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President Trump entered the lion’s den again today, knowing in advance what the mainstream reporters (propagandists) were going to try to pin on him.

This time the constantly attacked commander in chief was going to be grilled on statements he made during interviews in February and March.

Of course, the context of what was taking place during this same time period, how other politicians were reacting and the Presidents travel bans with China and Europe showing concern,  were not factored in.

Not even comments from Dr. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who told Fox News today: “I don’t think [Trump] ever distorted things that I spoke to him about.”

Or any mention of President Trump’s comments on January 30, 2020, where Trump told a rally in Des Moines, Iowa (emphasis added):

Hopefully everything’s going to be great. They have somewhat of a problem, but hopefully it’s all going to be great. But, we’re working with China just so you know, and other countries very, very closely, so it doesn’t get out of hand, but it’s something that we have to be very, very careful with, right? We have to be very careful.

He imposed a travel ban on China the next day.

Several days later, Trump addressed a rally in New Hampshire, in much the same way (emphasis added):

I spoke with president Xi and they’re working very, very hard and I think it’s going to all work out fine. Rough stuff, I tell you. Rough, rough stuff, but I think it’s going to work out good. We only have 11 cases and they’re all getting better.

No the angle the fake news networks were after was the narrative that President Trump must have lied to the public when he purportedly said to Woodworth concerning the Virus “I wanted to always play it down”. Did the president tell the American population there was not much to worry about when a disaster was upon them?

Regardless of the good news on the economy, low mortality numbers from the fading Covid-19 pandemic, or lower than expected unemployment numbers, the questions that came up dealt with statements from President Trump’s interviews with Bob Woodward for his upcoming book, Rage.

Via NY Post

President Trump slammed longtime Washington Post editor Bob Woodward Thursday morning for holding onto the contents of their bombshell interview for months if he believed the public was in danger by not being informed.

President Trump on Thursday defended his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic amid the forthcoming Bob Woodward book and said he didn’t lie when he downplayed its risk earlier this year.

Trump also told reporters he believes the US has now “rounded the final turn” — unless Democratic candidate Joe Biden beats him on Nov. 3 and imposes “a very unscientific blanket lockdown.”

Trump fended off a reporter’s statement at a White House press briefing that he lied to the public about the virus while admitting to Woodward that the virus was “deadly.”

“The way you asked that question is very disgraceful,” Trump said. “There was no lie here. What we’re doing is we’re leading, and we’re leading in a proper way… You don’t want me jumping up and down screaming, ‘There’s going to be great death!’

“I don’t want to jump up and down and start screaming, ‘Death! Death!’” Trump said. “It’s always a serious problem. That doesn’t mean I’m going to jump up and down in the air and start saying, ‘People are going to die! People are going to die!’ No, No, I’m not gonna do that. We’re gonna get through this.”

Trump told Woodward in February that the virus was “more deadly than… even your strenuous flus.” In March, he told the author, “I wanted to always play it down. I still like playing it down. Because I don’t want to create a panic.”

Trump said the US management of the pandemic has been successful.

“We’re rounding the final turn, and a lot of good things are happening with vaccines and with therapeutics,” Trump said.

The president blasted Biden’s performance as vice president during the H1N1 pandemic and recent remarks by Biden and running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) questioning the safety of a potential COVID-19 vaccine.

“Biden’s record demonstrates that if he had been in charge of this very serious, highly, highly contagious epidemic or pandemic, the China virus, countless more Americans would have died,” Trump said.

He focused on Biden’s criticism of his January ban on travel from China and on the Biden-Harris vaccine skepticism.

“Joe’s decision to publicly attack the China ban proved he lacks the character or intelligence or instinct to do what is right,” Trump said. “Now, Biden’s launched a public campaign against the vaccine which is so bad, because we have some vaccines coming that are incredible.”

Just like tennis, both sides of the next got their strokes in and the game ended at deuce.

A rational person has to ask; Why, if Woodward thought President Trump was hiding another Bubonic plague, didn’t he tell anyone until 4 four months later?

The answer, he would not have, but oh well, they will try to milk all they can out of this fake narrative, just like they did with the discredited hit piece by the Atlantic last week.

Woodward will get more dinner and party invitations while racking up millions of more dollars, and so ends another day in Washington D.C.

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