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Tonight is the first 2020 Presidential Debate between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. 

Finally it’s show time, the first 2020 Presidential debate is tonight.

The debate – the first of three between Biden and Trump — kicks off at 9 p.m. ET Tuesday and is being hosted by Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic, in Cleveland, Ohio. 

With dozens of legitimate topics that tonight’s debate moderator, Chris Wallace, could cover with President Trump and Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden, several will not according to the list provided to the media and campaigns.

With all the variables in a debate, here are some things we know for sure will take place tonight.

1.  Chris Wallace from FOX News, an outspoken critic of President Trump, who has gone after Trump 15 times, will interrupt President Trump numerous times during the debate.  He will ask subjective questions trying to attach democratic talking points to the president, acting like a fact-checker instead of a debate moderator. You can expect Wallace to interrupt Trump trying to keep him from landing damaging punches on Sleep Joe.

For Biden, Wallace will ask less probing questions and use more clarification follow-ups, in sequence, to help walk him through his “answers”.

 Here is a reminder of how Wallace did his fact checking interrogations of candidate Trump in 2016.

2. Wallace will not bring up Biden’s son Hunter.  Joe will try to blow off any discussion into the quid pro quo in his efforts, as Obama’s VP, to get the prosecutor in Ukraine fired, to protect his son who was on the Board of Directors of the company (Burisma) who the prosecutor was investigating.

Biden will also not bring up his son’s actions in China where he received a one-billion-dollar deal from the Chinese government bank, after they traveled to China, using Air Force 2 just a few months earlier. 

3. Biden will call Trump a liar as many times as possible and attempt to blame Trump for the 200,000 American deaths of people WITH COVID19. If Joe can remember, will say Trump did not react quickly enough to the outbreak. Will also attack him on trying to get rid of Obamacare and being a science denier on Climate Change.

4. Trump will point out Biden has not accomplished anything over 40 pus years in politics, doesn’t have the energy to be President, is running on a radical agenda, and is corrupt, while trying to bring in corruption stories of Ukraine and China.

5. We know that at some point Joe will have that lost look on his face, and based on his staff’s ability to have Joe self-monitor his own wandering thoughts, could be disastrous.

6. We know that Joe Biden will have trouble finding the words to say, at times, and if Trump can get around Wallace’s protections of Joe, could trip Biden up leading to memorable gaffes in front of tens of millions of people watching around the world.

He will mumble and make some sort of gaffe(s) like we have seen more of in the past 6 weeks.

7. President Trump will have a few zingers, like torpedoes, to launch at just the right time. Like in 16 debate with Hillary, Trump dropped in a line which tore a hole in Clinton’s whole persona that evening.

“Because you’d be in jail”

Pre-debate wrangling is underway by both parties.

The Trump team demanded that an independent third party would inspect the candidates to make sure not ear pieces or listening devices are used.

This request were rejected by the opposing party so will not take place.

Well hold on folks, will Wallace be able to walk Joe through the debate and do damage to keep President Trump on the defense, or will Trump navigate the waters, get in some big shots on Joe leading to huge gaffes by Biden?

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