Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey is proposing a controversial solution to the growing homeless population in her state.

She is asking citizens of Massachusetts to consider housing illegal aliens in their guest rooms, which she has dubbed the “host family strategy”. WBUR reports that the Family Welcome Center in Allston is tasked with pairing hosts with families in need.

The tactic has been previously used by Resettlement Agencies and other volunteers who work to support new arrivals, according to Gov. Healey’s press secretary Karissa Hand.

How many migrants have already been placed in people’s homes remains unclear as does the vetting process for both hosts and those being asked to house illegal aliens.

Kelly Turley, associate director of the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless said this could be implemented quickly if host families and hosts come forward, making it an attractive option due to its immediacy and unmet needs.

“The addition of this layer — of adding in host homes — really seems to be because of the urgency and current unmet needs,” said Turley, according to the WBUR report. “This is something that they could get online very quickly if host families and hosts come forward.”

“We know that longer-term shelter and permanent housing would better meet the stability, safety, and service needs of newly arrived immigrants,” Turley said.

Despite this urgency however, Turley also stated that longer-term shelter and permanent housing would better meet the stability, safety, and service needs of newly arrived immigrants because it allows them more time to get settled into their new homes.

Unfortunately, former Governor Charlie Baker believes DC’s “inability” to stop the influx of migrants into the US will cost his state $139 million — a price tag he believes is too high for his constituents to shoulder alone.

“Massachusetts’ emergency shelter system provides support for thousands of families each year, but a recent uptick in new migrant arrivals, coupled with a strained housing market have led to a need for greater capacity across the system,” said Governor Baker in a statement at the time.

This proposal from Governor Healey certainly puts conservatives on edge about immigration policies as it calls into question not only how much taxpayers are expected to pay for services they did not ask for but also how secure citizens may be when living near individuals whose backgrounds are not known or vetted effectively enough before being brought into people’s homes or communities– creating a potential national security issue if left unchecked by federal authorities.

It appears that Governor Healey is attempting to solve an immediate problem while shifting responsibility away from herself onto everyday citizens – something many conservative economists might take issue with given its potential economic impacts on residents of Massachusetts who must now foot yet another bill from Washington DC that was largely caused by their own inaction.

Doug Goldsmith

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  • Absolutely NOT. While I *might* be willing to help a fellow citizen in need, my door is closed and locked to those in the country illegally – with some serious firepower behind that door to back it up.

    Pretty sure this scheme would be unconstitutional under the 5th Amendment, as well as a severe violation of private property rights. Govt paying homeowners to do it? That would be the taxpayers footing the bill.

    The Left just can’t see and use the ONLY legitimate solution: removal of all illegals. Mandate e-Verify with crippling fines for ALL employment. NO services for illegals. NO driver’s licenses for illegals. Oh, and NO PATH TO CITIZENSHIP FOR ANY ONE THAT HAS EVER BEEN HERE ILLEGALLY.

    • Correct!
      They are illegal alien INVADERS! Not even a smidgen of proper vetting and many bring incurable diseases here like TB, not to mention extremely criminal pasts or fanatical radicalized history; we have to be NUTS to even be talking a possibility of this madness!~

      I bet dollars to donuts that if any of us tried this in any of the nations these Illegals are from, we wouldn’t get any welcome mat but rather something very hostile instead!

      America is going down hard and fast now! Just look at what the WEF Globalists have already done to France, Germany, England and other former “good standards nations” where they did this same so called migrant warfare! This has been and is the strategy to gain global control.
      Destabilize, divide and conquer; just the thing Soros has been so adept at over the many decades after being a partner with the Nazis in Germany; to destroy businesses or municipal communities, and to then takeover!

      • You are absolutely right .The leftist clowns who run this state (Ca lite) not only expects us to pay for their ridiculous schemes for illegals now they want us to house the criminals . They like the moron mayor of NY who quickly backed off from his willingness to house illegals now has resorted to shipping them out .All mouth until it affects them!

    • Couldn’t have said it better if I’d tried. these are CRIMINALS who have no respect for our laws or citizens, and Yhwh God alone knows what diseases they may be bringing in as well. The 3rd A was written because the Brits tried housing their troops in the Colonials’ homes in the yrs leading up to our Evolution… This is in the same vein: expectation of longer term housing, food, etc, without remuneration.

    • That would deter all aliens from sneaking across our borders and of course the sleazy demoncrats couldn’t have that.

    • There are more NUTS in Massachusetts than you can shake a stick at!!! Look at that Senator Warren and the fact that Witches or Satan’s Temple maniacs have major operations there! All of this is evil!

      Let’s not forget that Evil SOB RINO Mitt Romney was once governor there too (2003 to 2007)!

  • They are NOT “newly arrived immigrants”, they are LAW BREAKERS, otherwise known as, illegal aliens. And you, governor, are breaking immigration laws too, along with every other Democrat law maker, governor, mayor and the so called “president” of the United States.

  • Let the governor lead by example. How many can be housed in the Governor’s residence?! (not the one paid for by the taxpayers, but her own private house). If it’s 5, I’m sure we could squeeze 20 in there.

    • One of my first thoughts, also. How many will the government officials be housing…opps…I mean “hosting”?

  • This is ludicrous, the opening of Pandora’s box! The next thing will be that you will have to share your home despite your ownership….you will have no say in the matter!! If you doubt…it has happened in other countries…socialism is taking over our nation slowly but surely!!

    • it happened in this country. King George made Americans’, then his subjects, house his british soldiers. now it happens again.

    • Absolutely, socialism to totalitarianism in “one fell swoop!”
      Wake up everyone your government and elitist ruling class doesn’t care one iota about any of us! Only about more for them and power to Control!

      • This is Replacement Migration in Your Face!

        Out with the old “Tried and Tested AMERICANS,” and in with the “Controlled minions!”

  • I think that the 4th Amendment was written in part to prevent the government from forcing citizens to board soldiers and others without permission. Besides, they tried that on Martha’s Vineyard and it didn’t go over very well did it?

  • Healey should open her home to illegals, who by definition are criminals. She is assisting our nation to be destroyed by allowing illegals to remain in her state. Enter legally, any other way is destructive to our citizens.

  • I have never heard of anything so stupid in my life. These people are law breakers. We don’t know how bad but we do know they broke the law when they came here. Why would she think anyone would want to knowing bring a law breaker into their home. Even everyday liberals wouldn’t be that dang stupid. Bring someone into their home, they do not know one earthly thing about, around childrens, wives and so forth. Just when I think these liberal politicians can’t get any more moronic, they show me they can.

      • She can start by cleaning up Massachusetts Avenue in Boston. I just returned from there and that stretch of road is as bad as the Mission District in San Francisco. We are a third world country in many parts of this nation.

      • I guess this POS governor doesn’t understand the word illegal apparently this governor is wearing a blindfold to who these dangerous people really are like president Trump said these are from prisons and mental institutions and be carrying deadly diseases some people are from penal colonies from all corner’s of the world AND YOU WANT US TO LET THESE ILLEGAL PEOPLE IN OUR HOMES ? I DON’T THINK SO democrats brought this on America and now they want the American citizen to take care of them TO HELL WITH THAT SEND THEM ALL BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM ASAP.

  • Of course the liberal press makes it sound like the only people with concerns are conservative. Wake up!

  • “Massachusetts’ the bastion of socialism and WOKEism. Im sure in the future like New York and Marthas vineyards we will be hearing how there governor rounded up all the illegals in the middle of the night and bussed them out of town to another state.

  • How many migrants have already been placed in people’s homes remains unclear …..

    Im sure if the left told us it would be inflated ten times. My guess is none.

    • I have read about a woman who allowed a homeless guy to stay in her extra room, yeah, you guessed correctly the result. He murdered her after a short time.

    • Throw them out and send them back to where they came from, after all they are here ILLEGALLY!!!! You are not required to take care of them, Biden brought them here without even asking the people to vote on the subject, so let him take care of them!! We the people ( remember the ones that are SUPPOSE TO TELL YOU WHAT WE WANT DONE SINCE WE ELECT YOU, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND)!!!!!

  • another attempt by democrats to steal money from taxpayers, now they want to take away the security of our homes.

  • They all think it’s a great idea till they’re asked to put them up in their own homes. Then watch the squirm and say anything to get out of it.

  • They all think it’s a great idea till they’re asked to put them up in their own homes. Then watch them squirm and say anything to get out of it.

  • This has already been done by Soviet Russia. Just wait until their valuables start disappearing and their daughters start getting raped. It couldn’t have happened to a better, stupid blue state (well, maybe Californication). What an idiot Governor. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

  • It would be a cold day in hell before I let an ILLEGAL CRIMINAL near me let alone live with me!! Send them back!!

  • if the libs want them, then they can keep them on their own properties, and not one tax dollar to go to these criminals.

  • What part of ILLEGAL do you NOT understand? Send them back to Mexico. Do your sworn oath duty to the Constitution and ship all the ILLEGALS out of this state NOT into our homes or why don’t you start by example.

  • ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ????? THESE ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS and you want American home owners to put these ILLEGAL ALIENS up in their homes ? HAVE WE LOST OUR FREAKING MINDS ? what the hell is this POS governor thinking anyway ? if you’re smart you’d better steer clear of this as this can open a can of worms you won’t want HOW MANY ILLEGAL ALIENS WILL THE GOVERNOR HOUSE IN HER MANSION AND PRIVATE HOME ????? THIS IS AMERICA AND I SAY DON’T DO IT.

  • Gov Healey if the cost of housing those ILLEGALS is too great for your state then use about 1/5th of that to ship them all back to where they came from

  • Gov Healey if the cost of housing those ILLEGALS is too great for your state, then use about 1/5th of that amount to ship them all back to where they came from

  • How about homing them in her house while she and her family live in the governors mansion. Speaking of which, I’m quite sure there is room there, too.

  • Since these people have crossed OUR BORDERS ILLEGALLY, They are BREAKING OUR LAWS which is a Criminal Offense! Therefore Biden and the Brain Dead Democrats are CRIMINALS for harboring these Fugitives! Oh, I forgot, Our Laws don’t apply to everyone especially democrats! THAT MUST CHANGE!

  • This could occur in any or all of the fifty states legally (not lawfully) being that the Constitutional Republic has stolen every single piece of property throughout America as its own.

    Thanks to Amendment 5’s provision for government confiscations (theft) of private property via eminent domain, property taxes, and public lands, there’s not one square inch of private property that is not now “owned” by federal and state governments alike.

    If you think this doesn’t apply to the property you “bought and paid for,” just stop paying your property tax and agents with badges and side arms will eventually show up to escort you off the property of those they represent. Give them enough guff, and they’ll escort you to jail.

    In other words, the Constitution hasn’t protected your property, anymore than it has your life, your firearms, etc. Instead the Constitution has been the means of confiscating your property, licensing your firearms, and destroying life, including the millions of infants slaughtered in their mothers’ wombs financed by the Constitutional Republic.

    If you’re in anyway a promoter of the biblically seditious Constitution as the law of the land, you’ve been *taken* for ride and you’ve been spurring the “horse” responsible for carrying America to the precipice of moral depravity and destruction.

    For more, see Chapter 3 “We the People vs. Yahweh” of free online book “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at Bible versus Constitution dot org. Click on the top entry on our Online Book page and scroll down to Chapter 3.

    Then Chapter 14 “Amendment 5: Constitutional vs. Biblical Judicial Protection.”

    Find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the sidebar and receive a free copy of the 85-page “Primer” of “BL vs. USC.”

  • I wonder if the governor is planning on HOSTING ILLEGALS herself or is that only good for the citizens.

    Why have they not made that proposal to hour VETERANS who are sleeping in the streets; I am assuming, from where I am sitting, that it would be a lot safer and patriotic to house veterans in your home than illegals that you have no clue where TF they came from

    More to the point, WHY did Biden OPEN THE F******G border to the entire world if he had NO PLAN as to what they were going to do with them? Was that the plan: to displace citizens and give your homes to the illegals in exchange for their permanent vote

  • That is absolutely insane. If I lived in MA, I would take one ONLY AFTER the governor, the lieutenant governor, and each member of the cabinet take one. In other words, never.

  • I would bet a million bucks that this stupid bimbo (Governor Healey) will NEVER let the illegal trash into HER home. But of course, SHE has armed security for HER safety! Too bad for the morons that voted for this idiot! BUT, you get the trash that you vote for!

  • Nothing worse than a governor requesting citizens to house illegal criminal aliens. She could welcome them into her quarters at her expense. Conversely, she can deport them all, or place them in prison at taxpayer expense, subjecting them to hard labor to pay their “room and board”.

  • Why not house illegal aliens in prisons? They are here illegally after all. In the HBO TV series “Oz” a bunch of illegal Chinese aliens were sent to be housed in the Oswald Maximum Security Penitentiary as there was no room left in New Jersey or New York to house all those so-called “refugees”. It didn’t end well for them and most wanted to go back to China after the ordeal – which is the general idea housing them in prison in the first place. So, write to your local representative/senator demanding that they house any and all illegals in prisons so that they get a “taste” of American Justice up front and personal for be in the country illegally in the first place!

  • I would say that the American people did not open the borders and since Joe Biden did – HE should make arrangements for them. He hasn’t done one thing for the American people since he has been in office. He has spent more money than I can even think about and it isn’t up to the American people to put the illegals in our homes. That is going way too far. Put them in the White House.

  • Absolutely not. There’s no proper vetting for these illegals. Let the Governor open her residence and see how well that goes. We have homeless veterans and the Governor hasn’t come forward and asked that citizens open their homes to citizens who served their country. What Chutzpah!

  • Not in Healy’s measly lifetime. Then again, maybe the voters should house a couple of illegals. This is what the voters voted for. If this were a Republican Gov., the Governor would have never told his constituents to go house illegals.



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