws of the Virgin Islands against Jeffrey E. Epstein’s estate, his 1953 trust and five associated entities that are alleged to have conspired with Jeffrey Epstein in carrying out an expansive scheme of human trafficking and sexually abusing young women and underage girls in the Virgin Islands.

The Government’s complaint alleges that Epstein anchored a criminal enterprise, the “Epstein Enterprise.” Through this enterprise numerous young women and female children have been sex trafficked, raped, sexually assaulted and held captive in the Virgin Islands at Epstein’s secluded private island of Little St. James. Participants in the Epstein Enterprise used deception, fraud and coercion to entice and lure vulnerable girls, some as young as 13-years-old, into human sex trafficking, with promises to help them and their families pay for school, health care, or other financial needs. Epstein, along with other associates, carried out and concealed his scheme. 

The lawsuit also alleges that once the girls and young women were recruited and transported to the U.S. Virgin Islands by private plane, they were held captive on his private island and sexually abused by Epstein and his associates. The Epstein Enterprise enforced victims’ sexual servitude by confiscating passports, controlling communications, and threatening violence.

  The complaint alleges the Enterprise violated the Virgin Islands Uniform Prevention of and Remedies for Human Trafficking Act, and the Virgin Islands’ Criminally Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Acts (CICO). These laws are among the strongest in the nation that prohibit sex trafficking and sexual servitude in the Virgin Islands.  These laws permit the Government of the Virgin Islands to acquire assets, impose civil penalties, and seek damages permitted by under the law.

“The conduct of Epstein and his associates shocks the conscience and betrays the deepest principles and laws of the Virgin Islands,” said Attorney General Denise N. George. “This has been a top priority for this administration since I took office in April 2019. The Virgin Islands is not, and will not be, a safe haven for human trafficking and sexual exploitation. We will hold accountable those who break our laws regardless of political, social or economic status.”

The complaint further asserts that in 1998, Epstein purchased the island of Little St. James in the Virgin Islands. Then in 2016, Epstein purchased another island in the Virgin Islands, Great St. James. Epstein used and intended to use his Virgin Island properties to plan, carry out and conceal the activities of the Epstein Enterprise. 

In our complaint, the Government of the Virgin Islands seeks civil sanctions and remedies and brings the suit to extinguish and recoup any and all financial and other benefits that flowed to Epstein and his associates as a result of their operations in the Virgin Islands.  We also seek to obtain a civil forfeiture or divestiture of any and all properties and instrumentalities used by the Epstein Enterprise to implement the criminal pattern of sex trafficking and sexual abuse, including the islands of Little St. James and Great St. James. 

Press Conference from Jan. HERE

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