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A recent analysis reveals that the influx of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. during Biden’s presidency surpasses the population of 36 states. The numbers are alarming, with several months remaining before Biden’s potential departure from office.

If this trend persists unchecked, it is difficult to fathom the state of the country in another four years. Illegal immigration has now taken precedence over the economy as a key issue for 2024 due to its unsustainable nature.

FOX News has reported that over 7.2 million undocumented individuals entered the United States during the Biden administration, surpassing the populations of 36 states.

According to a Fox News analysis based on data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), nearly 7.3 million migrants have crossed the southwest border illegally since President Biden took office.

CBP has recorded 961,537 border encounters in the current fiscal year so far, indicating a potentially record-breaking trend if illegal immigration continues at this pace.

Last year’s total of 2,475,669 southwest border encounters already exceeded New Mexico’s population alone, highlighting the magnitude of the situation.

The total number of southwest land border encounters since Biden assumed office in 2021 is 7,298,486, CBP data shows.

That is larger than the population of 36 U.S. states, including Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Joe Biden deserves to be impeached over this.

This is causing instability in the country on various fronts such as the economy, culture, and legality.

By permitting this, Biden has endangered the nation.

ICYMI: Twenty-Two State AGs Ask Supreme Court To Decide Trump’s Immunity Question Before Prosecution

Doug Goldsmith

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  • Patriotic Americans are well aware of the harm and danger this treasonous president has done to our great country. Impeachment is not the answer, a treason charge with a lifetime jail sentence is even to good for this criminal clown idiot. FJB.

    • Agree. However, Xiden anounced he will be issuing an executive order regarding the border for political reasons but what does he fear? The vote cheaters have already beenworking on issuing illegal ballots. What a laugh if Xiden steps out soon (probaably not) and someone else steps in. What do they do with all the illegal ballots they have forged? But Xiden has opened the border for three years! Will voters remember thaat or will Soros purchased 22 media organizaions spew more lies and voters forget?

      • It is still too late to help this nation from this Pedophilic traitor’s treasonous acts. The only thing that might work is total mass deportation of all illegals including unccompanied children and all those who can not pass a heavy vetting. The numbers are one consequence of the influx but the bankruptcy of the nation is the real problem

      • Biden is a TRAITOR and NOTHING is being done about it. When is the Congress and Senate going to act, or are they just going to keep their heads up their asses and do nothing?
        The DUMBOCRAPS are in power, so NOTHING will be done. Brain dead Biden will just keep lying, the democraps will just keep cheating and BRAIN DEAD biden will win again.

    • He needs to be Executed along with Obama and Hitlery. Only then will the American People feel that they received a semblance of Justice.

  • Demented Biden and his merry band of morons have ruined America. They should all roast in Hell, but will be pardoned by Democrat judges, write books and hide behind their walls and private security services while the remainder of us struggle to avoid the impact of insane immigration policy.

  • And There Is Going To Be a Safe And Secure/Honest Election In 2024?-Prepare for Another Shit Show Much Worse Then The Last Steal!!

    • Ukraine False Flag first as the needed distraction to make the rubes working for the MIC cheer on for WWIII!

  • It is a sad commentary on the president conditions in United States when a child of the Cold War, like myself, greatly admires the Russian Premier Vladimir Putin and utterly despises that so-called president of the United States, worthless, braindead idiot, Joe Bidumbass.

  • Yet the Biden Administration is reporting that the total number of illegal immigrants in this country is only 11 million—the same number they’ve been reporting since 2001. The real number is 30-40 million.

    They are also reporting robust employment for U.S. citizens, which is another lie. Employment of citizens is BELOW pre-pandemic levels. The increase they show is employment of illegal immigrants, who by law are not allowed to work.

    The way the federal government calculates unemployment is even more perverse. If you are an illegal immigrant and unemployed, you are NOT counted as unemployed. If you are an illegal immigrant who can’t by law be employed, but you are, you are COUNTED as employed.

    Thus illegal immigrants in the US are by definition always 100% employed!

  • Communist pedophile Joe Biden has nearly achieved his goal of Communist voters, next will be only Communist Democrats and Rinos will remain in power.
    I myself carry a firearm everywhere I go in the State of Texas, since we are experiencing Communist Democrats Army who will be Murdering, raping, abducting children for child sex rings, Pedophiles are on the rise and the Border will remain open for another massive influx of illegals, the complete destruction of our economy and the digital dollar will be implemented so they can spy on natural born Americans, George Soros and The Muslim Communist Anti-American Democrat Obama will bring in the UN to disarm America..
    So now is the time to go after Soros and Obama’s Anti-American, Anti-Constitution Judges, AG’s, Prosecuter’s, Governors and Mayor’s..
    Soros and family should be assassinated and arrest and convict all Communist Democrats and Rinos, We The People can nolonger depend on the do nothing Republicans since it seems their in on it as well..
    Republicans constant talk and bullshit is nolonger needed, and it shows they are the biggest wimpy asses ever voted in Office..
    Because of them there might not ever be another Election.
    The Commies in Washington DC are already mass productions of fraudulent voting for the Illegals.

    • By the time November voting comes around there will probably be no voting because the CCP has taken over our country. Since day one of this presidency the Biden administration has been the US branch office of the CCP. Wasn’t that the purpose of all those payments?!!

  • He obama biden both need arrested immediately prosecuted for high Treason if biden want to get any respect he has to round up all these illegals Deported immediately all including children all Deported immediately it won’t help me but maybe others he is a puppet criminal for the real criminals obama soros his vile son and the murder gates

    • I wish the imbeciles in government would shut up and shrink back! Everything they involve themselves in goes to hell in a hand basket quickly! This country is in quite the mess, in case you haven’t noticed! We will NEVER recover from all of the illegal immigrants rushing the border!!

  • And ,of course, like anything that the braindead , senile, worthless, idiot, Joe Biden does, nothing will be done about it. The United States is going down the craphole much faster than anyone thought possible. Wait until these illegals start murdering and raping law biding citizens. They already are taking jobs away from legal immigrants and American minorities under braindead Joe Biden’s mandates.

  • I’m beginning to see why it’s prophesied that the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, currently “lost” in Christianity, will in the Last Days quit the USA and Western Europe and return to their own Promised Land. At that time Israel will be expanded to its full promise of God, all the way to the Euphrates.

  • The triumph of the Progressive coup was an expected, indeed certain victory in 2016; they had only to place the Hillary keystone in their victory arch. Trump, an almost legendary Schwanritter from myth and fable, happened to them. Small wonder they hate him with the flaming passion (and destructive force) of a volcano. I cannot but question the means by which they defeated his 2020 bid, but win they did. And get rid of him they didn’t. They’re still at it, but they’ve made of him the persecuted hero of the people – and kept his name before the public by keeping him in the headlines for seven years and running. The effort they needed to put into managing the border, the economy, energy, transportation, international affairs et al they put wholly into persecuting Trump. The rest of it went to hell – and that’s no way to stay in office. They have made of him, to their envious frustration, a battle tested hero.

  • There are signs at national parks that say do not feed the bears. If you feed them they keep coming back to look for food!! So if we stop the free taxpayer money we give these ILLEGALS they too will stop coming!!!! As a vet if we were in distress like our country is now we would fly the flag upside down to let others now we were in trouble, so as of now my flag will fly upside down!!!! Our whole country is in distress all Americans who feel this way should fly your flag upside down to show these ignorant politicians what we think about giving our money to people here ILLEGALLY!!!!

    • Ron, I commented that same thing 2 years ago and I was attacked for saying Fly Your Flag upside down,, I know the reason for that but idiots don’t know anything about our country being in distress.
      I will continue to fly my Flag upside until the pedophile, China operative Anti-American Illegitimate Joe Biden is placed in cuffs and lead to prison or executed.

    • First and foremost, thank you for your service. I lost the love of my life to the Viet Nam war but he is still in my heart and I miss him everyday. What I don’t understand is the American people that are not understanding what this administration is doing to our once great nation. As a senior citizen, I am barely keeping my head above water yet the illegal immigrants have free everything and our citizens, a lot of them, still back this crazy person in office. I don’t care if you are a democrat, republican or other…people need to stand up for what is right and vote all these idiots who are allowing for the destruction of our once great nation and get these UNAMERICAN politicians out of office. When illegals get more free services than those of us that have worked for years, paid our taxes and now this administration is giving to foreign wars and illegals who have never contributed a dime to this country, they need to be voted out.

  • Don’t worry those “PATRIOTS” will remove them just as soon as they can their “Cold Dead fingers” unwrap from around their guns.

  • STOP THE LIES these people are NOT immigrants they are INVADERS. That is why Pedo Joe and every Democrap in DC are TRAITORS and should be removed from office and HANGED their GUILT is not in question.

  • Nothing less than execution for biden, obama, and all the rest of the leftist scum in government. That includes the pentagon, fbi, cia, dhs, etc.,etc.,etc.

  • Why doesn’t the Supreme Court go after Biden and leave Trump alone. What Biden has done to this country is a disgrace and he belongs in JAIL for this. Why it hasn’t happened yet is way beyond me and uncalled for. This man Biden is a disgrace to the human race and he should be abprehended for the mess he has put our country in. It will never be the same and he needs to get out of the way right NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone needs to act right this minute not later but NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Why is it happening like it is? This is a communist country now. Elections are rigged, cops. fbi, cia, dhs all go after patriot citizens not invaders, schools are propaganda centers, the military is staffed by tranny generals.

  • This is a VIOLATION of the Oath of Office Pedo Joe and others took. This is also an act of TREASON by those same people. When you add this TREASON to Pedo Joe’s being SENILE all people with brains, leaves out Democraps, will agree Pedo Joe is UNFIT for Office and should be in prison awaiting a Noose. All who support his open border allowing the INVASION should also be awaiting a Noose for TREASON.

  • Round them ALL up and ship them to some place like N Korea that needs people. They will make them slaves, not welfare and free housing recipients like biden is.

  • I wish the imbeciles in government would shut up and shrink back! Everything they involve themselves in goes to hell in a hand basket quickly! This country is in quite the mess, in case you haven’t noticed! We will NEVER recover from all of the illegal immigrants rushing the border!!

  • “undocumented individuals” is BS. They are illegal aliens. The law says so but what the heck. This administration and the deep state have broken the Constitution and we are headed into a third world situation with China or Russia controlling us.

  • Triple that number easily. The fact is he is guilty of treason it’s not overblown in any way. He’s violating dozens of federal laws and the United States Constitution. The entire Democratic Party is guilty as well, it’s clear they are using Americans tax dollars for this invasion of Illegals that in no way deserve a single penny, housing, food or medical benefits. They are here ILLEGALLY taking everything they can while the democrats violate election laws, federal laws and our Constitution for Illegal vote’s. They want to turn the country into a one party oligarchy so they can push their sick progressive ideology on the American People. I believe we’re heading towards an armed rebellion against the democrats for the sovereignty of our country I pray it doesn’t happen and President Trump wins so the people can allow the change that must happen, happen.

  • The media keeps emphasizing the 7.2 million illegal immigrants that have come into the country under his administration. What’s happened to the 10 to 12 million illegal immigrants that were already in the country before Trump and Biden. Trump closed down the border stopping the mass illegal immigration. Biden opened it back up. Now, I ask why aren’t we still hearing about the other illegals. I predict, if the Democrats win the presidency, there will be a push to give close to 20 million illegal immigrants “Amnesty” – not just green card for eligibility to work in the US, but full US citizenship. Result: This will reconfigure the voting bases giving the Democrats almost total wins in elections. Who needs to worry about elections anymore? No one. The Democrats will have taken over our republic via elections.

    Unfortunately, President Reagan did not foresee this when agreeing to give amnesty to 2 million illegal immigrants. However, the Democrats understood the impact in the future. It was President Bill Clinton who started changing the immigration rules. One specific was to limit immigrations from Western European countries saying that these countries had been our primary sources. Yes, they also brought with them our value systems. Clinton opened the doors to many countries who political values do not support our republic. And it has continued for 30 years. The Democrats are freaking out because it is taking too long to reach their goals.

    Even during the great immigration era (19th and early 20th century), the top year was 1 million legal immigrants. The US was building a country. During the Great Depression, the top year was about 23,000. US citizens were standing in lines for work. Also, you had to demonstrate you would be a contributor to society. You had to have a job waiting for you, a place to live, health exams, etc. You were not eligible to enter just because you wanted to. Some of these restrictions should be implemented again. And no president should be willing to sign any bill that grants amnesty just because your presence is here.

  • Reagan granted AMNESTY to 3.3 million illegal aliens.
    Bush 1&2 and Clinton did not object and did not deport them. They let in more!
    Obama let in 7-12 million.
    Trump did not deport them. He let in more!
    Biden let in 7-12 million more.
    Congress is complicit.

    American citizens have been betrayed for decades!

  • Joe Biden deserves to be impeached over this???

    True, but Congress Uni-Party traitors do not have the balls!

  • Remember all of the illegal aliens will be voting for joe who opened our borders so that they could just walk right into our country.

  • The so called “leaders” in this country are so stupid they probably get lost in their own mansions, and much of the population is too. This country deserves to be over run. The demonRats are so power hungry they don’t care who they rule over as long as they rule, The republicans are just beta democrats. The solution is so simple the morons in this country can’t see it. Wouldn’t cost ANYTHING, no wall nothing. If we didn’t hand out free housing, medical, schooling, jobs, food there would be no reason for them to come here. Anyone hiring illegals should be in prison, anyone helping the invaders should be in prison. As soon as they step foot on American soil they should be caged and deported or SHOT if they are military age males. Simple

    • I agree with Vinagaroon. I would like to add that Texas is doing everything it can to stop the invasion. However, I think we need some really good snipers on the border.

  • “7.2 Million Illegal Aliens entered the U.S.” That number does not reflect the ‘Gotaways’ that are guesstimated to be over 1.5 MILLION, and our erudite (not) gubment has no idea who/what/where THEY are! Coming to a town, city, state near you, B O O M ! ! BTW, with over *30 MILLION* “undocumented” ‘immigrants’ already in the country, most illegally, the ‘Banana Republic’ of America is all but a feat accompli! As Ripley would say, “BELIEVE IT OR NOT.”

  • Allowing a gargantuan border invasion isn’t the only outrageous act of treason committed by Quid Pro Quo Sell-Out Traitor China Joe, “Big Guy” of the influence-peddling, multi-millionaires for bribe taking Biden Crime Family.
    For just one little ole’ thing, why do you think “Big Guy” allowed that Chinese spy balloon to fly clear across the USA, via satellite transmitting data about our military bases to Peking, before having it shot down mission accomplished over the Atlantic?

  • Quit calling this cheating TURD the president. Trump won we all know it. if he did not win they would not have to have their federal clown judges hide the machines and if he did win the election they would of handed over the voting machines and said eat your heart out. but they acted like a 5-year-old who took the cookie.

  • Jobama has hatched an idea–just prior to the Nov Voting, Americans will be informed that since the U.S. Constitution does not say who can vote, that illegal aliens will be permitted to vote. Another stolen election to keep the FAR LEFT happy and in control. These criminal politicians are stripping us of our wealth with the trillions in spending and the terrible inflation they are causing. Honest elections and term limits. Schumar dancing with Letitia James the Communist D.A. and Schumar net worth –north of 75 million and Pelosi and her net worth North of 150 million. I cannot even visualize the slavery and poverty Jobama will put onto the taxpayers if he gets back into the White House.

  • Where are 8 million illegals going to live there isn’t 8 million living homes available. Biden should of been impeach 3 years ago. Taxpayers aren’t going to pay for Biden’s Treasonous agenda he should be in jail for corruption. The US will never recover from Biden’s mistakes we are going to bankrupt America because of Biden. Wake up America before it’s to late

    • I’ll tell you where they are. In hotels, having amenities they never dreamed of. Living high on the hog on our dime. They removed veterans from a home and filled it with illegals. I would like to implement operation Trebuchet. We load a bunch of them, the worst, on a trebuchet, launch them over the border and ask, who wants to go next? Or you can walk back home.

  • the military should go in and haul him out, and publicly execute him for high treason, and obama as the puppet master. bet this won’t see print.

  • Hey it is just a lot of bus loads of them back to Mexico and they can figure out what to do with them They were supposed to stop them but they sent their criminals to add to the other millions If Trump wins they are going back The ones from other parts of the world we have rubber rafts and fishing pole and a camp stove and a small desalination machine and they are off We really do need to get our country back I don’t care what any of these big mouth liberals They can go along too Take AOC along she with her big mouth she can call cadence for the rowing

  • Why hasn’t Alejandro Mayorkas been impeached yet? Every one in the sorry administration has failed in their duties, irrespective of their job titles. They all deserve a short flight on a long haul. Or to put it another way, they need to take a long walk on a short pier.

  • Biden is a TRAITOR and NOTHING is being done about it. When is the Congress and Senate going to act, or are they just going to keep their heads up their asses and do nothing?

  • Not impeached, but charged and tried for TREASON and then found guilty and sentenced to the sentence for such by the Constitution. The man is a servant of his true father Lucifer and the rabid sow that mated with Lucifer. He even has the look of a serpent

  • Marxist Deomocrats, a complicit RINO led GOP, the Feral Courts and the Deep State betrayed the voters and the US Constitution. The SCOTUS did nothing.

  • We will need the entire population of US Citizens to denounce the whereabouts of these invaders. And then we will need the entire cooperation of every commercial airplane to deport them before they ruin us. Do it, Mr. Trump!

  • I firmly believe Joe Biden is a traitor, and the charge of treason is most appropriate. And, I’m not even a Republican! While illegal immigration is huge towards the charge, it’s not the only one. From cutbacks to oil production, to payoff our enemies in purchasing their oil instead, to piling on a $1.7 ($1.9?) trillion dollar budget of which most was handed off to fraudsters and left-wing non-profits, to the weaponization of the DOJ. It all reeks!
    Sadly, America is in a crisis like never before. Even more unconscionable, Republicans are too dumb to recognize how to fix the problem. Democrats think a decade ahead in terms of planning, while Republicans only think as far as the next election. I think smart, honest, lay people could do a far better job at governing than the majority of lawyer-type politicians we have in Washington D. C. I’m disgusted with ’em all!

  • The Biden Decision not to CLOSE the Southern Border has brought into the Country and another form of Slavery! The democrats where the leaders and responsible in slavery in our past history (the Southern States wanted to keep their plantation slaves) and will be the leaders of new illegal slavery now! Illegal’s will have to work and what kind of jobs will that be, drug dealers; prostitutions at the worst. Jobs that put them into this new form of slavery! What a failure mess on the Biden Administration who could have stopped this with an executive order no Congress permission needed on an invasion of OUR Country! Biden Commander and Chief is more like Commander and Wimp! Vote him the hell out of town and take all his minions with him!! Remind Him this is America by the People and for the People not Biden’s America last!



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