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I’ve been giving a lot of thought about the news from Arizona of the 19,000 illegal ballots that were counted even though they arrived late.

The margin of the alleged Biden victory was only less than 10,500. Think about this for just a moment, if you will. With all of the other discrepancies including ballot harvesting, no chain of custody documents, double voting, and ineligible voters, they still needed to come up with another 19,000 votes to seal the election for Biden.

How many more legitimate votes did Trump get than Biden? It must have been one hell of a landslide. And if the election was so fair and honest, why would they allow the 19,000 illegal votes to be counted? And why did they feel it was necessary to hide the fact that these votes were illegal unless they needed them to win?

AG Mark Brnovich has learned that crime does not pay. He allowed wholesale cheating to go on and he did nothing. And then he had the nerve to ask Republicans to give him a promotion to the US Senate.

He started off with a 15 to an 18-point lead in the primaries, but as soon as it became obvious that he planned to do nothing about the stolen election, he is now trailing Blake Masters by 20 points and has fallen to 3rd place with the primary just 3 days away.

From The Gateway Pundit

The Epoch Times reported,

Voters were instructed to mail ballots by Oct. 27 to be sure their ballots arrived on time. By Oct. 30, the number of ballots coming by mail dropped sharply, but then spiked the day after the election.

On Oct. 28, the county received 58,500 ballots from the post office, then:

  • Oct. 29: 14,500
  • Oct. 30: 10,500
  • Oct. 31: 6,000
  • Nov. 1: 1,500
  • Nov. 2: 1,000
  • Nov. 3: 2,500—Election Day. In order to be counted and valid, the ballot must be received by the county no later than 7 p.m.
  • Nov. 4: 18,000 late, invalid ballots
  • Nov. 5: 1,000 late, invalid ballots
  • Nov. 6: 1,500 late, invalid ballots

Yet, Maricopa County rejected just 934 ballots for lateness.

This can be explained by Dinesh D’Souza and True the Vote’s “2000 Mules” investigation, which discovered a nationwide ballot trafficking ring that was used to steal the 2020 Election through unsecured dropboxes. 

The film explains how the ballot Mules created a large influx of late-early ballots to overwhelm the system and rush ballots through the counting process.


Art Vandalay

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  • Yes,we will always remember the feverish work done in Atlanta after everything was closed.Democrats are the # 1 Criminals ,a new title fitting today’s Democrats in DC and elsewhere

    • And we will NEVER forgive the dirty Democrats for what they did, and neither will our creator, Source – or God!

    • The Democraps alone did not do this they had help from many FAKE Republicans and RINOS. We know who the RINOS are by their public actions. FAKE Republicans are harder to ID till their actions are done. See they talk like Republicans in Public or on the record. Once they get out of the public eye and off the record they SUCK Democraps RECTUM just as hard as the MORON MEDIA.

    • You Trump-tards are unbelievable and this is why everything is such a mess with this country. #45 can tell y’all anything and believe it without any poof or facts to back it up. Who’s the puppets, Can you think for yourselves at some point ??

      • You have to be a SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID to not see things do not add up, and you sit there and call others stupid. Better go look in the mirror stupid

      • Didn’t you just read about 19,000 ballots that came in AFTER the DEADLINE being counted anyway. Sounds like ‘poof’ and facts to me.

  • First off the Author needs to be taught math the total of invalid votes is 20,500. Next anyone with a Brain knows Pedo Joe DID NOT win. That Pedophile could not get more than a dozen people to attend any of his events so how could he get 10,000,000 more votes than Obozo did??? Not only did he claim he got more votes but did so while carrying less counties with fewer voters than Obozo did. Pedo Joe was CHEATED into office and it was done by not just Democraps. They had the help of FAKE Republicans and RINOS. The only REAL TRUE REPUBLICANS were those who CHALLENGED that FARCE Democraps call the Election. The rest are just RECTUM SUCKING PUPPETS of the Democraps just like those in the MORON MEDIA who push Democraps LIES for them.

  • Just one more instance of voting or counting irregularities from around the country.
    Do you really believe the 2020 election was won fairly and honestly?
    There were other instances of irregularities.

  • Ohhh No question. Trump lost. There was no suspicious activity at all. Only a few hundred illegal votes were found through the country.

    Other then this crock how ’bout PA where PRESIDENT Trump was ahead when the voting ended,,,,,but they kept count ballets ’till brandon won. ,,,, That’s 2 states Trump won right there.

    My question is how do we keep this from happening again in 2024. ,,,, Or even in the mid terms. Maybe that is why Queen Nancy is in such a hurry to take everybody’s firearms. They plan on doing it again and now everybody knows about it and will not put up with it this time so the NWO Marxists want to try to disarm the country.

    PRESIDENT Trump 2024
    Take America

    • I never DID doubt that Pres. Trump had WON. I watched the returns in those “battleground” states where Pres. Trump was way ahead, and then the counting was stopped on some lame excuse or another, and voila! The total started going the OTHER way, and by the time they finished with their stuffed ballot boxes, rigged voting machines, “late” mail-in ballots, etc. they told us that Biden “won.” In a pig’s eye, Biden won. He could not even draw FLIES to his campaign events, and we are to believe this incompetent, senile SOCK PUPPET got more votes than any other candidate in history! NOT buying it!

      • The main giveaway was that the totals kept ratcheting up, and even leaping at one point while the counting was supposedly stopped. How do you update a total with no counting going on? The evidence was too strong, and they then turned to the courts to protect them. A quick read of that time article tells you they had the entire thing prepared ahead of time, and all judges in their pockets to prevent it being revealed.

  • So the January 6, 2020 folks were correct, were justified. A REAL, non-partisan DOJ would let every one of them out of jail now. If a revolution occurs you will know why.

    • Revolution? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And just who is going to revolt? If you say patriots, what the hell are “they/we” waiting for? “They/we” allowed a black muslime illegal alien h0m0 to control us (and become a multimillionare) for 8 years without lifting a finger, “they/we” allowed SlowJoe and Kameltoe to illegally take office and continue the destruction, “they/we” have sat and watched as the leftists murdered and maimed millions for 2 years with a fake virus and toxic injection, “they/we” sat and watched as our “government” has stolen from us, broken our laws, lied constantly … and so far no one has lifted a finger. America has become the land of the pathetic complaining chickenschitts – and that includes Trump! If Trump was truly a leader that wanted to drain the swamp, he would have called us to action on SloeJoe’s inauguration day. We will NEVER stop the leftist destruction until we are willing to kill or be killed to do it. So much for having a second amendment!!!!!!

      • Most of us don’t think it’s time to resort to violence. Let the Republicans take back control and make the changes that need made first. Then see what happens. I think plenty of people will fight for our rights if it comes down to that.

  • There is only one answer to all of this outside of a 2nd American Revolution, and it’s not a Federal takeover of the election process that would be tilted towards Democrats. It’s a federal mandate that all States, Blue and Red alike, strengthen the integrity of the voting process. While the Red States look to strengthen the integrity of the voting process the Blue States will sit on their rear and do nothing. The system is corrupt and the liberal commie Democrats like it that way. It works for them. What is needed is Voter I.D. One can’t cash a check in a bank without I.D., is that discriminatory? No mail in ballots allowed. Go down to the polls and vote in person. Absentee ballots for senior citizens 65 yrs and older, people, that are handicapped, bedridden, using a walker, or wheel-chair. they shouldn’t be required to say in line, Military personnel serving overseas, our Navy personnel on ships out of their home port, State Dept. personnel (Diplomats and their families overseas). No Absentee Ballots will be accepted if the postmark is after the day after the election. It’s the responsibility of the individual to make sure the ballot is postmarked on time, and the responsibility of the government to make sure absentee ballots returned by the military or State Dept., arrive on time. Other than that, on the above mentioned, get off your rear, no excuses, go down to the polls and vote. voting by mail only adds to the corruption.

    • The real key is to count in each precinct by hand and get rid of the machines. No matter what sort of protections you put in place, as soon as a vote becomes digital, it can and will be manipulated.
      My solution is that each precinct counts its own votes (by hand) and deliver the total to one big counting system- a spreadsheet even. In that way, each precinct can see that its votes are represented and added properly to the total. Yah, a precinct could still cheat, but it would be much harder to get them all to cheat.

    • The reason for that is so the conniving Demmunists could wait until results were in, so they knew EXACTLY how many fake manufactured ballots, etc. they needed to “win,” and then produced that number of fraudulent votes and entered them into the total.

      • Yes, and in order to do this, they had to have access to the voter/census rolls to see who had and had not voted. That was the key to cover their tracks. Unfortunately (fortunately?) they used the 2010 census to do this. Dr. Frank has showed exactly how they used this wrong census to fill in votes.

  • If these illegal ballots were counted after the election to put Biden ahead, why did FOX call Arizona for Biden so early on election night? Who else was in on the steal besides the democrats and the RINOs in Arizona?

    • They intended that move to shock the system early and prep everybody. They also intended for Biden to win Florida and Texas, but they did not have enough of a system to battle the overwhelming votes that Trump got in those states.

  • Look at the results, of a stolen election,
    Directed by Democrats, to control our selection. The well funded Dicktators,
    Have STOLEN and LIED, and should ALL be, INDICTED and TRIED. BUT the Democrats seem, to control OUR courts, as the media compromises, on what it reports. America must find, a way to UNITE, and refuse to listen, to those who INCITE. UNITED WE STAND,
    DIVIDED WE FALL, As the CommunistcRATS try, to just TAKE IT ALL!!!

    • The Supreme Court failed to do the sworn duty to uphold and defend our Constitution! They REFUSED to hear the evidence or get involved in the greatest scam and betrayal of trust known to date!
      The pain wrecked upon our Country by this illegitimate administration will forever haunt those 9 judges!

  • The problem is the corrupt judges and courts! That turn a blind eye to anything the Democrats do . And make a huge affair if Republicans do it!. We need to drag all those judges Back to court to explain what their problem is! If you say nothing they just keep doing it! When the courts ignore the law they again need to be drug back to explain! Or start making laws that the judge is responsible for not following the law! Then when they let the criminals out they can be sued for the deeds of the their criminals! If they let a Democrat cheat! Then we can all cheat with zero recourse .

    • AH- key question. His name is Mark Brnovich. And he is hoping to use this same system to win the nomination for senate where he is third place in the polls.
      Would you get rid of a system if you hoped to use it yourself?

  • the election of millions of counted illegal votes. 2020 will be noted for that in history. Plain as the azzz on a cat.

  • So when is the government going to investigate these slime devels???? There is no way that president Trump didn’t win. Get with it America we’re being duped by the scum bags running the Shit Show. WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trump has the crooked politicians quacking in their socks with his drain the swamp policy. It’s like a big sucking sound coming for them. You don’t even need to wonder why crooks aren’t prosecuted they are protecting each other and that’s coming to an end.

  • For all the pot smokers who own guns out there, don’t make any purchases at the legal dispensaries. The Dems in the near future are going to claim because you use THC that you have a medical problem and prevent you from purchasing guns and ammunition. According to my information they are already preventing gun and ammo purchases in the state of ill-annoy for medical pot users.

  • Their path was messed up by Texas and Florida where they hoped They had “muled” the vote enough to win both of those states. Recall on election might the series of events:
    – Trump had a strong lead.
    – Florida, Ohio, Texas and Virginia had yet to be called. As well as five swing states that would likely have been called in previous years. They had already called Arizona.
    – Florida and Texas were supposed to be Dim wins. But they didn’t have enough leftover registrants to steal the vote there because it was so strong for Trump
    – Biden came out on stage and said don’t give up.
    – They allowed Florida, Texas and Ohio to be called.
    – They immediately “stopped counting” in five states where they had operatives in place. In addition, they had to true up the count in Arizona.
    – Despite counting being stopped, totals continued to rack up higher for Biden. Even with sudden leaps.
    – After several days, they had won in all five states where they had stopped the count.

  • It was so obvious the election was a rip-off!
    But the sad part was/is WE just stood and did nothing to stop it. Poll watcher got tossed, how is that? If I was a poll watched there would be hell if anyone tried to puss be out!! The Commies typed over the windows so no one could see ballots run over and over, and we just watched. Should we call ourselves the WEAK PARTY? That is what we are, GOP “Goofy Old People”?? I can count on one had the people in the Republican party that will fight. How sad are we?

  • and why did FOX call the race fight after the polls closed? and why did Fox refuse to call Florida for hours after the race was mathematically impossible for Biden to win?

  • The big Lie will never be accepted! Biden DIDN’T win the 2020 election! All this BS, pain and suffering we Americans have suffered since “the Steal” was organized and perpetuated by those who wish to destroy America!
    Biden is D.E.A.D (Demented, Egotistical, Anti-American, Democrat) who has failed throughout his 50 plus years hiding within our government. Obama was right on when he declared; “Don’t underestimate Joe’s Ability to f*ck things up!”
    He has done more harm to America than; Castro, Hitler, Bin Lauden, Russia, Communist China, the Axis Powers of WWII combined!
    His departure from office will be hailed as a National Holiday. It can only be exceptional when Kamala joins him in his removal from office!

  • Facebook, this is a question: if the SCOTUS ruling in the case:United States v. Throckmorton (98US61 :Supreme Court 1878)that FRAUD vitiates everything,in legal context means negates, quashes, annuls, invalidates, revokes, and abrogates).

    This ruling has never been reported to have been addressed by anyone , why not. By the above United States Supreme Court ruling, President Donald J Trump is therefore, the victor of the 2020 POTUS election by default… law…and according to the Constitution.

    Another question: if I know this, why don’t the rest of you know this, and now that you do, what are going to do about it, just set around with your hands under your behinds and keep doing nothing. The 2024 POTUS election will mean nothing, because you have done nothing concerning the voter fraud in the 2020 POTUS election.

  • My wish is, after the midterms, when the (R)s OWN Congress, ALL of the fraud will be made known, and Sniffy Joe and his crime cabal will be wiped from presidential history like Akhenaten was wiped from Egyptian history.

  • One has to wonder whether Mark Kelley benefited from the ballot and voting machine down-ballot cheating in November 2020. It makes sense that the obvious cheating would have included not just Biden, but the other positions on the ballots as well. Martha McSally should be our current Senator, not the cheating and unpopular Mark Kelley.
    Let us all remember that when we vote this next November here in AZ. Vote against Kelley and for Blake Masters. Take a stance and stop the cheating!



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