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James Woods, a well-known conservative actor, has once again called out Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) for her outrageous demands and misguided views. In a recent tweet, Woods hilariously questioned if AOC even attended high school after she demanded that Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito recuse himself from January 6th cases.

Woods tweeted, “Seriously, did she ever attend high school?” in response to AOC’s laughable demand that Justice Alito step down from the cases because his wife allegedly flew an upside-down flag at their home. According to AOC, this was a distress signal and therefore calls into question Justice Alito’s impartiality. However, as Woods points out, this is simply ridiculous and shows just how out of touch with reality AOC truly is.

It’s no surprise that AOC would make such an absurd demand considering her track record of extreme and radical views. As a representative of New York’s 14th congressional district since 2019, she has consistently pushed for socialist policies that would harm hard-working Americans and undermine our country’s values.

But what makes this situation even more concerning is the fact that AOC appeared on MSNBC to express her misguided views on the matter. This news network is known for its biased reporting and liberal agenda, making it the perfect platform for someone like AOC who constantly spouts false information and divisive rhetoric.

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“Justice Alito’s position is laughable…this idea that he can be and that the court should be accountable to nobody…is completely unacceptable…it is what power are we going to exercise in order to rein in a fundamentally unaccountable and rogue court?” – AOC

Clearly, AOC missed the day they taught separation of powers in school. The judicial branch, including the Supreme Court, operates independently of the legislative and executive branches. This is a fundamental principle designed to keep our government balanced and free from authoritarianism—something AOC seems to fear yet misunderstand entirely.

Woods’ tweet reflects a broader sentiment among conservatives that AOC often speaks without fully grasping the issues at hand. His comment encapsulates the frustration many feel towards her endless grandstanding and lack of real solutions.

AOC’s comments on MSNBC underscore her belief that the Supreme Court must be reined in, showing her usual disregard for the principles of judicial independence. Her call for Justice Alito’s recusal is just another example of her overreaching political antics.

Conservatives like Woods argue that AOC’s positions are often absurd and lacking in realism. His tweet is part of a larger narrative that challenges the credibility of progressive politicians who seem more interested in headlines than actual governance.

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  • If my memory serves me, AOC refused to have Amazon build an office in her district to put some of the people she represents good paying jobs. She does not believe in the FREE ENTERPRIZE SYSTEM. She wants her constituents to be dependent on the government. How idiotic is that?

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  • I believe James Woods is correct when he said Apparently she missed the part where the Supreme Court is a separate part and they are to keep the balance of the 3 branches of Government.
    Alexandria Ocasio Cotex is better at being a bartender but she was voted back in for a 2nd term by stupid people in Communist New York.

  • Oh my, you would think the people who voted her into office would be smart enough to not repeat their mistake. She is good for a few laughs because of her lack of knowledge, but not for anything else!

  • Has anyone stopped to consider the possibility that the flag was inadvertently printed upside-down during its manufacture?

  • This worthless bartender, I wonder if anyone ever got the drink they ordered, needs to extricate her cranium from her rectum. And then try to apologize to her constituents.

  • I can’t stand this bubble headed, no original ideas, STOOOPID aoc, crack open her brain and you will FIND NOTHING IN IT

  • She talks about the impoverished commiting crimes to “survive”. And yet that dumb@$$ denied her district over 10k jobs when she squashed the Amazon warehouse deal.



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