New York City’s Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan sent a letter to physicians and health-care administrators citywide informing them of the influx of migrants from the southern border—more than 50,000 to New York City alone in the past year—and its potential implications for contagious diseases such as tuberculosis and polio arriving with them into our neighborhoods.

This same threat is also present in other migrant destinations including California, Texas, and Florida.

In his letter, Commissioner Vasan stated that many of those who recently arrived have lived in or traveled through countries with high rates of tuberculosis (TB).

TB is a bacterial infection treatable through antibiotics but generally requires six to nine months of medication for full recovery.  It spreads through the air like influenza or a cold, which means that extended contact such as sitting next to someone with TB on the subway or at school can lead to transmission.

The rate of TB cases in New York City at 6.1 cases per 100,000 is more than double the national rate and close to nine out of 10 (88%) are people born outside the United States.

Every neighborhood in the city has reported at least one case, prompting Commissioner Vasan to call on New York to take comprehensive action by providing migrants with necessary healthcare, food and legal services. Unfortunately, no mention was made of protecting the people who already live here.

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The lack of open borders has contributed to the spread of disease. Immigrants and refugees entering the United States legally must undergo health screenings, including vaccinations and TB tests, to ensure they are not bringing any illnesses into the country. However, those crossing the Rio Grande are not subject to these safety protocols.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that foreign-born individuals account for 6,009 out of 8,300 cases of tuberculosis nationwide in 2022. Furthermore, Florida has seen a 21% increase in TB since 2020, while Texas border counties have a rate three times higher than the national average.

The consequences of open borders can be severe. Immigrants who are lawfully applying for visas must pass health screenings and demonstrate that they have been vaccinated; additionally, refugees are screened for tuberculosis prior to entering the US. However, those crossing the Rio Grande illegally are not subject to such regulations.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), of 8,300 people diagnosed with TB in 2022 at least 6,009 were foreign-born.

In Florida alone, there has been a 21% increase in TB cases since 2020, while Texas border counties have a rate three times greater than the national average. While treatable, tuberculosis is still highly contagious and presents serious health risks. Furthermore, polio is another threat which could potentially lead to lifelong paralysis if not addressed promptly.

In previous decades polio was a major issue across America with thousands of individuals paralyzed as a result; however this nightmare ended due to the introduction of vaccines. It remains unclear what impact open borders will have on reintroducing polio into the country and further research is needed in order to determine its potential danger.

The last confirmed case of polio in New York occurred in 1990, until a Rockland County man who had not received the vaccine became paralyzed by the disease last summer. It is believed that the infection was contracted from abroad.

The United States utilizes only injectable polio vaccines containing dead virus that are unable to spread the disease. However, many other countries deploy a less-safe oral vaccine carrying live virus, which may be shed in the vaccinated person’s feces and spread through sewage or on unwashed hands.

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This issue has been observed in 25 countries, with New York sewage containing strains of polio caused by oral vaccines and the Rockland man’s polio also matching these same strains. He had not left America before experiencing symptoms, but he was exposed at a gathering several days prior, likely through contact with contaminated water or shaking hands.

According to Dr. Patricia Schnabel Ruppert, Rockland County health commissioner, “When we see one case of paralytic polio it is possible there are hundreds more in the community that have gone undiagnosed due to 75% of cases being asymptomatic”.

Mary Bassett, former Health Commissioner echoes this sentiment by noting that “the danger of polio is present in New York today”.

You can thank the Biden administration’s open-border policies.

Doug Goldsmith

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  • The Anti-American Communists that call themselves Democrats are destroying The United States with their actions and policies, shown daily.
    Traitor Joe is aiding and abetting drug smuggling and human trafficking via the illegal invasion of our Southern border that he opened.
    ALL of the crime, disease , rape, robbery, and violence committed by the illegal invaders is Traitor Joe’s fault. The next terrorist attack will be on Joe and he will have blood on his hands.

    • No, it’s Leftists, definitely, but it’s been going on since the late ’60s, before Biden was evening Congress!

    • Yea some of it most of it is Joe Biden’s fault but the rest of the fault is the American people’s fault THEY VOTEED IN THE DEMOCRATS AND PRESIDENT TRUMP WARNED AMERICANS MONTH BEFORE THE ELECTIONS AND ON JANUARY 6TH WHEN HE GAVE ONE OF TWO SPEACHES THAT THE FILTHY NEWS ALTERED TO THEIR NARRATIVE, TRUMP SAID ” WE FIGHT LIKE HELL AND IF YOU DON’T FIGHT LIKE HELL YOU’RE NOT GOING TO TO HAVE A COUNTRY ANY MORE ” WAS HIS WARNING IF THE DEMOCRATS TOOK OVER, and the news media didn’t like what he said and made it look like the Trump movement was going to fight which they didn’t but Antifa and gangs did at the capitol Trump warned us and look at our country now HE WAS RIGHT AGAIN.

      • Carl,

        Crooked Joe was not elected. He was installed. No one will ever convince me that 81 million Americans voted for this POS

  • New York is a Sanctuary City and a Democrat Garbage Dump. They “invited” these Vermin into Our Country and are Reaping What They Sowed! How many Terrorist are here? There is No Such Thing as a Good Democrat! May they Rot in Hell.

      • A lot of bad shit can happen before the next election. I hope it won’t be impossible to get them out. Illegals that refuse to leave the country should meet the representatives of the Smith & Wesson.

  • and how many other deadly bugs are they bringing in? seems to me that if you wanted to beat a country, is to infect as many as you could, and send them somewhere to kill the population with a deadly disease. that way, when all the people are dead, you just remove the bodies and you have a city without damage to occupy. isn’t that what agenda 21 said back in the 90’s?

  • Dump these illegal criminals into sanctuary cities. They welcome them, consequently they can suffer/pay the consequences.

  • This is not actually anything new. None of these people are screened or medically examined. We have no way of knowing what diseases we and our children are being exposed to,

  • This has been an on-going issue for the past 4-5 DECADES, it didn’t just crop up. Many are diseases we hadn’t seen in the US in over a century, others diseases we’d never before had here before.

  • It is ALL in the PLAN to Depopulate the Population ! I have never Heard of anyone getting Polio since the 60,s and two years ago a case in California and I do not know how many since then ! Monkey Pox and other diaseses too and they check nobody at the Body but give them Cell Phones and other things and bus rides with Our TAX Money No more Vote ALL DEMOCRATS OUT SOLVE PROBLEMS PERIOD

    • One day, these Illegal INVADERS will take over the U.S.A. Then, ‘We The People’ will have to Eliminate All of the Diseased Dirty Bastards, to Take the Country back!

  • Back in the early 20th century, it was actually hard to be accepted into America and become an American citizen. Ellis Island in NYC harbor was the main entry point for immigrants coming from Europe, the Middle East and African colonies. Other ports of entry were also staffed with government officials who conducted medical screenings and other vetting processes. Many immigrants were denied entry into the U.S., mainly because of chronic medical conditions and shipped back to their country of origin. Now, we don’t even try to protect our borders nor account for who is coming in. That is dangerous for everyone. Disease carriers, terrorists, common criminals, etc. can now freely enter the U.S. and move around the entire nation without any way to track them. Politicians are endangering America with their lax border policies.

  • This administration needs another epidemic or pandemic & lock down!!! “Marshall Law”…… Got to stop the investigations into the Biden corruption!!!!! When/If these politicians start losing family members & friends due to these ILLEGALS bringing in their diseases, maybe something will happen!!!!

  • “The lack of open borders…” Shouldn’t that be simply ‘Open borders have contributed…’ It’s certainly not the lack of open borders since both our north and south borders are wide open.

    5th paragraph:
    The lack of open borders has contributed to the spread of disease. Immigrants and refugees entering ,,,,,

  • In Southern California – San Diego and Los Angeles counties in particular – this dynamic is not new.
    Between 2009/2019 doctors, Urgent Care facilities, and ER’s, were inundated in Southern California, parts of Arizona, Texas, and elsewhere in the Southwestern US by 1000’s of new cases of TB, Encephalitis, Measles, Pertussis, and even Small Pox directly attributable to illegal immigration.
    Reports on the increasing number of these diseases and others – completely eradicated in this country decades ago – many of which carry a MUCH higher mortality rate than Covid, were buried or ignored by the MSM and government officials, officials insatiable for the Hispanic vote, illegal or otherwise.
    Not ONE of these circumstances compelled law abiding tax-paying citizens – by law, rule, mandate or any other heavy-handed means – to alter their habits, behavior, business activities or lifestyle(s) much less be “required” to obtain any type of inoculation to protect themselves from such disease(s) so that they might accompany friends and or family to a tavern, restaurant, or movie theater.

    The entire Covid Mandate hysteria was one giant lab experiment, run by government to gauge the reaction(s) of people.
    The REAL thing is coming, probably in the shape of “due to climate change”.

  • “no mention was made of protecting the people who already live here” and no mention how New Yuck is going to pay for it. Can anyone say, “raise your already-astronomical taxes”?

  • I remember , as a child how proud my Mom was that the USA had defeated all of these deadly diseases. These vaccinations were made available to countries all over the world . Monies were give to the tune of billions to these countries by the USA.
    Now we understand how the leaders of these countries shirked their peoples by using this money for other than public health.

  • How can we thank the Biden administration’s open-border policies when the article stated in paragraph seven, “The lack of open borders has contributed to the spread of disease.”?

    I know, there needs to be better proofreading. I’m just being a curmudgeon. ????????

  • You can add Leprosy to the list. Sadly, it’s rampant now in parts of Florida, all thanks to Biden, and his merry band of illegals.



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