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Hidden deep within the new omnibus bill is a secret provision to allow the federal government to electronically track all cattle in the United States.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) warned about the hidden provision on X, stating that lobbyists will receive $15 million in taxpayer funds to unleash the electronic tracking grid on the nation’s meat-producing cows and bison.

As stated directly from the omnibus, the agreement “directs the Department to continue to provide the tags and related infrastructure needed to comply with the Federal Animal Disease Traceability rule (9 CFR 86), including no less than $15,000,000 for electronic identification (EID) tags and related infrastructure needed for stakeholders to comply with the proposed rule, ‘Use of Electronic Identification Eartags as Official Identification in Cattle and Bison’ (88 FR 3320), should that rule be finalized.”

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None of this, warned Rep. Massie is legal. And yet, the near-total apathy of the American people these days means these kinds of things are easily passable without so much as a peep from the wider constituency.

“No law authorizes this!” Rep. Massie wrote on X.

“It will be used by the GREEN agenda to limit beef production, and by the corporate meat oligopoly to DOMINATE small ranchers.”

Attorney Tom Renz warns electronic tracking of cattle will unleash universal GMO “vaccines” on food supply

What Rep. Massie means by the “green” agenda is that this little ear tag scheme is merely a front to further dig into the American meat supply in order to crush it, paving the way for synthetic “meat,” bugs, and other “climate-friendly” replacements to flood the market instead.

One of just a few in Congress, or anywhere, calling out the scheme, Rep. Massie deserves credit for keeping the American public abreast of these latest developments, even if most people seemingly do not care what happens to their food supply.

“It’s important to make sure similar nonsense isn’t occurring at state and local levels,” warned an X account called “Justin George” (@jdgeorge94) about the plot.

Even more ominous was a warning that attorney Thomas Renz put in response to Rep. Massie’s tweet about the implications of the electronic ear tag scheme on food safety.

“It will also be used to ensure the introduction of genetics modifying vaccines on a universal basis into the food supply,” Renz wrote about the scheme. “This is not just about limiting beef output … it’s about ensuring the beef available has mRNA vaccines in it.”

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Renz responded to Rep. Massie further by offering to speak with him directly about the details of all this, emphasizing surety in his understanding of the long-term plan.

“We need to pass an omnibus that outlaws omnibuses,” joked another about how ridiculous this all is.

“This is exactly why we need single-item spending bills,” wrote another, further joking with a play on words blending the word communism with omnibus. “No more (c)omnibus.”

All this constant fighting over the climate, the food supply, and other pertinent issues is exhausting, wrote another, which is why increasingly more people seem to support the idea of splitting up the country into two separate entities.

“No wonder why people are asking for a national divorce to split this country up,” one wrote. “Give them their green new deal, illegals, crime and drag shows and let the people on planet sane have the rest of the country!”

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • I am incensed by the implication of near-total apathy of the people. The people are not the ones causing all the discord, rather it’s what’s going on in DC that our elected officials who are misrepresenting us are doing. All this garbage gets inserted in. We the people have zero input or control. Shame on our politicians. Most of them, anyway.

    • Your right on Anne, it is what happens to a nation who has rejected God, its not new Israel did it at one time several hundred years ago, but has repented, and have learned the hard way, Now it Americas turn, but unless America repents and turns back to God, it will not survive ! But it don’t really look promising for America right now !

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    • You’re “incensed” by the implication of apathy of the people? Wow what a strongly worded response. Who voted for all those shit eaters in government? What are YOU doing besides commenting, carrying signs maybe? Yea, I’m not doing any more than you but I realize that we should never have allowed the scum in government. The only thing to fix it would be a Civil War and that won’t happen. Two or less generations from now and this will not be the United States of America.

  • Come on you Communist Bastards and try that here in Texas, you’ll find out how we will respond with over 3 million armed Texans, firing at your Communist asses.
    We won’t tolerate your interfering with our BBQ, T-bone steaks or Ribeyes.
    You’ll receive more bullets than your aware of PERIOD.!!
    Don’t Mess With Texas.!!

    • I like your response but there is a problem. you have Austin and Houston and millions of invaders to offset all the patriots



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