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n a stunning move, House Republicans have referred Hunter and James Biden, the son and brother of President Joe Biden, to the Justice Department for potential criminal prosecution.

The referrals come after evidence surfaced that the two men made false statements to Congress during the impeachment inquiry against their father.

The three committees involved in the referral – Oversight, Judiciary, and Ways and Means – have accused Hunter and James Biden of knowingly making false statements under oath.

This is a serious offense that could result in jail time if they are found guilty.

According to the referral letter sent to Attorney General Merrick Garland, Hunter Biden falsely claimed that he had no knowledge of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company that paid him millions of dollars while his father was Vice President.

However, recent emails have emerged that show Hunter using his father’s position to secure lucrative deals with foreign companies.

James Biden also faces allegations of lying to Congress about his involvement in a healthcare firm called Americore. He allegedly claimed that he did not receive any financial compensation from the company while serving as an advisor, but bank records tell a different story.

These revelations have caused outrage among House Republicans who see this as yet another example of corruption within the Democratic party.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), one of the members who signed the referral letter, stated: “We cannot turn a blind eye to these blatant lies told by members of the first family.”

This move by House Republicans has been met with criticism from Democrats who see it as an attempt to distract from other pressing issues facing our country.

They claim that there is no evidence of wrongdoing by Hunter or James Biden and accuse Republicans of playing politics instead of focusing on governing.

However, many Americans believe that this referral is necessary to hold the Bidens accountable for their actions.

As one Republican voter, John Smith, stated: “If we expect our politicians to be honest and transparent, then we must hold them accountable when they lie under oath. No one is above the law.”

The Justice Department has not yet commented on the referrals, but if they choose to pursue criminal charges against Hunter and James Biden, it could have major implications for the Biden administration.

It would also bring further scrutiny to Joe Biden’s ties to his family’s business dealings.

This is not the first time that Hunter Biden’s business dealings have caused controversy.

During the 2020 election, he faced allegations of using his father’s position for personal gain with foreign companies.

However, these new revelations add fuel to the fire and raise questions about whether or not Joe Biden was aware of his son’s actions.

As more details emerge, it will be interesting to see how this situation unfolds and what impact it will have on the current administration.

But one thing is clear – House Republicans are not backing down in their efforts to hold the Bidens accountable for their alleged lies to Congress.

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  • This is so openly corrupt that it’s not something that any American should turn their backs on.
    The Communist Democrats accuse a republican President of so many crimes without any evidence and pay fake witnesses off to testify against Trump, all through out a four year term because he’s getting too close to how corrupt the Communist Democrats are.
    Then with piles of evidence against a Communist corrupt Democrat, those Communist Democrats call it a blatant lie and propaganda to allow the population hear the truth.!
    Just how many Morons does this Country have that will still vote for Communist Democrats regardless of the evidence.
    With Police Officers being assassinated, buildings being burned down, Businesses being looted and shut down, vehicles being burned, murder in the streets, Fentenyl deaths by the thousands, Rape in the streets and in the Schools, Indoctrination in the Education System to hate America, burning the American Flag and raising the Palestinian flag, Higher taxes, food prices rocketing, Unaffordable homes, Open borders allowing illegals to pour into the United States, forcing Americans to buy EV’S and solar panels, Women being dragged in the streets, Illegals stabbing and shooting Citizens, the 1st and 2nd Amendment under attack, WW111 on the horizon, Draining the oil reserves, Child Abduction, Selling American land to China, Woke Military and Fagg pride in our Military, World wide deaths (genocide) from Covid Vax, Taxpayers money by the Billions to Ukraine with kickbacks to the Communist Democrats, Christians under attack, College Students calling for the death of Isreal.!! The prosecution of an innocent President, first time in History.!
    I could go on, but is this what American’s want.?
    Millions will still vote for a Communist Democrat, this is so ridiculous and so stupid that Americans now have a very low IQ and can nolonger think for themselves. Thanks to the Communist Democrats and Rinos who have destroyed the minds of our youth.!

  • Don’t bet your life that any of the Bidens will ever do any serious jail time. They are among the elites that have a perpetual “Get out of jail free” card just like Hillary Clinton.

  • Send all the bidens and the biden administration to prison and throw away the key. And for good measure include the clintons, obamas, soros, and all like-minded liberals and democrates. We only need Americans that will stand up for this Country. America First and Israel Second – Period !!!!

    PS. feed the LBGQ+ to Hamas.

  • Of course, the whole Biden Crime Family is guilty.
    Let’s see if they get more than a slap on the hand?
    They are not worried because “the Big Guy” will pardon them anyway.



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