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Kyle Rittenhouse shoots a video of himself firing a machine gun, he then gives a thumbs up and says:

“Joe Biden, you’re not coming for our guns.”

“Come and take ’em, Joe.”

Joe Biden is pushing for more gun control and most of his suggestions are already law in California and Chicago and they are high on the list of mass shootings.

California ranks number one. Law-abiding citizens find it nearly impossible to buy a gun because they follow the law, but, criminals have no problem getting guns because they don’t let the law get in their way.

There has been much hate aimed at Kyle for killing two and badly wounding a third. He was acquitted on the grounds of self-defense. That just increased the hate towards him. He was called a white supremacist and a mass murderer.

He is now taking those people to court, including Mark Zuckerberg. He will collect millions for the mainstream misinformation. They claimed he killed two Black men, but all three men were white, with criminal records.

People who watched the video had decidedly different takes on it:

First the lefties:

  • “Is that a THREAT against the lawful PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES?” one commenter asked while adding a “Secret Service” hashtag.
  • “How about you go join the military like other Americans who want to legally shoot people. …or do you not like the potential of someone shooting back?” another commenter told Rittenhouse.
  • “What happens when a racist judge and jury let idiots go free,” another user declared.
  • “President Biden has far more important things to do then [sic] to worry about ‘taking’ deadly playthings from a small-in-the-pants moron who doesn’t know his ass from his elbow,” another user wrote.
  • “This definitely flirts with threatening a sitting president,” another commenter said. “Firing off 100 rounds in 3 seconds and immediately bringing up the president of the United States in a propaganda video?” The user added “SecretService” and “POTUS” hashtags.
  • “F*** you, you little piece of s**t,” another user said. “MURDERER!”


But, there were others who praised Kyle:

  • “This kid has more heart than all the Texas police force combined,” one commenter wrote.
  • “If someone were pointing a gun at you, and you had a gun in your hand, you would’ve shot them, too. It’s called saving your life from a potential criminal/deadly threat,” another user said.
  • “He is not a murderer; in fact, he is a hero, one of the greatest of the last decade who defended himself from violent thugs who were destroying a community,” another commenter wrote. “Honestly he deserves the Medal of Honor to serve as an example for every American.”

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  • Kyle’s not the problem. The problem is we don’t have 500 Kyle’s in every city the terrorist in BLM and antifa attacked.

  • He was wrongfully accused and the jury did their job. Follow thru with your lawsuits and be thoughtful. Don’t antagonize idiots that would rather see you in prison or worse. Live a good life and defend yours and others as necessary.

  • I am just as 2nd. Amend. as the next guy., when one breaks the law, they break the law. Don’t be mesmerized that Rittenhouse is some kind of hero. Self defense is one thing, and by rights Rittenhouse defended himself. What Rittenhouse should have been charged with is being in possession of a firearm underage at 17. A friend of his bought the firearm for Rittenhouse at the local hardware store. The gov’t should have never plea bargained with his friend. Purchasing a firearm and giving it to someone underage is illegal. Rittenhouse is no poster boy for law abiding gun owners.

    • What if they passed a law which said you had to be 60 years old to possess a firearm? The supreme law of the land IS the Constitution which trumps ALL other laws that don’t agree with it. There were 17 year olds fighting in WWII and in the Revolutionary war and in Civil War and probably every other war. Just saying.

    • It was a legal sale or the want- be dictators would have a reason But they did not to have dirt on that point.
      When attracted one has the right to defend any possible.
      Let This be a lesson to future government brain washed
      Border line nut cases.
      The gov. Is the cause of all the problems in this country to Day.
      Honest working people don’t start wars !
      Self serving politicians Do

    • No one is “mesmerized.” And were anyone so taken, that fact would have nothing to do with defense of the Constitution and the Second Amendment. You resent the kid? Fine.

      Enemies of freedom and of our nation will take any criticism, valid or not, to destroy us. Don’t help them.

    • “I am just as 2nd. Amend. as the next guy,” is definitely a B.S. statement. If it were true, you wouldn’t be looking at ways this young man, or his friend, could be charged with a crime. As has been pointed out in a previous reply, there is no age limit on the 2nd amendment. I applaud Kyle for having the fortitude to stand against the evil that permeates the likes of BLM and Antifa. He was found not guilty by a jury and acquitted of all charges. To Monday morning quarterback as to what charges he should or shouldn’t have been charged with is asinine in the least. I think you believe that he was fundamentally allowed to get away with something when in fact he did what a majority of us would’ve done in his position. I agree that the term “Hero” is over used in this day and age but, I would use the term courageous concerning his behavior actions. A very famous quote states, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” I believe that Kyle did stand up as should we all.

    • Dumb. Instead of going after someone engaging in self defense, they should be going after the hundreds of black thugs committing murder every weekend in Chicago.

    • Except that his own state, and the one he traveled to, BOTH allow 17 year olds to own guns, OOPsie, there goes your whole plan, Pinky… I call you Pinky, because, the Brain, you are not.

    • There is nothing wrong with Kyle using a firearm at 17. He was not able to buy a gun at 17 but firing one is different. With my father when I was 15, I bought a 16 Guage Ithica pump that I gave to one of my sons a couple years ago.

      Although the 16 belonged to me I only used it with my fathers OK. Guns were around the house and not locked as were the guns I owned after we had children. I was taught and all my children were taught how to use them and when they could. Problems, none as they were taught and when I came home from Sea Duty hell would have arrived had they disobeyed. Parenting 101.

      • I grew up the same way. My Dad was a WWII vet. The problem now is someone else might get into our homes and take our weapons when we don’t even know…. You just can’t trust everyone!

  • Sad commentary on society when someone killing another in SELF DEFENSE is called a murderer. Even worse when facts are twisted beyond reality. The comments by Biden supporters is clear evidence that liberalism is a mental illness.

  • No one threaten the President. The United States does not have one.
    Brandon is illegitimate.
    Kyle was just saying no illegitimate government will take his gun.
    He is a good man that has been wronged buy all of the illegitimate citizens that
    are backing this illegitimate president.

  • Obviously the left is delusional. “Small in the pants”? really? Is that the best you can do? Also one of the felons he shot was armed and trying to shoot him that’s just one of the reasons he was acquitted. But you guys go ahead and watch your cnn+ and continue to be mis-informed. Oh wait! you can’t ! my bad.


  • Democrats are the brainwashed branch of America! That are not very bright and easily fooled! You don’t see Biden giving up his armed protection with fully automatic firearms! We need to demand Biden is only allowed a GUN FREE ZONE SIGN! Like the brainwashed Democrats gave our kids!

  • Love listening to their whines, after 5 years of them calling for OUR deaths on a regular basis.

  • Oh, it’s a direct threat to the “president”. The how ’bout Schumer telling Gorsuch and Kavanaugh they would not see “it” coming. Sounds like a leftists threat to me. Lets string Chuckie boy up first.



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