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Finally, students are back in school, some online and some in person.

What hasn’t changed in the schools, since CV-19, is there are some teachers around the country, already using their power to persuade their students as the authority figure in their classes.

According to students polled over half their professors criticize President Trump regularly.

Via Campus Fix – Nearly 60 percent of professors criticized Trump, 9 percent criticized Pelosi:

Scholars leading college classrooms across the country are about six times more likely to criticize Republican President Donald Trump than Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, according to the results of a new College Fix poll.

One thousand college students were asked in the recent online survey: “Over the last semester, have any of your professors or teaching assistants made negative comments about the following people or groups?”

The results found that 58 percent of students reported they had a professor or TA who made negative comments about Trump. In contrast, only 9 percent of students had a professor or TA who made negative comments about Pelosi.

In Las Vegas, a teacher told her class that President Trump was responsible for the mass shooting involving a white man who killed people attending a country music concert.

A UNLV class erupts after professor blames Trump for shooting — VIDEO

Yesterday, Anthony Salvatore Sr. posted a video on Thursday on Twitter from his daughter’s second day of class at Suffolk Community College in Selden, New York.

Professor Janet Gulla went on a tirade against President Trump calling him a dictator who is “really ruining our country.”

Anthony’s daughter filmed Professor Gulla going off on President Trump is class.

Rep. Lee Zelden (R-NY) later posted the video with the transcript.

Parents and students beware, teachers and professors are almost universally progressive and hired under these pretenses.

With the autonomy they are given, you can expect their personal political views to be inserted into their classroom time, reciting CNN’s talking points that President Trump is evil and everyone must do what they can to get him out of office.

Is this acceptable at centers of high learning whose purpose is to encourage speech and sharing of diverse ideas in the pursuit of knowledge.

I say no, but since the left runs the colleges, conservatives’ opinions on this issue are irrelevant on their school’s list of the minorities’ concerns.

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