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Shock waves hit as rising conservative star Jack ‘Poso’ Posobiec informed his following that his parents were swatted.

“My parents were just Swatted, Everyone is fine. Law enforcement are fully involved and tracking down the perpetrator,” Posobiec said.

Mediaite published a hit piece on Posobiec and Tim Pool 2 days before the swatting incident occurred, leading some to believe the article was the reason for the fake call.

Likewise, Tim Pool has experienced multiple swatting incidents over the years, with one occurring during his livestream just last year.

Tim Pool informed his audience that a false police report had been made claiming an active shooter was present at his studio.

Subsequently, two police officers unexpectedly entered the studio and notified him that they had received a call indicating two people had been fatally shot.

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    • If the swatter is caught some mush headed judge will just turn him/her lose with no bail and when found guilty will issue and order for 25 hrs of community service.

  • We have to check it out and do a “sweep”…
    …so have a leftists swat you and the police get a search without a warrant

    …the Ruling Intelligence State is now swatting targeted Americans



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