Biden Exhausted From Yesterday’s Trip to Minnesota, Takes Today Off!

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I believe one of the reasons Hillary Clinton lost to Donald J Trump is 2016 was her campaign decisions, because of her public health issues, to forgo traveling to Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania.

They were confident Hillary had those states in her column, so they thought, but except for a 2 percent victory in MN, they lost the other three, and thus the election.

Here we are in 2020, and the Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden, is not campaigning full time and his staff is having to evaluate if Joe is aware enough to attend events, one at a time.

On Friday Joe traveled to Duluth, Minnesota in his first visit to the state in nearly 3 years.  To control the messaging during his visit, Joe handlers froze out the local media preventing their reporters from attending the event.

Biden delivered a short speech, which was essentially the series of lies he delivered last night during CNN’s town hall. After finishing he meandered away from the podium, without answering any questions from the approved pool of reporters.

There is no way Joe Biden can afford to blow off local reporters and not answer questions from approved reporters who are ready to loft the most hittable softball questions ever written.

When Biden landed in Delaware last night, even though he was mentally shot from his few hours of working, he attempted to speak to reporters about Ginsburg’s passing.

Biden could not remember what side of his mask to use, again, and could barely speak as he read from prepared notes!

On Saturday morning, the frail 77-year-old Biden was so exhausted from traveling to Minnesota on Friday, that his campaign notified the media first thing in the morning that Joe would be unavailable to the media all day.

“The Biden campaign has called a lid at 8:35 AM, per pool. So we won’t see Joe Biden today.” – via Fox News reporter Pat Ward.

So let’s recap.

Joe Biden doesn’t have the stamina to speak to a few select reporters, fly 90 minutes on his private campaign jet back home, and spontaneously read a few notecards of information to reporters without needing the take the next day off from work!

Yes, unacceptable and he can’t be allowed to win the election, get the job, and immediately have to either step down or just coast for four years allowing AOC & Bernie to work vicariously through him.

If he declines too much, then His VP, Kamala Harris, would assume the Presidency.

Vote on November Third, GOP down ticket, and let Joe stay in bed for as long he needs.

Eric Thompson

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