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The world is full of strange and bizarre stories. Near-death experiences and people seemingly dying but mysteriously returning to life provide extraordinary tales. Before the rapid advancement of medical technology, many people had a “deathly fear” of being buried alive.

It was not uncommon for strings, attached to little bells on headstones, to be made available inside a coffin. So, being buried alive isn’t a horrific fear that goes without some merit. It could actually happen “back in the day.”

But instances of dead people waking up at their own funeral are rare indeed. Nevertheless, one little Mexican girl did exactly that. Three-year-old Camila Roxana Martinez Mendoza was pronounced dead by doctors at the Salinas de Hidalgo Basic Community Hospital.

The doctors were treating little Camila for extreme stomach pain and vomiting. Little Camila was experiencing terrible stomach pains and a fever. She was vomiting almost constantly when her mother brought her to see a pediatrician.

A doctor in their hometown of Villa de Ramos quickly recommended Camila be taken to the hospital. There, she was treated for dehydration. The doctors at Salinas de Hidalgo Basic Community Hospital draped Camila in a cold towel to try to lower her body temperature.

Her pulse and oxygen levels were vigilantly guarded. However, the three-year-old was later released from the hospital. Her mother was given a prescription for paracetamol for Camila’s pain and fever. The little girl’s condition did not improve.

Later, another doctor told her mother to feed her fruits and water. A totally different medication was prescribed. Later that evening, Camila was readmitted to Salinas. Doctors worked to help the young girl, but the treatment strategy seemed chaotic.

Camila’s mother said, “They wanted to give her intravenous therapy, but they took a long time to put oxygen on her.” The distraught mother continued, “They didn’t put it on her because they couldn’t find her little veins; finally, a nurse managed it.”

Within 10 minutes, members of the medical staff took the mother away, telling her, “You have to let her rest in peace.” According to their diagnosis, Camila was dead from dehydration. Apparently, she wasn’t. The next day, at her funeral, Mendoza noticed something bizarre.

The glass window of Camila’s coffin was fogging up. People tried to insist that the mother was grief-stricken and hallucinating. She wasn’t. The paternal grandmother noticed the child’s eyes were flickering. Camila had a pulse.

The little girl was rushed back to the hospital, but doctors were unable to save her. She died, apparently a second time. A young child primed for her first day of kindergarten died in a terribly bizarre chain of events.

San Luis Potosí State Attorney General Jose Luis Ruiz confirmed that an autopsy is already being conducted into Camila’s bizarre death. It is impossible to imagine the horrific anguish this poor child endured. Certainly, someone from the medical team made a terrible mistake.

Unfortunately, while this tragic event wasn’t done on purpose, someone needs to be held accountable. Little children do die. It’s a tragedy every time. However, this poor little three-year-old seems to have died unnecessarily.

Art Vandalay

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