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On Sunday, the Biden team brought the Democratic Presidential nominee out of his basement, hoping for the best.

All was ok until Joe misspoke during his speech, as he has many times during this campaign cycle.

The former VP was delivering a few remarks on COVID-19, in front of a group of reporters in Philadelphia.

The 77-year-old while apparently trying to muster up some enthusiasm, and without using his prepared notes, claimed that “It’s estimated that 200 million people have died, probably by the time I finish this talk.”

Biden Immediately Flees From Podium After Philadelphia Speech, Ignores Reporters Shouting Questions at Him (VIDEO)

With only an estimated 345 million people in the US, Joe missed the mark so badly this time, it’s almost immeasurable. This time it’s like standing in front of the moon but when shooting, hitting the Earth behind you somehow.

The fake news “fact-check” website like Snope and Political try to reduce these alleged Freudian moments, by claiming Joe was not wrong, he just used the wrong information compared to what he meant to say.

The problem is, this is not the first time Biden has been way off on numbers.

On September 9th, during a speech in Warren, Michigan, Joe had trouble reading his notes and way overstated the number of CV-19 deaths in the US military.

“Military COVID infected: 118,984,” Biden said while struggling to read from his list. “Military COVID deaths: 6,114.

According to the Department of Defense, approximately 40,000 military members got infected with Covid-19 and seven died from Covid-19.

And in June, Biden incorrectly said 120 million people in the country had died from the coronavirus. At the time the number was about 120,000.

The Trump campaign had used that slip-up as evidence that the Democratic candidate was “confused” and “not playing with a full deck.”

Another week for the campaigns, but with the expected fireworks over a possible Supreme Court nominee starting the confirmation process to fill the open seat left by the late Ruth Bader Ginsburghearing, maybe Joe can just catch a few extra naps in his easy chair in the basement.

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