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Democrats are the party of hate. If Americans don’t believe in their socialist ideology, they’re bad people. Americans are either deplorable, racist, or both. During the 2020 presidential campaign, Joe Biden told Black Americans they weren’t black if they voted for President Trump.

He seriously said that on a live podcast. There have been more instances of radical liberals telling the American voter that “if you don’t subscribe to our big spending, big government agenda,” you’re an evil person. Of course, it’s not true.

However, in the Democrat Party primary for Florida Governor, liberal Charlie Crist used the same old tactic. Crist even told Democrat voters, “I don’t want your vote.” As soon as Crist was projected as the winner of the primary in Florida, he started attacking his opponent’s supporters.

During his first press conference as the Democrat Party nominee for Florida Governor, Crist called anyone who doesn’t support his radically progressive policies a hater. Charlie Crist informed Florida voters that all who support Governor Ron DeSantis are “haters”.

Crist’s demonization of Florida conservatives continued. He proclaimed, “I want the vote of the people of Florida who care about our state. Those who are haters, you’re gonna go off in your own world.” This is the progressive left’s trademark strategy.

If Americans don’t agree with wide-open borders, massive tax and spend big government, or illegal assaults on personal privacy by federal law enforcement, without due cause, then they’re awful human beings. It’s called productive political discourse, Charlie.

But as another puppet for the radical left, Charlie Crist must use the same demonic reference to anyone who’s his opponent. Most political experts predict a DeSantis blowout in November. This type of negative hate speech by progressives is exactly why. Americans are sick and tired of it.

Art Vandalay

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