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In these crazy days, full of rage, hate & vitriol, a small amount of humor goes a long way.

We have seen a spike in stories of Trump supporters, even those not at rally’s but just eating at a restaurant, getting sucker-punched, harassed at their tables, and even killed.

The left has convinced “social justice warriors” and their devotees, that Trump is a modern-day Mussolini and as a fascist dictator, they must be the counterforce, aka, ANTIFA.

Throw in the Marxists’ collectivism, 60’s class warfare of Alinksy, and BLM’s anarchists, there is subcultural permission to violently fight against anything maintaining traditional American.

With the hatred pumped through social media, movies, music, and fake news networks, this fluid mob just can’t wait to demonstrate their anger at the evil every chance they can, sometimes it backfires on them big time.

Via Gateway Pundit

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real.

A far left lunatic was screaming, “F*** Donald Trump!” and flipping off Trump street corner protesters.

The woman started hanging out her window flipping the Trump supporters off.
Then she hit the car in front of her.

Karma is a bitch.
Thank goodness the police were there.

Maybe next time this SJW should just brag about what a fighter she is for the cause, but while sitting in her seat and driving responsibly.

Will save her a lot embarrassment and after 3 years, lower insurance rates.

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