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A Chinese company by the name of Fufeng Group bought 200 acres of farmland in North Dakota. Additionally, they bought a corn mill.

Given that they were only 20 minutes away from an Air Force base, the locals were understandably worried about these acquisitions and what they would do with them.

I’ll be the first to acknowledge that this is quite suspicious, and I’m not sure whether I would have given them the properties. Something like this would be the first step in any Chinese infiltration of our country.

The fact that a woman posted about the incident on social media and added a passage from the Declaration of Independence makes the whole thing much more worrisome. Evidently, this piqued the interest of the FBI and the local police, who decided to pay this woman a visit.

The woman, Jodi Carlson, posted the following:

Post that caused a visit from GFPD and FBI. NEVER informed they were with FBI. Jennings said “We are from the GFPD”

Sorry folks, but our Mayor, Brandon Bochenski IS NOT supporting the Constitution of the United States of America nor the ND State Constitution. I have removed my comment about the Declaration of Independence as the tyranny of that seemed to offend some people.

I am adding my quote back so people can see my quote for what it is.

“We have petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Depotism (oppressive absolute power), it is our right, OUR DUTY, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for our future Security.” (The word “their” (the people) replaced with “our”).”

It’s so crazy to me that our own founding document such as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights have all become triggering for liberals and even warrant investigation from the police and federal agents. If you don’t think that we are under attack, you’re severely mistaken.

Art Vandalay

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  • That really is FACT! And I think too, the SCOTUS´ recent decision on the UNINFRINGABLITY of the CONSTITUTIONAL GARANTEED RIGHT of the people to bear and wore arms in public, wrote added to the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES between 1787 and 1789 by the US founding fathers had EXACTLY SUCH OVERREACH in their view!
    EVER if you reach a leftist elitist fanatic Ideologue and its misled “blooddogs” a pit of a finger in consent it had been, is been, is going to be and will be misunderstanded as an act of weakness; therefore abused to take the entire body piece by piece and will replace the constitutional democratic republic by a stalinist or maoist-fashion oppressive regime alike “1984” or far worse than all what Orwell once could imagine due to the “blue print” of Stalins Soviet Union!

      • Too bad half of it doesn’t make sense because of the poor spelling!
        […“blooddogs” a pit of a finger in consent …]????
        […EVER if you reach a leftist elitist fanatic …]????
        […is been…]????

        You write like SlowJoe reading a teleprompter!

        • Based on the name, I suspect that English is not Mr. Fuessenich’s first language. He might have been using GoogleTranslate from German.

          I think he meant “If you ever reach out a leftist elitist fanatic Ideologue and his misled “bloodhoundss” with as much as a fingertip’s worth of agreement, that will always be misunderstood and abused as part of their goal to replace the Constitutional republic ……”

          • I believe you are correct. Definitely not a native ENGLISH speaker & very likely using a translator. They try to translate word for word & that never comes out sensibly.

        • Irregardless of “correct English usage and spelling”, I am quite certain any of us, reading the message, fully understand what the writer is attempting to say! BE AWARE, people, “it is THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EVERY AMERICAN, to be fully informed” (quote from JW 2023 calendar)! Do NOT trust the lamestream media propaganda machine – -do your own research, at the source and then, SHOW UP at the ballot box in November.

        • I understood what he was conveying. Did put in an understandable slang for me.
          I hope that my poor grammer offends you also. It will be a bonus.
          We are here to talk about issues that are important for our way we want to live. Not here to be corrected by a live in the basement with mom unemployed libarian

        • I agree! The guy’s post is very difficult to read for all the spelling and grammatical errors, and as such, renders it something to ignore, in my opinion.

  • We absolutely are under attack by our own government, by the globalists, by illegal aliens entering the country and ofcourse the CCP buying up property. We need to be gathering together to fight these enemies.

  • There MUST be a law enacted that prevents China or any other foreign country from buying, land, companies, in the United States!!

    • This, Proud Patriot, I am totally in agreement with!! What was China’s reasoning for purchasing land in our country in the first place? They are not legal citizens and Our Constitution specifically forbids any foreigners to set up their own form of government or laws on our lands. Same with Muslim’s and their Sharia laws!! So I say again, what was China’s purpose for purchasing ANY of our lands! This should Never be allowed.

      • It is not illegal for them to purchase 200 acres of land ands a corn mill. That does not constitute them setting up a government. If you check you will find that many people from many countries own land and businesses in America. I remember 20 years ago the Japanese purchased a major saw mill in my home town and was sending logs to Japan and sinking them in the ocean for future use down the road.

      • I read an article concerning this situation a while back. Remember, a few years back, when the Chinese were wearing masks while walking their streets? One could see the dense clouds of atmospheric pollution surrounding them. The pollution damaged the arability of their land. So, they bought land on the US west coast, raised crops and shipped it back to China for consumption. When the pandemics came, many of the factories were shut down and eventually the air cleared up, but the damage was done. Who authorized the purchase? I do not remember, but it has happened in Texas and Canada also. I don’t know how widespread it is, but even those three locations are three too many. Another sign that we’re losing control of this nation?

  • God have Mercy on the United States of America. God help us SECURE, AND PROTECT this great country from a tyrannical Government, that is trying to change our BELOVED DEMOCRACY, AND REPUBLIC.

    • Pray all you want but Yahweh GOD is NOT going to save this sinful nation. This nation has been the purveyor sin (homosexuality, promiscuity, miscegenation, feminism, corruption, love of money, worship of false gods, vanity, gluttony, … since the civil war. Modern day “Christians” are following the cult god created by catholicism and not of scripture. End of times prophesy clearly says this nation will fall to the one world order under the anti-christ. WHY? Because Americans have lost knowledge and discernment.

      Just look at the back of a dollar bill – “In God We Trust” is right next to the pagan pyramid and all-seeing eye. Why is it that the name of “GOD” is never used? Instead the generic words of “god”, “Lord”, and “Christ” are used; they are just titles and can be used in any religion to describe any god or messiah. The Christian cult doesn’t even recognize the sabbath, but instead worship their god on the pagan Sunday!

      • Just the kind of sins Christ, the Savior came to shed His Blood for. He who is without sin can cast the first stone.

      • Rattlesnake, you seem pretty positive that “Yahweh, God, will not save this sinful nation…this nation has been purveyor of sin”(s) as you listed. That even our prayers will not be answered to save our Country. Obviously you do not have a personal relationship with God’s son Yeshua haMaschiach, Jesus Christ. It was his blood that brings the cleansing of all our sins and all we need to do is confess our sinful ways our indiscretions and ask forgiveness, asking him to come into our hearts, change us and make us clean and He will. Through Jesus we can have Father God’s ear and Yahweh Does hear us. Better still God has a covenant promise with America, the land He led people from England to that they would be able to Worship our Heavenly Father through His son Jesus Christ.

        To those who can hear His voice He has Stated He WILL save our Country and there will be a revival, His revival, that this Great Country will once again be restored and other countries will follow.

        So you see, dear unbeliever, you have tried to curse this country with your words but you cannot curse what Yahweh Adonai Elohim has blessed. I do pray you too will come to the saving Grace and knowledge of the LORD Jesus Christ yourself. He will hear you too.

    • America is a Constitutional Republic. NOT a Democratic Republic. Under Stalin Russia was a Democratic Republic.

    • Trump was stupid about things like that. Same with Gina Haspel at CIA. Rick Grenell – or Dan Bongino (!) would have been a better pick.

  • This inherently corrupt government has labelled patriots, parents that oppose CRT, and Transgenderism exc. as Domestic terrorists. While the militant wing of the liberal commie Democrat Party, Marxist BLM and ANTIFA get a free pass. what the liberal commie Democrats are afraid of is a repeat of 1776. If America doesn’t change course, a 2nd American Revolution might not be such a bad idea. The Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe Administration doesn’t believe in the U.S. Constitution or the Civil Society

    • ox – Formerly, United States Armed Forces Veterans were categorized as “potential domestic terrorists.” With the advent of the SloJoe Bidet administration, we received an upgrade. Veterans are now classified as being no longer “potential.” Millions of “Domestic Terrorist” Veterans, already targeted as enemies of the Almighty State, would likely be in the ranks of that all too possible 2d American Revolution.

      The Bidet allegedly occupying our Oval Office sure knows how to stir the kimchee while stomping on his schwantz!

      De Oppresso Liber

  • The FBI has become a political tool of the Democrat Party. The USA is bocoming as oppressive as the old Soviet Union. With freedom gone soon the USA will become as poor as the old Soviet Union. Soros is winning! Never vote for a Soros backed candidate (all Democrats).

  • It’s a crying shame that the opposition has to weaponize everything these days. It seems reasonable to question land acquisition to foreign buyers and this administration isn’t big on vetting foreigners or their agenda. Shouldn’t we be concerned? God Bless America.

  • I’m reposting what she posted below. i encourage everyone to do so. They can’t stop us all if we stand together.

    “We have petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Depotism (oppressive absolute power), it is our right, OUR DUTY, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for our future Security.” (The word “their” (the people) replaced with “our”).”

  • I find it very troubling, that a name like akismet, is being used in reducing spam. That sounds and looks like something from the Arabian Nights. Hopefully my feelings in this are not justified, but it still raises my eyebrows in this regard. Let’s Go Bradan!

  • Nearly every Democrat and many if not most of the Republicans CLAIM they are for and support the Constitution but it is so easy to see how this is a Blatant LIE . What ever these people tell you , you only need to follow this one rule , whatever they say all you need do is look at their actions and you will know its is 100% just the opposite . Their LYING TREASONOUS PIGS .

  • We have been under attack for 100 yrs. or more and they have won a huge battle that has put us at great dis advantage. That being the destruction of our MORAL and FANMILY STRUCTURE. By gradually promoting things like womens lib., homosexuals, trans gender, racial strife, miss using the term freedom of religion to mean worship of anything even satan, someone else teaching our children while mother is following her career, Hollywood and music industry leading away from any kind of moral thinking, and communist professors in our colleges working on the minds of upcoming leaders in industry,religion, politics, teachers in public schools, and entertainment. They now have one last battle they must win before complete take over: SECOND AMENDMENT!! Both parties are full of them! When will the American people wake up and realize we must always be prepared to fight for our freedom. Non of our people sent to DC to represent the people have the patriotism nor guts to speak the truth about our situation and prepare them to defend our freedom!!!

    • The fixation with “changing genders” is the worst, together with the takeover of many college faculties by Marxists. However, you are never going to succeed in flat outlawing homosexuality. The horse left that barn a long time ago. Better to work on convincing more gays to support the Constitution and general conservative principles. Many of them actually do.

    • Your last sentence is WRONG as we did have a President who spoke the truth, still does, and defended our FREEDOM, and look what they are doing to him now since they got him out of Office by FRAUD/Coup……

  • The loony liberals and corrupt bureaucrats in Washington, DC, including the FBI, see fire when anyone refers to the Constitution, BOR and Amendments. To them it represents a threat, hence they attack. As for restricting who buys land the same applies to ANTI-AMERICANS like DEPOPULATION advocate Bill, DEATH VACCING funder, Gates just bought over 1200 acres in ND. He is part of the one world government lunatic’s who want to decrease the worldwide population by 10 to 15%. They intend to do this by killing the beef, pork and chicken industry from livestock to the grocery shelf. These are the people to be arrested and charged with crimes against humanity like the WWII Nuremberg trials.

  • It’s time for people to wake up and realize that our country is in trouble because they continue to vote for Demorats who are in reality Communists. When they throw these bums out of office we will have a return to normality.

  • Obummer said that elections have consequences and he was absolutely correct. Now we are being taken over without a shot being fired except by the threatening FBI. We have a corrupt president (not my guy) and a political AG and we are sending our resources to our enemies. What a great country or what’s left of it. Too bad our only hope is those weak kneed RINO’s.

    • Not all Republicans are weak kneed Bob. If U call Trump weak kneed U are as bad as those U R calling weak! I support Trump for everything he did and will try to do if elected again. Republicans like him are this country’s saviors and I hope he becomes our 47th President in the 2024 election!

    • Exactly. Ronald Reagan taught that the key to political success is building relationships with those who may not agree with you 100%, but who are not foaming at the mouth leftists, either. That’s how he won 49 states at re-election time, while Trump, with his non-stop insults, fell a bit short.

  • I don’t understand why we allow people from foreign countries to purchase land in the United States. Can we buy land in China? I don’t think so.

  • I have part of the Declaration tattooed on my neck. I suppose they’ll want to chop off my head.

  • Jodi Carlson is SPOT ON with her post !!!!!!!!!! This PRETEND administration is selling our country DOWN THE RIVER, and to China (For Hunter), and it is sad that small minded people are more worried about the spelling of a post rather than the thought behind it !!!!!!! The fact that the PD and the WOKE FBI showed up at her door shows just how SCARED they are that some people still love our country enough to speak up !!!!!!! The TYRANTS in our government right now can NOT allow that and will TRY to intimidate everyone to shut up and sit down !!!!!!!!!
    If I say what I REALLY think, this site will probably NOT allow this post !!!!!!!!
    GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Let them invest but a foreign country or person should never be allowed to buy or own anything in the USA.

  • How many FBI, DOJ, local police, politicians do not know or understand what the Constitution tells us about such things. It is there in black and white. Yes….we are living in those times spoke of in the book of Revelations in the bible where….”right is wrong…wrong is right.” and it goes further to say…that they will more believe a lie than to believe the truth of which they all will be dammed.

  • At least it has become common knowledge among Americans that the management of the FBI and DOJ have been thoroughly corrupted as political weapons of the Democrat Party. That is an important first step that will hopefully lead to quick and comprehensive correction once we have a legitimate President back in office.

  • We certainly have a lot to be concerned about. There are those who oppose the Constitution because it interferes with their agenda. We can only hope that the Republican party becomes the majority and they do their job. If not then we are in trouble for sure.

  • It is sad that this is happening along with China through their businesses are buy America. Buying our businesses, buying our mineral rights (after companies like Boise/cascade strips of the timber) , buying farmland near our military bases.

  • My mother used to hand out free copies of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of rights at the county fair. Most of those asking for them were high school students (who were surprised because they were not taught this) who asked for more copies to give their parents and siblings.
    She has stopped doing this because it became to hard on her, but she still has kids asking for copies of these still.

  • This just shows that the Communist/Nazi Democrats are willing to do anything to destroy our freedom and our country.

  • This is one of those stories where you’d really like to hear the other side. However, there would have to be someone go out and ask the agents what triggered their trip to the house because, let’s face it, there are a lot of things on social media that should trigger this sort of reaction, but don’t.

  • Reading the posts below, it appears that the Word Police are out in full force! How impressive that we have so many English professors reading and critiquing these posts! The point of the article is lost, the Word Police have spoken! We are all in awe at their brilliance!!

  • This also goes to show that these leftists are watching and listening to everything we do or say, where we go, what we buy, ect. This is not right and Americans need to take a stand to support our Constitution and rights before they delete us all from it.
    How is it 1% of idiots can control and dictate 99% of us?

  • And why haven’t the people demanded an answer from the police? Who sent them? And by who’s authority? Or was this their own brain fart? I would think at the very least the police would agree with these documents or they are living in the wrong country! We know beyond any doubt the FBI has become more corrupted by the day! They hid Hunters laptop! They lied to the FISA courts! Could not even serve a search warrant properly! Spied on a sitting president of the United States! So what did they promise the local police to break the law?????? Time to remove that entire police force as they are no longer working for the people! Or expose the cult that is forcing them to do this crap!

  • Agree proved when the illegal biden administration was not arrested immediately for all the laws they have broke and ignored Our Constitution as Written to destroy America and our boarders are not protected from these invaders criminals the politicians, judges, allowing this horrendous crimes

  • We most assuredly are, but humans are only the tools ( Lenin’s ” useful idiots”); the real culprit is well-known, in some circles. He is, in fact the SAME rebel who has been fighting God for millenia, seeking supremacy, failing all that time. But the more humans he can lead away from Yhwh God, to share his lake of fire for eternity, instead of Heaven, the better he likes it. The things of this world are DISTRACTIONS, keeping most focused off God. Ignore him! Get focused on God. There’s no time to fool around.

  • Hope she got pictures of these idiots and sues them for trespass. I’d have met them with a shotgun and asked for their warrant. Then I’d call the police on them I’d also sue for sexual harassment if I were her.



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