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By now, just about everyone knows that Paul Pelosi, the husband of Nancy Pelosi was arre3st5ed for DUI, but that is just part of the story. Pelosi had been drinking at the winery he and Nancy owns and he had more than enough to drink when he decided to drive home.

Paul was reportedly attempting to cross California State Route 29in his Porshe, when he ignored a stop sign and pulled onto the highway, directly into the path of a Jeep being driven by Jesus V, Lopez, causing a T-bone accident. Neither Paul nor Lopez was seriously hurt in the accident, but when the police arrived, they could tell that Paul Pelosi was somewhat to greatly impaired.

Subsequently, they arrested him and charged him with one count of driving under the influence and a second charge for driving with a blood-alcohol content level of 0.08 or higher. No charges have been filed yet about the accident and there will probably be no charges made for the incident. I suspect Lopez will get a brand new vehicle and perhaps a little pocket money to forget the entire thing. The police won’t be hard to convince. It is California and his wife is Nancy Pelosi.

Paul Pelosi was arrested right after the crash, booked on misdemeanor charges, and released on bail of $5,000.That is no real burden, they can make that up and more in their very next insider trading deal.

From The Blaze

A spokesperson for the California lawmaker said that neither she nor her husband would be speaking out on the incident.

“The speaker will not be commenting on this private matter which occurred while she was on the East Coast,” her spokesperson, Drew Hammill, said in a statement to the press.

The House Speaker was visiting Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, to deliver the graduating class commencement.

She tweeted a live stream link of the ceremony, and captioned it, “Join me live @BrownUniversity as I deliver the Commencement Oration to 2022 graduates and receive an honorary doctorate degree.” Her tweet was spammed with reports and questions about her husband’s arrest.


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    • They don’t have to cover up anything as they are democrats that make them untouchable.

  • Mr Lopez will receive a new car by the ‘publicly-funded’ Pelosi ‘Crime’ Family.

    I wonder how good that makes us, fellow taxpayers, feel????

  • And cops allowed 4 hrs between arrest and booking? Yeah, to allow enough time fir alcohol level to drop near .08, otherwise it would have been twice as high. Not a bad deal, nit everyone gets it.

  • Don’t think Cal. tax payers feel bad at all as they keep voting in the same people year after year.

  • Jesus should sue his ass . These whores are all protected , corrupt police and Ca corrupt justices an d prosecutors. All Fucking criminals . Polosis are shit bag criminals in cludeing their son (he was involved with Hunter Biden and China

    • Yes they are that shows that Money and power talk there all a bunch of corrupt fucking criminals that should be prosecuted to the full of the law but there money will sweep it all away , that bitch needs to go she has been in Congress way to long .

  • Fairly certain the local county officials will just as amenable as the ones who allowed Teddy Kennedy to avoid responsibility at Chappaquidic. Will the Pelosi legal beagle go for a Kennedy-like resolution or plead guilty, accept a minor penalty in order to get this to Page 6 and be gone? These two geriatric dinosaurs are impermeable when it comes to embarrassment. Their lust for power and more money can never be sated.

  • Hell, maybe Speaker Pelosi’s hubby would be happy to be in a cell with the key tossed in the sea, just to getaway from Queen Nancy.

  • I’ll bet you a dime that this is the LAST we ever hear of this, ANY TAKERS ?????
    F**K PELOSI !!!! F**K BIDEN Come November, we will let them ALL know how we feel about them !!!! Lets Go Brandon !!!!

  • Not that the Pelosi’s will need extra vig, but their nephew is CA Gov Gavin Newsome. The fix is REALLY in.

  • Maybe Pelosi was trying to commit suicide. If you were married to Nancy Pelosi, wouldn’t you?

  • Wealthy buy their way out of trouble all the time. In our little town a bunch of HS seniors got drunk, “took” a car, and totaled it. Their well-off parents combined to replace the vehicle with a new one, and poof, no charges, and no blemish on college apps! These kids will be the next generation of “leaders”

    • A man from my old area was arrested for murdering a gay man. He had passed out in the back seat of the car when his 3 friends picked up the gay, took him to a strip mine and killed him. 1 kid was the son of the mayor, another the son of a state highway patrol officer, and the last, the family wealthy. the judge, a D, demanded 50,000 to find each one innocent, calling it an accident. Guess who couldn’t afford the bribe. 30 years later, he’s still in prison but the three guilty kids didn’t get off scot-free. God is on control and they’ve suffered badly.

  • I bet the cop is fired and driven out of town. biden had that done when hunter was busted for dui doing 100 mph in a 55. Heading to his home town of DC, hunter was caught with a trunk load of coke and weed. He was released and nothing came of it but the cop suffered for daring to arrest a belligerent drunk.



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