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Oh No Joe! While you were hiding, America had a chance to see President Trump walk our country through CV-19, and deal with the Marxist movement trying to tear down our nation. The voters finally connected the dots:  BLM + ANTIFA + The Squad + Bernie + Karl Marx = Joe Biden!

This “Weekend with Bernie” sequel, includes Joe Biden, a man with declining mental faculties be carried by handlers who tweet, the coherent ones, for Joe, cut his interviews when he forgets who he is, and limits his daily exposure to 2 people per day.

Well, the most accurate polling company in 2016 has just found out that the 2020 Presidential election is all tied up!

From Big League Politics

New polling from Rasmussen Wednesday reveals that President Donald Trump has surged to tie his Democratic campaign opponent Joe Biden, erasing a ten-point lead on the part of the latter to tie Biden within the margin of error.

The Rasmussen poll released Wednesday reveals that Trump trails Biden by a figure of 45% to 47%, within the poll’s 2% margin of error. This poll contrasts sharply with a Rasmussen poll from weeks ago, which scored the President trailing Joe Biden by a figure of 40% to 50%.

The polling could indicate that the Presidential race is on in full swing, with the traditional large lead held by the challenger of an incumbent evaporating as voters begin asking serious questions about the governance of the country and the political issues at hand.

The White House Watch poll also reveals that President Trump has greater support within the Republican Party that Biden does from Democrats, with Trump securing the likely vote of 81% of Republicans and Biden only getting 74% of Democrats.

Rasmussen was one of the most accurate major pollsters to gauge the 2016 Presidential election. Wednesday’s White House Watch poll, which the company will repeat every week until election day, was conducted with a national pool of 2,500 likely voters.

So lets put them away! Everyone must register to vote NOW! We must take back the House, increase our numbers in the Senate and re-elect President Trump! Then demand the most radical immigration and education reforms plus keep filling up the courts with more Constitutionalists!

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