Biden, Now A SJW, Says He’s Benefited From White Privilege

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The Democratic party has a playbook they bring our every election cycle.

Though the historical party of the KKK and Jim Crow laws, their political pundits on the left spend a significant amount of time and resources pushing the narrative that Republicans are racists, don’t support policies that benefit black causes, and that a vote for a republican is akin to voting for a continuation of “systemic racism”.

Their playbook calls for videos and press releases showing injustices done to minorities in the district or states that consist of the electorate in which the GOP candidate would or is currently representing.

Calls for the democrats to be elected so the government can fix all the cultural wrongs that the collective has identified and push divisive terms into the public discourse to divide the country hoping to still hold on to their solid voting segments.

The black community has traditionally voted in the low to mid 90 percent range for the Democratic Presidential candidate for decades, even President Trump only received 8 percent of their vote in 2016.

With the manifestation of Marxist ideology in the schools, in the media, and forced through domestic terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, the once moderate democratic candidates are now spouting out terms like white privilege and gender equality to satisfy the far left of their base.

Once in this arena, the white politicians must now apologize for being successful and allow themselves to be shamed for everything they have accomplished.

Why, because according to the racists, accusing white people of being racists, all white people were given jobs, loans, opportunities, and freedoms only because of their skin color, and a portion of what they have was in effect stolen from people of color, leaving them poor.

The modern-day white American, who is now a minority in states like California, and who no relatives in their families lineage, who owned slaves, and have personally ever stolen from a person of color, is guilty of unconscious bias (bigotry) in the 21st century and just needs to admit it.

Here is what it looks like.

CNN put Joe Biden on the spot, well not really as they tell the campaign in advance what they are going to ask Joe, asking him to confirm and explain how he benefited from being white.

Keep in mind Joe served as the Vice President to the first black President in American history, Barak Obama, and in the administration with the first black AG, Eric Holder yet still touting “white privilege”. 

“Sure, I’ve benefited just because I don’t have to go through what my Black brothers and sisters have had to go through,” Biden told Anderson Copper.

Once you get away from this hyper victimhood crowd demanding this type of response, you see that many successful black Americans don’t see things the same way, and at times seem offended that their community should be treated as inferior.

Morgan Freeman On Black History Month

Sleepy Joe is following the playbook, to the best of his ability, but with all his efforts and of those on the left, polling is showing that 20-35% of the black voters asked are voting for President Trump on November 3rd.

If true, the election is over, unless the left can manufacture enough extra illegal votes to offset even this huge number.

I can’t wait for election night, as the percentage of black and Hispanic voters for Trump will shock us all.

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