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The national political conventions are coming soon, and of course, there is lots of speculation surrounding how and/or where they will be held.

The Republican convention was originally scheduled to be held in an indoor venue in Jacksonville, Florida, but was canceled due to concerns over inadequate security being available.

The Democrat (I refuse to use the label “Democratic”… that’s a twist that lends a whole different meaning to the word) National Convention is supposed to take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in mid-August, but that has taken a drastic turn downward in attendance as well, citing security issues in the face of protests that are anticipated.

A recent decision by the Milwaukee Fire And Police Commission to order Milwaukee’s police chief to NOT use tear gas and pepper spray for crowd control has police agencies that were scheduled for augmenting the security forces dropping out to the point that the convention is being diminished to a mere 300 Democrats (possibly) coming to Milwaukee in person, including the presumed Democrat nominee, Joe Biden. There is speculation that the convention may go entirely online if security is not adequate.

From Blue Lives Matter:

Milwaukee, WI – More than 100 Wisconsin police departments have pulled out of agreements to help provide security for the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee in August.

The mass withdrawal occurred after the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission ordered Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales to discontinue the use of tear gas and pepper spray for crowd control, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Convention host cities typically recruit assistance for the massive event from other law enforcement agencies in their state, and the upcoming convention in Milwaukee was no different.

But in light of the prohibition on traditional less-lethal crowd control measures, numerous police departments no longer wanted anything to do with the event scheduled for the week of Aug. 17, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

Chief Morales said on Tuesday that more than 100 law enforcement agencies had backed out of agreements to assist with Democratic National Convention security since the Fire and Police Commissioner’s edict.

Milwaukee officials had listed only 60 partner agencies in a letter sent to the U.S. Department of Justice two weeks ago, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

Can you blame them for backing out? The recent insanity of demanding that the police be defunded, the riots being endorsed by the mayors, the looting and burning…is it so many officers eligible for retirement are submitting their papers? It’s so disgusting that the police have been de-humanized to such a degree that they are forced to do whatever it takes to get out of the line of fire. How long is it going to be for enough people to WAKE UP and demand that the anarchy and madness STOP? We NEED our police, for more reasons than there is room here to mentio

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