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For decades, big pharmaceutical companies have made billions of dollars in profits. Many of the drugs they created and sold were tremendously helpful towards improving people’s lives. However, many were not. Some even made conditions worse.

When it comes to “Big Pharma’s” underlying motivation, it now seems it was never about a so-called “compassion to improve society by helping improve people’s standard of living.” It’s always been about money; a great deal of money.

If the drugs they peddled happened to provide some benefit, good for them. However, the key thing to be aware of is exactly how rich Big Pharma’s corporate executives have become. They’re getting richer. Money triggers greed, and that’s the motivating force for Big Pharma.

Despite medical community warnings, including the all-powerful Federal Drug Administration (FDA), Big Pharma frequently ignored potentially fatal side effects of their drugs. Even when drugs were proven to not work, that information was concealed as well.

It was all about the money. Pharmaceutical companies touted pain-killing drugs as a magical elixir. Most importantly, they claimed these narcotics were not addictive. In fact, one of the largest producers of OxyContin, Purdue Pharma, knew it was addictive. They lied.

It was all about the money. They knew well in advance that people were going to get hooked on these dangerous drugs. Millions of people have since struggled to overcome life-devastating addictions. Millions did not recover; they died. Big pharma’s lies caused America’s opioid crisis.

But has a single executive from these corrupt companies ever been held accountable? No one has. What about the drug prescribed to millions of young children, Adderall? Hundreds of thousands of children, diagnosed with ADHD, were haphazardly saturated with Adderall.

Adderall is now deemed one of the most dangerous street drugs on earth. Thousands of college students abuse Adderall every day. But Big Pharma claimed it was both safe and effective. Adderall is neither. It’s an addictive drug that destroys people’s lives.

Has anyone called out Big Pharma for falsely promoting another dangerous drug? Of course, no one has. It’s all about the money. For over three decades, pharmaceutical companies have touted various anti-depressant drugs as “highly successful in treating the cause of depression.”

But new scientific studies prove that this was a lie as well. Drug companies proclaimed there to be a chemical imbalance in people’s brains that caused depression. It turns out they were lying. The millions of anti-depressant prescriptions, which were handed out like candy, do not work.

They were never going to work. These drugs, full of dangerous side effects, actually make many people worse. Suicide rates are a clear indicator of how prevalent depression is in a society. As anti-depressant prescriptions have increased precipitously, so too has the suicide rate.

Is this a coincidence? FOX News’ Tucker Carlson doesn’t think so. Likewise, in a recent monologue, Carlson revealed startling revelations about another “magic Big Pharma drug!” Big Pharma has been pushing a new line of drugs that are supposed to help Alzheimer’s patients.

Despite virtually no confirmed data suggesting these drugs work, physicians around the world are still prescribing them. But a new study indicates the research data Big Pharma used to peddle these costly drugs was faked.

What’s now been assailed as a worthless drug costs patients, on average, $56,000 per year. Again, it’s all about the money. These are just a few of the most profitable drugs marketed by Big Pharma that have been a total sham.

Have you ever considered how much money the COVID-19 vaccine brought in for these crooks? But as the pandemic continues to unfold, we’re discovering how essentially useless this medicine is as well. It’s all about the money.

This is a medicine that is proving highly ineffective, but something the Biden administration mandated on millions of Americans. The order was to either get vaccinated or lose your job. The ineffectiveness is becoming increasingly more obvious.

However, it might be years before the growing number of dangerous side effects are exposed. The COVID-19 vaccines aren’t the only dangerous drugs Joe Biden’s cronies are peddling. Biden’s transgender Assistant Health Secretary is promoting gender-altering drugs for children.

Rachel Levine, Assistant Secretary of Health, proclaims that the U.S. must not limit youth access to so-called “gender-affirming care.” This wacko thinks it is perfectly okay for children to choose to alter their gender without consulting their parents. This is dangerous.

Now, the FDA even says the puberty blockers Levine is peddling have potentially deadly side effects. The FDA warned of dangerous brain swelling and vision loss in children who take these puberty blockers. Why is the Biden administration peddling drugs anyhow?

This is beyond wrong. This is dangerous. But do they care? Of course, they don’t. The progressive liberal left is in league with Big Pharma. Democrat Party donors get kickbacks every time a liberal politician promotes a particular “cure-all” drug.

The COVID-19 vaccine was said to stop the virus. It did not. Anti-depressants were supposed to make people’s lives more enjoyable. They do not. Painkillers were claimed to be non-addictive. Millions of people are addicted, while millions more have died. Big Pharma are swindlers.

They prey on people’s hopes for a better, more comfortable life. They prey on a desire to feel better. Furthermore, they are liars and cheats. Big Pharma is like a dishonest old-time snake oil salesman. They’ll cheat and lie to make a fast buck. These crooks are all about the money.

Photo Credit: YouTube/I,Hypocrite

Art Vandalay

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  • Levine needs to be placed in a mental institution. Levine either needs electric shock treatments or a lobotomy.

  • The Communist Democrats have their hands in every big money making scheme and get very rich off of it. They push the American citizens to buy EV’s, solar panels and get a kickback off of it just like big pharma, it’s all about the money and screw the American people they never represent us only themselves.
    forcing children to become Transgender, Indoctrination and we all know the Communist Democrats are behind the fentanal coming across the border because they get a percentage from the drug Cartels.
    F*** all those Communist Democrats and Rinos including the FBI and IRS.

    • Michael – the big pharma execs, most politicians, the DC bigwigs, and every other self-centered person will al be “f”ed on the day God calls the Day of Judgement.

      These people shall stand naked and alone before a Perfect, Holy and Almighty God and be held accountable for their deeds. Their punishment shall be eternal damnation and their penalty is just. Unfortunately for them, there is no second chance – no replay. While on this earth, they chose to ignore God and HIS promise offered through HIS Son, Jesus Christ.

      They failed to repent and make Jesus their King, their Master, their Savior, their Lord. They didn’t ask the Holy Spirit to regenerate their hearts and make them a new creature. They didn’t pray and ask for HIS mercy and grace for their sins. No, God was never a thought to them – ever.

      For an eternity they will dwell where the fires nor the worm ever dies, physical darkness consumes you 24/7, hopelessness is permanent, the demons constantly cause pain and agony, and there is no mental or physical peace.

      May HE be glorified as all turn their attention and hearts to HIM.

      • DetroitDom,
        Also to mention George Sorros who has successfully destroyed many countries economy and he’s a wanted Evil being including Russia who wants him but, the Communist Democrats are protecting him and do his bidding at every level to destroy the lives of millions of Americans, while they seem to get a laugh out of it. Then you have Obama who’s also at the heart of it, in my opinion Sorros is the Anti-Christ and Obama is his right hand Demon.

        • Sorry, no; O is the “empty suit” portrayed by Clint Eastwood, yrs ago. He was never “in charge” of anything, even during the yrs he squatted in our WH! Soros is just a wallet & puppet of the PTB, an useful idiot, as Lenin called them. The REAL PTB are people whose names you don’t know, whose faces you wouldn’t recognize; the ones you know are those who will be quickly eliminated when full power & control are established, like tyrants always do those who help them into position!

  • This is exactly why I refuse any prescriptions form and doctor. Big Pharma is deadly. they are part of the Deep State. Depopulation is their motto.

  • I learned about big Pharma’s real agenda, while still in HS, which was further reinforced duringmy yrs as a student RN. That was well over 50 yrs ago… if anything, they have only grown more greedy & ruthless with time! Now they have MSM & gov’t agencies peotectng them against those seeking to disseminate genuine, truthful information about their drugs, & the very real harm those do. “Biden” promising lower drug prices is the joke of the century: those greedy people are not going to lower prices!

  • All this and they are still mandating vaccines, masking (which is worthless) and for what. For CONTROL. It was and is all about control. The minute people started dying, especially young, healthy people, the vaccines should have been stopped. But no, King Fauci kept shifting. Now women are made sterile, losing babies, children are disabled, and the death rate among younger persons has risen well above normal – all after the introcuction of the “vaccines”.

  • Let us also not forget the crooks, thieves and greedy in the extreme, the hypocrites who claim to want to help people, who do nothing but milk the system and people of this country for every penny and asset they can get, the State of IL IDES management and employees!! They make three times the salary, do a tenth the work of and are handed the most benefits and perks of any private employer or other government agency. Talk about a bunch who will face their maker one day and reap all they have sown in this world. Not only do they all have as many acres of land, cars, houses, money, investments as the wealthiest in this country, but get all kinds of special loans and tax breaks, etc. just for being in their position, some are even getting two pensions one from the state and one from the military!! Talk about greed! Then they do all they can to bully, mob and harass twice widowed mothers like myself who do not have any money, savings or assets, have never even owned my own home at and almost retirement age, and try to shove me out the door and take my job!!! THEY are the lowest of the lowest, THEY are the ones who use, take and harm all under the guise of being state workers that help the public, the management is no different, even the union and labor relations all in on it. The agency should be shut down and all should be fired, and they should then take all of the benefits and pensions they handed out to all of them past and present! And the nepotism and cronyism are rampant in this agency, as are the secrets and hidden!!!



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