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Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), makes President Trump’s detractors do all kinds of strange things.

Some include angry outburst, outright violence, public mocking or just leads hyper-progressive, hypocritical and untalented propagandists, both CNN anchors, to conduct a cognitive test, similar to what President Trump announced he took, to minimize the effectiveness of it to confirm the mental acuity of the person getting tested.

Don Lemon, has been promoting propaganda and making a fool of himself on New Year Eve broadcasts for many years and even asked a panel of transportation experts if it was possible the Malaysian airline flight that went missing, was actually swallowed up by a black hole.

This television Einstein was having a live conversation with anchor Chris Cuomo, and Chris asked a few questions from the test, easy ones that would allow Don to show that an elementary student could breeze through it. Well instead, the results of the test proved to the 10 people watching, that Don Lemon has very low cognitive skills.

From Red State

Don Lemon Takes Cognitive Test On Air to Own the Orange Man, Screws It Up

In what I’m sure he thought was going to be an absolutely killer segment owning the orange man, he (Don Lemon) decided to take a cognitive test on air. This was an attempt to make fun of Trump for talking about the cognitive test he had recently taken. That discussion happened during a Fox News interview.

The problem? Lemon screwed up the cognitive test on live TV.

This has been the media’s pattern over the past four years: try to score on Trump, end up scoring an embarrassing own goal.

And these smarter-than-smart people never learn. We should reopen schools so they can get some fancy book learnin’ in.

In the lead-up to the segment, Tucker Carlson delivers a brilliant zinger at CNN’s international TV star, Don Lemon: “maybe the slowest person ever to appear on cable news.”

I hate to gloat, but this is hilarious. Now, the left has no shame, and they all cover for each other’s deficiencies, so don’t expect Don Lemon to change a bit, he doesn’t need to, he is on CNN.

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