Jeffrey Epstein was a creepy pedophile. In 2019, the millionaire playboy was arrested and indicted for sex trafficking of underage girls. In a bizarre twist, pending trial, Epstein was found hanged in his jail cell. Many do not believe he committed suicide.

There was never even a hint that he was emotionally distraught enough to take his own life. Certainly, if convicted, Epstein was facing serious prison time. But he had the financial wherewithal to mount a massive defense. Why would he kill himself?

Again, many don’t believe he did. That means Jeffrey Epstein was murdered at the request of someone else. Who might order the offing of someone facing high-profile sex charges? After Epstein’s arrest, the allegations about who he provided underage sexual partners for exploded.

Many of the elites who congregated at Epstein’s plush residences were exposed. The list proved quite shocking. A number of those connected to the filthy accusations weren’t terribly surprising. One of them was a former President of the United States.

Bill Clinton has a long history of sexual improprieties. This man actually had the audacity to have oral sex in the Oval Office. So, when Clinton was one of the most noteworthy names associated with Jeffrey Epstein, most weren’t surprised. But Epstein’s death triggered questions.

If faced with a conviction, all it would have taken was for Epstein to throw out some “big names” to lighten any pending sentence. However, Jeffrey Epstein suddenly died. How convenient this must have been for a number of worldly elites, including Bill Clinton.

When the list of Epstein associates began to grow, Clinton’s name was at or near the top of the high-profile list. If anyone could have orchestrated Epstein’s death, it would be a former U.S. president. No one has connected Bill Clinton to Epstein’s suspicious death.

However, the way Clinton reacted when pressed about his association with the pedophile certainly raised a few eyebrows. Juan Mendoza is a journalist with Real America’s Voice. During a recent campaign stop by the former president, Mendoza asked Clinton about Epstein.

The reporter asked, “Any comments on your alleged, uh, allegation of your connection with Jeffrey Epstein?” Clinton paused while shaking hands at the Texas rally. One aide tried to dissuade Clinton from answering.

But he didn’t take the advice. Instead, Clinton turned to Mendoza and cast a sinister smile. Clinton replied, “I think the evidence is clear.” But actually, no, it’s not Mr. Clinton. Other than Clinton’s verbal denials, no one has produced a shred of evidence exonerating him.

Many believe Clinton’s previous denials were feeble at best. He might be the single-most likely candidate to have ordered Epstein’s execution. While English nobility was also tied to Epstein’s devious sexual escapades, Clinton’s possible connection is clearly the most ominous.

If someone is questioning you about a deceased pedophile with whom you had a direct friendship, you should probably not smile sheepishly. The questions are serious. But Bill Clinton responded with aloof arrogance.

Remember, Bill Clinton is the same fellow who said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” He said this with a subtle smirk. Bill Clinton is a pathological liar. He meets all the criteria. But what else is Bill Clinton lying about? How close are Clinton’s ties to Epstein?

If exposed, wouldn’t a former two-term president be the most noteworthy member of a pedophile ring? Could Bill Clinton actually be indicted if Epstein “spilled the beans”? If you were one of the highest-profile people in the world, that certainly would provide motive.

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  • The Clintons and Obama’s are a shining example of how corrupt our country is! And to quote Hillary herself! IF I GO DOWN I AM TAKING THEM ALL WITH ME! Maybe it is time for a start over for who gets to run the country! Not like we can trust the Bush family either!

  • Just like Hillary he thinks he can lie his way out of everything. He is known for his lack of control when it comes to women and the fact their have been several pictures with him along with what we all know about his way of dealing with situations like this. Who is next for the hit list. The Clintons are nothing but the same as the mafia when it comes to dealing with anything that may get in the way of them profiting or gaining what they want. Criminals to the core not to mention guilty of having so many getting taken care of so they won’t talk

  • Someone had to make a lot of money off of Epstein’s death. I’m wondering about the supposed guards and the duty officers on the watch assignment that night. Could they all have just done something this dastardly for gratis? It is always said, “follow the money”, has anyone followed the money so far?

  • Hey Hillary: Your evil “Hubby”….is a lecher! Clearly, perverted, immoral, & not trustworthy…[ JUST LIKE “YOU” HILLARY!]

    “HEY SLICK WILLEY”: Look over your shoulder….I feel another “mysterious”, death following you? O:ooooo



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