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A strong ally of 45th President Donald Trump believes that the Department of Justice authorized the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home and resort in a bid to protect former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton from further scrutiny.

Trump ally Kash Patel, who is now the lead investigator on the House committee investigating the origins of the Trump Russia hoax, made the remarks on Fox News and on his Truth Social account. Per PJ Media, Patel seems to believe that the FBI confiscated previously declassified documents that related to Clinton’s participation in the Russia hoax that dogged Trump during the first two years of his presidency.

“The President of the United States is, and has always been, the ultimate unilateral classification authority,” said Patel. “He issued a strong statement in October 2020 declassifying all Russiagate and all Hillary Clinton documents, and that’s publicly available.”

On his Truth Social account, Patel further advanced the idea that the documents seized by the FBI were related to Clinton and her part in creating the Russia hoax.

“DOJ and FBI — and the vindictive librarians at NARA — continue to perpetuate the Russia hoax by ‘seizing’ documents that President Trump declassified,” wrote Patel. “Remember: the government allowed Hillary’s lawyer to keep emails from her private server in her broom closet, that were classified up to Top Secret/Special Access Program, IN HER OFFICE. Why wasn’t she raided?”

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He concluded, “Bottom line – they never want you to see their corrupt Russia Gate documents and will use any and all power to keep them from the American people.”

Kash Patel's Truth Social statement
Truth Social

Some pundits have noted that, should the FBI have taken documents related to Clinton and Russia Gate, this could cripple Trump’s civil lawsuit against Clinton over the same topic.

Strangely, the judge who approved the FBI raid on Trump’s home – Jeffrey Epstein-connected judge Bruce Reinhart – was apparently assigned to Trump’s suit against Clinton. He recused himself from the case after the FBI raid was conducted.

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  • I have said this from the get-go!

    Everything that has been done against President Trump and anyone who supports and continues to support him, has been done for Hillary Clinton.

    Before going after her, all of her financial support must be frozen completely.
    I am referring to any and all of her sugar daddies.
    Then, by retiring her and her political machine, can we begin to work on rounding up all of the other lawless malcontents.

  • How long can this travesty in the Justice Department, FBI, CIA, and NSA in the United States be allowed to continue? We cannot survive as a Republic if this type of justice is what the new normal justice is to become. There are at least 200,000,000 conservatives, and I’m being conservative with the number, and yet they treat us as if we are not even citizens and have no say in the matter, it is the same way they are treating President Trump. Why is it there seems no way to stop the insanity that is taking place every day and has been going on for far, far too long? Is true and fair justice now a thing of the past for our great nation?

    • We Republicans need to get stronger and fight back. We need to inundate them with requests for investigations, subpoenas, impeachments, and anything else possible. Remember, Obama is running this show. You need to look into his past and what he’s ‘doing’ now!!

    • DOJ handling of the Hillary “matter” was pure theater. They knew the Clinton / Lynch tarmac meeting would get out. Lynch would then step aside and take the unprecedented action of rendering the whole DOJ useless, so Comey could rewrite the law, and let Hillary walk. In any legal scenario, the Deputy steps in when the top person is compromised. Hmm. Did Deputy AG Rosenstein suddenly cease to exist? This was the equivalent of a State AG, handing off to a Chief of the State Police, who has no legal standing to decide on prosecuting a case.
      The MSM focused on Comey instead instead of asking that question. That was the goal. 
      Bill Clinton brought Lynch into his 1992 campaign, to bury Hillary’s conflicts of interest. In the process of establishing the questionable charter for Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan to facilitate White Water, Hillary got approvals from the financial regulators appointed by her husband. (it’s in the congressional report on White Water.) And, Bill appointed Lynch as a federal prosecutor in 1999.

      But it goes deeper. The media have never dug into an AP story dated 17 May 2020. It spelled out that Obama conducts routine conference calls with 3000 people identified as members of his administration. 

      The headline was that Obama criticized Trump’s virus response during an online graduation speech.  A few sentences further, they stated Obama also made critical comments during a “routine conference call with 3000 members of his administration.”  So, Obama left the White House Jan 2017, but conducts routine conference calls with 3000 members of his administration!
      It is only logical to assume that most of the 3000 are still in Federal Civil Service, the Military, and some have moved into the MSM. They worked hard to undermine Trump, just as they are working hard to prop up Biden & his crew.

      Conference calls with 3000 people require planning, coordination, support, and infrastructure. That means a lot of people who know about it intentionally looked the other way, or happily joined in. No chance of it now, but if the DOJ or FBI examined the records of those calls, they would undoubtedly find most of the participants are currently in the Federal government, the military, and the MSM.

  • Mr. Patel’s logic makes sense to me, but Demoncrats never let a good crisis go to waste, and I’m quite sure that if there’s a way to put down their angst over “orange man bad” they’ll spin the heck out of it with the help of the mainstream liberal media.

  • Kash Patel, who is now the lead investigator on the House committee investigating the origins of the Trump Russia hoax???


    Sooo, how’ya been doing ……………..for 5 years on that? Many would like to know!

    • With ya on that one. – The fact she admitted mishandling of classified information was enough to get her indicted and then you have hammer to get her to rat herself on the Russian Hoax. — That is REAL police work.

      They had her cold and after reading her her rights if they put her in an interview room handcuffed to a chair she would of puked all over everybody she knows including slick Willie for his trips om the Loetta Express.

      If has to do with growing a set and acting like a Policeman.

  • What we have allowed to happen to America is in a way OUR fault! For over 4 0 years the Democrat machine has slowly corrupted everyone from Schools, universities, and yes our government. We were led into a complacent room suggesting “it didn’t matter what party you voted for nothing changed. This actually worked for a while till someone actually asked “why have we had thirty years of war non stop”? Then Trump arrived and showed , we did not need continuous wars and he proved that in four years he stopped all our wars. Then the Corrupt slimy Democrats understood their money cow involving military contracts had stopped.Why you ask because in war NO ONE checks prices! This is an outrage the Democrats screamed. Let’s get rid of TRUMP, and so the games began. Now fast forward to the last election and yes all the experience gained over years of cheating was activated so large no one could even accept such a thing was possible. Biden the puppet imposter was a perfect choice because many would look at his senile actions and not actually look at what he was doing. In fact not even caring just blame an old senile fool while we steal all the money through stupid spending. Folks yes we were played but it I believe is time to understand what in fact has been happening. Just look at Ukraine we have sent more money there than the total yearly budget of the Russian military budget and they are now saying send more money! This is just the latest sham of milking your money for their own corrupt machine. It’s TIME to stand up and vote every Democrat and Rino out totally or understand what you have seen over the last two years is just a sample of what is planned.Then you will never be able to complain again, the IRS has 80,000 new armed so called tax checkers. You have seen already what fact checkers actually do, so do not think it will go back by doing nothing. It matters not what political choice you have this is solely a save AMERICA request we must get back both houses and sweep all of our so called justice departments out from the top along with any appointees of Obama, maybe Clinton or Biden all must be gone. GBA!

  • Word is, soros gave hillary permission to run for prez. she might replace kamala soon, then replace biden. Years back, before she laughed off the Tarahumara famine that killed 9,000 people (Mexico, a planned famine), a prophecy came out she would be the last president and destroy the nation by allowing in terrorists. See Washington’s black clouds prophecy.

  • No one should be suprised? The KGB wannabes have gone rogue. The FBI needs to be disbanded. There may be plenty of hard working FBI agents all over the country, problem is, they are not located in DC. They and that weasel AG Garland are supposed to uphold the Constitution, not undermine it. Wait till Sep. to see if Garland terminates the Durham investigation. America is run by thugs. If this were in days of old where there were Kings, and Emperors, Hillary her minions and the swap would have been beheaded for treason.

  • Doubtful President Trump had only one copy of the documents on the Clinton woman’s Russia dossier. It is she, Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner who are the true Russian collusion trolls, and whose hard drives and laptops contain the incriminating data that, yes, the criminal FBI zealously protects while projecting guilt on the innocent Donald Trump with clearly politically-inspired raids.

  • It is obvious that this “government” has become the Enemy of America. We now have an Aristocracy (Ruling Class) in the form of the democrat party similar to the British we ousted out of OUR COUNTRY during the First Revolution! Well it is said that “History has a Way of Repeating Itself!” God Bless America and Damn Our Enemies!

  • More proof that the FBI and DOJ are as corrupt as it gets. Protecting those out to destroy America While going after American Loving Patriots. Time to Defund the DOJ and FBI

  • Our government, complete with Dumbocrat white house resident (not a President) and Democrat Congress) controls . . .
    (1) The military (reserves and active National Guard),
    (2) Law enforcement I.E. DOJ and by extension democrat governors and mayors who control their ‘own’ army (read state and local police and sheriffs)
    (3) Judicial (they’re actively trying to load all the courts with liberal judges)
    (4) The money (they have been working on this for the last 18 months and expect to implement their plan to eliminate cash and you will use a crypto currency by 2024 then government will have total control over your money.
    (5) Health care (they’re still working on recovering that)
    (6) Education (Liberal teachers using things like CRT to brainwash the kids)
    (7) The media. Need I say more?
    (8) Divide the country into political polars, using race as the common factor.

    I ask you, who can you go to for help in changing the country back to a Republic, you know, where the government works for us.
    Dumbo – No
    Congress – No,
    Media – No,
    Governors – No
    DOJ – No

    You know what’s left – another 1776.

  • Sometimes the truth is as plain as the nose on your face. The main issue with Trump is he wanted to clean up the swamp. He said what all Americans wanted to say and could not make their voices heard.The extreme fear of the Democratic party is the simple fact if their wrong doings were truly brought out into the light of day the party as it stands would be dissolved. The truth would put decades of Democrats in prison. This is only prevented by buying the press and spreading lies about anyone who dares to bring this corrupt regime to its rightful demise. It is too bad and shameful that this has gone on this long before the people both parties and the afraid groups that don’t take a stand against the destruction of this great nation. You should honor the people who stand against tyranny and stand up to this enemy of our nation. Only a few of our republicans stand up for all Americans even at their own peril. Vote to save America from what has been done to it. OPEN YOUR EYES.

  • The 4th Amendment requires a disinterested, independent Magistrate for approval of any warrant. This “Magistrate” was not. He is a dem operative and will be rewarded with a District Court “Judgeship”, from which he cannot be fired but must be impeached and prosecuted. We have no real justice system anymore with equal standing before the law. Trump had the evidence of Hillary’s and Comey’s criminal conduct and so the FBI came in and took the evidence away.

  • The FBI is after all of the Russian HOAX data because they know that Trump is going to EXPOSE them for the CORRUPT Deep State organization that they are…

  • I believe that. It has become very obvious that someone will do anything to protect HC. With the now admission of crimes are being comitted to protect her to this day, whoever they are will go to any lengths to keep from being exposed. Just look back in recent history and recent history will show you. Cannot trust anyone in DC now. As soon as l can figure out where to go, l will leave this country. To much corruption along with the higher ups breaking laws and getting away with it, corruption at its finess (and getting worse), the feds are starving people, and taking their money, through any way can, and on and on. Gots to go, any place decent l can find where l will not feel threatened. Folks, l believe this, this country is in a fall right now with no end in sight until it catches up with Roman Empire, and look what happened them.

  • Let us understand; first, the primary organization behind all this and truly, what has taken over our republic are. Lawyers. And politics has become a lawyers’ scam. Everything in government is now oriented toward a legal consideration. So with this. The American Bar Association is also the part of the corruption. And don’t trust the colleges that many of these corrupt politicians represent.



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