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What do you get when you mix an apostate, clueless “church” with BLM anarchists, during a city-wide curfew trying to prevent rioting and possible injuries’ or death?

An active mob’s new launching pad.

As our education system has produced Marxists, and the children’s parents have turned towards materialism, America’s Christians, the pseudo-type, started walking away from; God is all we need and we are nothing without Him, to, we need a new type church that fits our desires and new truths.

The First Unitarian Church is such a post-modern religious group who decided to participate in the Louisville social justice protests.

During the heightening anger of the F-bomb dropping, police threatening mob, a church leader announced they could seek sanctuary in their building and get some refreshments, etc.

Rioters immediately began flocking to the church, and they, in the sanctuary, started threatening white people and the press with assault if they do not leave the “church” grounds.

Brenden then caught the forced segregation as the real BLM started terrorizing the white people who were just a few minutes earlier protesting with them, for their cause.

So how do you like them apples?

Maybe some of these Kool-Aid drinking white SJW wannabees and leftist reporters learned a valuable lesson outside their safe spaces.

BLM and it’s affiliates are racists, they hate white people and want to destroy the traditional nuclear family, elevate woman over men, and are for the advancement of those suffering with gender dysphoria.

If President Trump is re-elected and the congress labels these groups as domestic terrorists, the DOJ can lock up the agitators, and these groups will start to fade away into American history.

Eric Thompson

Conservative independent talk show host and syndicated political writer.

USMC Veteran fighting daily to preserve Faith - Family - Country values in the United States of America.

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