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This week, Melania Trump made a rare public appearance to attend the tribute service for Rosalynn Carter in Georgia.

Joining her were current First Lady Jill Biden and former First Ladies Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, and Hillary Clinton to honor the late first lady.

Former President Jimmy Carter, President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff and former President Bill Clinton are expected to be in attendance as well. Former President Barack Obama will not be present.

On Sunday, Mrs. Carter passed away at her home in Plains, Georgia, two days after being placed in hospice care. Her husband of 97 years and former President Jimmy Carter was present at the time.

As reported by The Washington Post, Mr. Carter was by her side as she passed away.

The decision for Michelle Obama to take a plane alone to campaign for Joe Biden is seen as a powerful statement about her involvement in his presidential run.

Though she has denied any plans to run for president herself, Democrats are concerned about Joe Biden’s prospects going into 2024 elections.

It is evident that President Joe Biden’s policies have not been successful, and his health has become a growing concern.

According to a Yahoo News and YouGov poll, 54% of people said they felt Biden does not have the necessary capability to be president for the next four years.

These sentiments were also reflected in New York Times/Siena College polls that showed Trump leading in four of six swing states. In addition, Biden’s lead over Trump in head-to-head matchups has decreased significantly since early November.

In the most recent polls conducted this month by thirteen different pollsters, Biden’s standing has been lower than in their earlier surveys with only two exceptions.

Furthermore, Trump is beginning to gain traction, as indicated by polls showing a majority of shifted votes coming from those who have previously supported Biden yet remain undecided.

The average national poll reveals that Trump has had his largest vote share in the past year.

Moreover, data at the state level shows encouraging news for Trump; apart from the New York Times and Siena polls, additional surveys indicate that he is leading by 8 points in Arizona and 5 points in Michigan.

Recent polls have indicated a tight race between Biden and his dependable Democratic constituencies. In surveys conducted this month by Quinnipiac University, Fox News, and Morning Consult, Biden’s leads among voters aged 18 to 34 ranged from +2% to +9%.

However, the NBC News poll released this week reported that Trump had defeated Biden 46 percent to 42 percent among voters under the age of 35 (though it should be noted that this result was within the wide margin of error for such a small subgroup).

Though Biden has never performed particularly well in polls with younger voters – he is the oldest president in history – phone surveys can be challenging when attempting to reach them. Of the four voter surveys mentioned above, only Morning Consult was not conducted via telephone.

A number of other factors could also influence the election results: independent and third-party candidates who could draw votes away from both Biden and Trump; war in the Middle East; and Biden’s recent decline in popularity approximately 11 months before Election Day.

It remains to be seen how these issues will affect November’s outcome.

FiveThirtyEight’s average for this month showed that Biden’s approval rating had dropped to 38%, the lowest since July 2022. Similarly, RealClearPolitics found that his reading of 40% this month was the lowest since August 2022.

On the other hand, Trump’s popularity appears to be on the rise.

In RealClearPolitics’ head-to-head comparisons between the two candidates over the past year, he has been between 42 and 46 percent. This month, Trump surpassed 46 percent for the first time and even matched his vote share from 2020 elections with 47%.

A Fox News poll revealed that he currently leads Biden by a slim margin of 50% to 46%.

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    • b/c we are slaves & cowards, controlled by sissies and we continue to pay taxes to be abused…. tell me again, WHY did we separate (1776) from the abuses of England? Why the South seceded (1861)from the abuses from the Den of Corruption? where are the real men today?

  • Big Mike cannot be trusted. If she thinks for one second that she could win a race for POTUS, so she can continue to not like America, he/she/it will definitely do so.

  • surely, the Clinton death wish list is the biggest, until Obiden and WWIII gets started. barry boy & big Mike’s list is just getting started, as far as I know… I’m sure they are not finished yet…

  • This “train” has been traveling (ever so slowly) down the tracks (three years???)and has finally reached its “true destination. (The WH)” See, there isn’t any other way for Michelle Obama to appear “at, or near, the nexus of World Power” without first going to a funeral then immediately board Air force One with sitting President Biden and his “inside counselors” to Brief-The-Next-President-Of-The -USA. “Kenyan” interloper, was conspicuously absent because it’s Michael’s (er, Michelle’s) stage performance now on cue, that counts. And Michelle is going to “stump” for Biden with “Kenyan’s” carefully prepared “script.” A “Dog-and-Pony Show” will unfold for the delight of all paparazzi’s and gawking “Blue” onlookers. “There She Is…Mrs. America” will play loud and thunderous to the Joy and Spine Shivers of all Womanhood-dom. Amen. Read A Bible. KJV. Psalm 128. 10 Commandments everywhere. God Bless.

  • We all know the IT, Thing, Creature that calls itself a Woman with a bulge pushing outward will get plenty of votes because it’s Black and the voters just don’t want to break away from the Communist Democrats plantation. Even though they recieve broken promises without anything to help their community.
    But hay, just keep voting for Communist Democrats, you just might get more depressing hopes.
    Just remember, Obama is a Communist Democrat Muslim who did absolutely nothing for the black community but, he got eight years because he’s black born to a Communist white mother or were you Communist voters that stupid to do a little research.

  • The only way for the devildemocommiecrats to win next year, no matter who they run, is to cheat like they did in 2020!!!!! There is NO ONE in the devildemocommiecrat party who can win a legitimate, fair election!!!!! I expect China to nattack Taiwan before summer, dementia to declare martial mlaw due to a “national emergency” and cancel the election so he can remain in power, at which point I see the great possibility of a revolt by We the People to depose his illegal regime!!!!! I hope I am wrong about the election prospects but don’t put anything beyond devildemocommiecrat TREASON!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michelle has frequently demonstrated her disrespect and contempt for our flag, our military and the the American people in general. Why would anyone even consider her possibility accept to provide another term for Barrack?



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