In addition to its primary goal of safeguarding the United States from potential foreign threats, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) appears to have also embraced a commitment to promoting gender ideology.
Cliff Sims, former deputy director of national intelligence during the administration of ex-President Donald Trump, reveals in his latest book “The Darkness Has Not Overcome: Lessons on Faith and Politics from Inside the Halls of Power” that pro-transgender messaging is prevalent within the CIA.
Sims’ book recounts his initial encounter with the CIA upon assuming his new position.

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“I walked through an obscure entrance and scanned my badge while standing inside a plastic tube that felt like something out of an eighties sci-fi flick,” he wrote.

Sims continued:

Now inside the bowels of the CIA’s Original Headquarters Building, I was confronted with a maze of hallways lined with locked doors and plaques with vague descriptions of what might lie behind them. I finally found a bank of elevators and rode up to the main floor where the wide hallways are lined with a mixture of historical paintings and the type of promotional posters found in many corporate settings.

The CIA’s “Diversity and Inclusion” office had many more posters “touting its various programs and initiatives and proclaiming the importance of each officer’s ‘identity’”, he added.

“But as I turned the corner to walk into the CIA’s cafeteria for the first time, it became clear that the agency’s diversity focus had a political angle as well. ‘TRANS LIVES ARE HUMAN LIVES,’ the poster stated.”

“Even in here, I thought to myself, considering how someone had taken time out of their day protecting the security of America from dangerous foreign actors in order to promote the latest iteration of identity politics,” Sims writes.

Sims notes that diversity inside the CIA is obviously important so that agents can blend in on various missions around the world. However, the CIA’s fixation on “diversity” has a “political angle,” he says.

Sims writes:

In spite of the Left’s insistence that Americans need to ‘trust the science’ on any number of issues, ranging from vaccines to climate change, nothing draws their ire more quickly than when someone asserts the basic tenets of human biology, like the fact that having two X chromosomes makes one a female, while having one X and one Y chromosome makes one a male. 

He goes on to warn of “consequences for anyone who dissents from the idea that gender is a matter of personal choice rather than biological fact — no matter how respectfully one disagrees, and regardless of whether it is out of religious conviction.”

“There will be pressure to conform, to list your pronouns (in the case of the U.S. State Department, they just put their employees’ pronouns in all email headers, whether the employees liked it or not), to share bathrooms and locker rooms with individuals of a different sex, to destroy women’s sports,” he writes. “Those who disagree are called ‘bigots’ and are not tolerated; the old adage that ‘the antidote for bad speech is more good speech’ only really works when you have the truth on your side.”

Sims persists, addressing fellow Christians on navigating the culture’s increasing rejection of biological truth.
The Biblical truth that ‘God created us male and female’ (Genesis 1:27) is a great place to start. This beautiful reality is echoed throughout scripture, from the description of creation in Genesis 2 to God’s vision of man and woman coming together as one flesh in marriage (Genesis 2:24, Matthew 19:5, Mark 10:8, Ephesians 5:31)—all of the Bible’s gender discussions take place in a binary framework of man and woman.
When interacting with transgender colleagues or navigating workplace policies related to identity politics, Sims suggests that Christians should demonstrate empathy towards those who are struggling and uncertain.

He quotes Jefferson: “As Thomas Jefferson once wrote, ‘I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”‘

“So if you want to be at the forefront of today’s counter-revolution, be an unabashed rebel against the Left’s tyranny of the mind and assault on human biology: get married, start a family, and refuse to live in fear of the mob,” he adds.

Sims’ book is due out May 7 and is available for pre-order now.

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        • CIA has failed in every step of their mission abroad so now they stick their noses into domestic affairs. That is illegal.

  • The CIA has been a subversive, power-abusing HORROR since BEFORE they murdered President Kennedy. They are anti-American and anti-liberty and need to be disbanded, along with several OTHER “alphabet” agencies that have been WEAPONIZED against the American people!

    • They are NOT supposed to, and never WERE “empowered” to spy on Americans and run their subversive “ops” on American soil. In fact, they are SPECIFICALLY forbidden to do so. And yet, they’ve been doing just that for DECADES, with the help of EQUALLY corrupt and power-mad psychos like OBAMA.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. All the ABC’s of government are nothing but rogue agencies weaponized against us Americans.

  • As soon as the Communist Democrats build up their army of illegals and the Muslims sleeper cells across America, they’ll turn them loose on the American Citizens and the Communist CIA will be at the forefront issuing orders and supplying them with firearms and explosives.
    How in the world could the American Citizens fall for the lies, corruption, exposed Traitorous Enemies to keep electing the same Anti-American, Anti-Constitution tyrannical Communist into office.?
    Are there that many hate filled Communist in America, to want the destruction of the United States.?
    If they don’t think it’s going to happen to them, then they are the dumbest people on Earth.!

    • I’m almost 72, let the muthrfkrs come, it will be fun until I get it, but will be putting gut shots in the filth to make them suffer

  • CIA archive: “4 billion useless eaters shall be eliminated by the year 2050 – Wars, Epidemics, Starvation – Energy, Food, Water reduction by Dr. John Coleman


    lorphicweb. com/cia-archive-4-billion-useless-eaters-shall-be-eliminated-by-the-year-2050-wars-epidemics-starvation-energy-food-water-reduction-by-dr-john-coleman/

  • The rot runs deep in our government! Satan has taken control over the luster of men for power and money! We were made in Gods image, which means our souls can’t die, so after we leave the flesh our souls have to go somewhere and God left that up to us!
    Eternity is a long time to be burning and gashing your teeth for not believing in Jesus!

  • The atf, cia, dea, dhs, doj, epa, fbi, irs, and most of the alphabet soup group agencies need to be disbanded at this point. They are not serving the interests of Citizens of The United States and are committing crimes worse than The Mafia.

  • I’ve been saying that the 3 letter agencies, cia, fbi, dhs, etc., even the pentagon are full of trannies, pedophiles and traitors for a long time and people around me think I’m just an angry old man. The sheep don’t bother with things like that but they get REAL angry when their football team full of fat kneelers looses or if the store runs out of their favorite soda and chips. This country deserves to go down, just too many loser idiots. The people like us, should pick some states and start our own country.

  • My brother was in the ATF at one time. Working undercover, made the biggest drug bust ever, at the time. Even got a citation from Pres. Nixon. He left the ATF, for reasons that have already been stated. Moved out of California and went to AZ. Went to work at the mines as a mucker! As soon as they looked at his record, he was promoted to the job of Safety Inspector. He was a young man…now we both are in our 80s. So you can see how many decades the ATF were not what we were lead to believe they were.

  • Those who choose to, can live their delusional lives, but what is irrational is that they think I should also accept their delusion as normal, Even the American Psychiatric Association recognizes sexual dysphoria as a mental illness.

    • In FACT, in order to begin any kind of sex change to even be considered the person has to be diagnosed with sexual dysphoria. At that point Psychiatry does NOT know what to do at all. Mainly because those involved believe it violates some kind of right to try bring them into biological conformance through conventional means.
      Therefore they resort to hormones and slicing and dicing. Something that in the end has a MUCH higher self harm, drug use, and suicide rate than other treatments. Notice that the EU just decided that ANY attempt to begin a sex change on any minor is unwarranted and not to be done. The EU was the LEADER in sex change operations beginning with youth.

    • @StanB: It’s not mental illness. The God-haters, Christ-haters have been given over to a reprobate mind.

      Romans 1:28
      And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

      Read Romans 1: 22-32 It describes many of today’s people to a T.

  • Deep state is a cancer throughout our government. We need 12 years od conservative leadership to kill the cancer.

  • When a department of the government picks a side and stays on it they are not doing their job or paying attention to their oath of office!!!!!

  • With generation X, Y and Z, we, the American people, took our eye off education. The Nazi’s started indoctrinating kids as young as kindergarden and it worked as it worked here. Public schools don’t want to hear about American Revolution and the Civil War because it might make the students think about their heritage. Academies, private and religious based schools do educate their student in history, both world and our own history. There is a glimmer of hope but only a hint until they get into higher education which is for the most part askes how do you feel verses teaching history, advanced science and mathematics, engineering and other similar courses.

  • “When interacting with transgender colleagues ……..Sims suggests that Christians should demonstrate empathy towards those who are struggling and uncertain…..”

    Empathy??? No. No empathy or sympathy. They made their bed. Let them lie in it.
    Did the trannies empathize with the women and girls who were frightened or annoyed when their locker rooms, restrooms were invaded???? Did they empathize with the female athletes whose trophies and scholarships they stole???

    You give the trannies an inch and they take a mile.



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