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Only 38 days to go before America decides to preserve our nation or lose it forever watching it rapidly decline into Marxism.

The left, using selected polling numbers, is once again telling us that similar to Hillary Clinton’s run in 2016, the 2020 Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden, is way ahead in the polls, with a 70 plus percent chance of defeating President Trump on November 3rd.

We are finding out that the Obama administration, working with disgraced former FBI director James Comey, CIA director John Brennan, and dirty field agents like Peter Strzok, put in place contingency plans in the event of a Trump victory in 2016.

The problem for the deep state is President Trump fought through their multi-faceted attacks over the past four years, including an attempted coup d’é·tat culminating with an Impeachment proceeding, that was squashed in the Senate.

So now what, election time is coming up, and we can see the various attacks in the 2020 contingency plans, trying to prevent a Trump re-election.

Starting with the use of bogus modeling numbers for projected deaths related to COVID-19, the Dr. Fouci’s CDC deep state group convinced the President to shut down our country, for 15 days, to flatten the curve.

With the emergency police powers activated, the democratic governors in some of the “swing states”, have used the stay at home orders to paralyze their economy’s then blaming President Trump for the financial calamity they caused.

With the economy rebounding nationally though, the left just activated their next layer of stopping Trump by using voter fraud, with universal mail-in voting, sent unsolicited to everyone.

Their expectations are just like in NJ and Nevada, these states will be a disaster on election night, allowing Soros funded election officials and judges, to allow questionable votes, not using all the available verification tools, while trying to steal the election weeks to months after November 3rd.

Breitbart came up with the Democrats’ 7-Step Strategy to Win the Election Using Vote-by-Mail Chaos

1. Never let a Covid crisis go to waste! Use the pandemic to push for a nation-wide vote-by-mail scheme.

2. Enlist all the messengers at your disposal (Hollywood, Corporate Media, Big Tech, Pro Sports) to push for vote-by-mail.

3. Get millions of questionable mail-in ballots into the system. 

4. Send Democratic lawyers into key districts to fight for every challenged ballot. Use the courts and progressive election officials to keep the count going as long as possible with as little verification as possible.

5. Set expectations that the election will not be decided on November 3. Plan for mass protests in the streets. Scare people into believing that Trump won’t leave office (should he attempt to challenge the results).

6. Challenge the results in court with the help of election officials and district attorneys that George Soros has spent years getting elected.

7. Let Chief Justice John Roberts (or the new Justice?) pick the next president. Or let Nancy Pelosi do it. 

Here is where it gets tricky if the election is disputed.

If after several weeks, if not months of litigation, the lower courts have conflicting decisions, the Supreme Court could be asked to intervene.

The court, which currently stands at 4 liberal and 4 conservative Justices, might or might not take up the case. If so, the split court might still not end the elections.

If President Trump’s third nominee is seated on the court before the election, then if the majority thinks they could intervein, will end the process, like Gore- Bush 2000.

Some would argue the Constitution has a remedy for contested elections, and would ask the court, regardless of the number of justices to send the Presidential election results to the US House for them to vote on who won the election.

Justice Breyer explained in his dissent in Bush v. Gore, the 12th Amendment and the Electoral Count Act of 1887 give Congress the authority to count electoral votes and “resolve remaining disputes” after the states “have tried to resolve disputes (through ‘judicial’ or other means).” This is as the Founders’ intended, Breyer argued, because Congress “expresses the people’s will far more accurately than does an unelected Court. And the people’s will is what elections are about.”

The 12th Amendment states that if no candidate has an Electoral College majority, “the House of Representatives shall choose immediately, by ballot, the President.”

The 12th Amendment makes clear that “in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by states, the representation from each state having one vote.” (emphasis added)

So, even though the House has 435 representatives (the majority of whom are Democrats), there will only be 50 votes cast—one for each state’s delegation.

And here’s the kicker … wait for it…

The Republicans control more state delegations than the Democrats!

So, to say all of this. If very possible patriotic voter, votes, leading to record numbers, then regardless of the deep states plans, they again will be thwarted by President Trump.

If this doesn’t happen, hold on as we the people will have our future’s dictated by people in robes we will never meet.

Eric Thompson

Conservative independent talk show host and syndicated political writer.

USMC Veteran fighting daily to preserve Faith - Family - Country values in the United States of America.

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