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It’s getting close to the time when people will start declaring their candidacy for president in 2024, so get ready to start hearing their names.

Because everyone is fed up with Dementia Joe, I believe that we will see both Democrats and Republicans challenging Joe Biden for the White House.

The Democratic Party really ought to feel ashamed about putting this man through all of this. He is not fit, either mentally or physically, to be in charge of a nation.

This week, we got a hint about someone who might actually run for president in the next election, someone who served and served well under President Trump. Nikki Haley, a former ambassador to the United Nations, is that person.

“If this president signs any sort of [Iran nuclear] deal, I’ll make you a promise,” she said. “The next president will shred it on her first day in office.”

Her? Is that a hint?

“Just saying, sometimes it takes a woman,” as she was cheered over her condemnation of Biden’s desire to return to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. “Anything Joe Biden signs will all but guarantee that Iran gets the bomb.”

She has also said that she would not run if President Trump ran again. In my opinion, that suggests that she would highly consider running though.

But Tucker Carlson may have already squashed any hopes that Haley has at doing well in the race.

“We spoke about some of the politicians who should not be running the country. We were pretty specific about it,” Tucker reiterated on his Monday night show, a clip of which was shared on Twitter.

“I’ll never forget it as long as I live,” Tucker told the audience in Iowa, before quoting Haley’s statements after George Floyd’s death and the subsequent riots that overtook many American cities in 2020. “And then she said, ‘in order for healing to occur, what happens next must be personal and painful for everyone.’”

Tucker responded, “Really, why’s that?”

He argued that Haley had used the death of George Floyd to make a statement that would please The New York Times because she cares about what the publication and its readers think. “That’s just true. It doesn’t mean she’s a bad person, I don’t think she’s a bad person. I’ve always liked Nikki Haley,” Tucker continued. “If she was right here, I would tell her to her face: I like you.”

“[I] don’t want you in charge of anything,” he continued, which was met by laughter and applause from the audience. “Because the second things get intense, the second the other side really unleashes and starts yelling so loudly that you can’t think clearly, I want a leader who can still think clearly.”

Personally, I don’t think that she’ll do very well if she does indeed run. While I think we all appreciated her while she was working in the Trump administration, I don’t think that he name carries enough weight. If she has to run against someone like Ron DeSantis or even Mike Pence, I think that she would end up at the bottom of the barrel.

One other thing that I think would prevent her from succeeding is that I do believe that there are still many Republicans who just don’t want a woman leading the country, even if she’s a Republican. I personally don’t care, but I do know that many do care about that.

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  • Nikki Haley does not have a shot at the presidency or even the primary. She has already done herself in by trying to play both sides!!

  • One fails to realize, that Iran has been cheating all along. Whether there is a nuke deal or not, Iran is going to get their bomb. Hell would have to freeze over for Haley to become president. Wishful thinking. Haley should stop procrastinating. Haley should save her money, and not waste other people’s money. Haley even ruined her chances for becoming a VP pick. Haley was bad mouthing Trump along with the other RINO’s over Jan 06th.

  • As a woman I’d like to stomp on that statement that there are many R’s who don’t want a woman President. It’s that sort of projection that shows most writers and politicos spend waaaaaay too much time inside the Beltway and haven’t met a Republican “everyday” person West of the Beltway — EVER.

    First of all, we want a tough person who can handle the myriad of challenges in the US and abroad. We want someone who knows how to negotiate, and someone who thinks like a businessperson. We want someone who keeps their word. We want someone who is not wishy washy and can withstand all the BS from swamp rats in DC and across the country.

    Are there women who can do that? I think there are. Condi Rice could have handled it. Linda Lingle, former Gov of Hawaii could do it. The jury is out on Tulsi, but she’s tough enough and articulate enough (though she has that baggage of the weird Guru who raised her and advises her.) There are good women out there who could be President.

    But right now, there is only ONE who can pull our bacon out of this fire created by the deep state predator class trying to destroy the world. And his name is Donald J. Trump. He’s had a few quiet months to figure out some things and I personally am looking forward to watching the show when he jumps on his white dragon and charges into town again. Let’er Rip, sir! It’s time!

    • Vicki S. I do agree with everything you said, hower if President Trump choose not to run again I would hope he’d endorse Kristi Nome (She’s probably not interested) but I feel she is capable, honest and has a strong dislike of ‘Swamp Rats’ on both sides of the aisle. She has ethics and a spine, something in short supply in DC Swamp.

      • The LAST thing we need to do is elect a woman President just so we can say “see, we elected a WOMAN!!” Look no further than the current White House Press Secretary to understand why…

  • I am a South Carolina voter since 1964, if you think Haley is trust worthy, you are more blind than a Democrat.

  • I don’t know ANY Republicans that would care either way.
    Woman or a man.
    We just wanted them to have gravitas and be serious leader that pledges her allegiance to the people of the United States.
    Not the globe.

    I’d LOVE to see Rick Grenell President!

  • She may run . Just to say she ran! Cause that is as far as it will go! Trump is who the people want! Not Billy Bob or Emmy Sue! Trump is a proven winner that wants to clean out the swamp! And that is what the people want after the 2020 CHEAT! That 80 corrupt judges ignored! And they want to see all of them drug out of government and jailed! As nobody believes the Basement hermit won anything! Heck he just had a rally and clamed he had cancer! AND NOBODY SHOWED UP TO SEE HIM! The man can’t draw fly’s! And the extremely super stupid want you to believe that the country voted for him to screw up the country? SO HOW DUMB ARE YOU????????

  • The only candidates for the POTUS in the past three elections have been McCain, Romney and Trump versus Obama, Clinton, and Biden. None have the character, integrity, and leadership abilities of those such as Washington, Adams, Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Coolidge, Truman, Eisenhower, and Reagan.

    Let that soak in, because that is our fault, and will be our fate.


    I voted for former President Trump against Clinton and Biden. And I will vote for whoever runs against the future Democrat/Socialist/Communist candidate. They believe not only that all is fair in love and war, but whatever leftist Democrats say and do. They lie, cheat, and steal continually. Their core value is that the end justifies the means. They are EVIL; LET ME REPEAT, EVIL.

    However, former President Trump should NOT be our candidate for the next POTUS. He had many good programs and policies, but his time wasted on McCain put Biden in office and the Democrats in power in the House and Senate.

    His criticism of McCain for being a POW in North Vietnam cost us the open Senate seat in Arizona and therefore the Democrats now control the Senate. Ten of my 1964 USAF Academy classmates (pilots) endured that North Vietnam POW torture and hell. Several others died in combat. Former President Trump never once put his life on the line in war.

    And his recent negative comments about Colin Powell are another example of how to lose votes from those who served with and respect his service to our country.

    Trump needs to read about the success of Reagan and Coolidge who focused on programs and never wasted time belittling their political opponents.

    And why does former President Trump criticize his most loyal friends and staff who may disagree with him? He is not a god and all knowing, and his biggest faults are his lack of humility (PRIDE), big ego, failure to listen to others, attacks on people because they aren’t physically beautiful, and his wasted efforts to belittle his political opponents.

    We will need former President Trump’s financial help and the support of those who voted for him in the past, and only by selecting persons like DeSantis, Haley, Tim Scott, Pence, John Kennedy, Rick Scott, and Mike Pompeo will our next POTUS and Vice POTUS be experienced and wise conservatives that can save our nation.

    Regarding former President Trump, I admire many of his attributes, but he has too many negative political deficiencies.

    Thanks from John C. Sowers
    Retired Military
    Hot Spring Village, AR


  • Well good luck but it seem nothing more than a good way to waste other people money! Trump is what the people want ! They know he was cheated! And he has a great record of doing things for America and not the rest of the world! What we don’t need is MORE OF THE SAME OLD BS GOVERNMENT THAT TAKES DECADES TO DO NOTHING! ESPECIALLY AFTER SCREWING THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA! AND CAN NEVER EVER CHECK THE CORRUPTION GOING ON IN GOVERNMENT! AMERICA IS SICK OF THE GOVERNMENT DENIAL GAME! NO MORE SWAMP RATS THANK YOU!

  • She is no Jean KIrkpatrick and against the vote she got rid of a state flag. She was toast from that moment on

  • For Haley, even considering entering the Primary against President Trump is a BIGGGGGGGGGG stretch. I like her and respect the work she did while our United Nations Administrator but NO, HALEY, it would do you more harm politically than help.

  • Would Never Ever Vote for pence he is not Trustworthy. turned on the best president America has ever had really tried to get Americans back to work that the other government officials sold out, now we are really paying for it can’t even get parts, how dum this why you don’t allow government in our business, Fords use to have all their parts made here, but listened to the government now look what a mess anything any parts for our military, factories, must stay in America and security so these criminal countries and governments can’t get the information quit using the computers to easy to break into



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