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The left’s favored billionaire, George Soros, is rapidly acquiring American radio stations in large numbers ahead of the 2024 election.

It is evident that this forms part of Soros’ strategic plan as he consistently devises covert strategies to exert influence over American politics.

In recent years, he poured substantial amounts of money into district attorney races across the nation, resulting in significant outcomes.

This new endeavor seems to be another component of his master plan. Is there more to this than simply gaining media control?

According to The Washington Times, George Soros has successfully obtained a potentially dominant stake in the second-largest chain of radio stations in America.

Bankruptcy filings mentioned by the New York Post reveal that his Soros Fund Management has acquired $400 million worth of debt from the Audacy chain.

The Post further states that Soros Fund’s ownership represents approximately 40% of Audacy’s debt at a value equivalent to 50 cents on the dollar.

Consequently, once Audacy emerges from bankruptcy, this significant stake could potentially grant effective control over the media giant.

A Republican insider who claims to be knowledgeable about the situation expressed concern regarding Soros’ motives for making such an election-year purchase.

They suggested that it could be an attempt by Soros to manipulate public opinion.

The source described this development as unsettling.

The left strongly dislikes conservative talk radio. Do you believe that stations owned by Soros will permit its existence?

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • Why’s the p.o.s.’s still wasting breathable air? The Whole Global Cabal, demoncRATs and RINOS, ALL SATAN’S DEMON SPAWN MINIONS DESERVE DIRT NAPS. NCSWIC, WWG1WGA, and P.A.N.I.C. LGB,FJB, FGS! President Trump’s still my President.

  • Once again we see monopolies are legal for Soros, as the deep state government harasses Elon for stopping the censorship at twitter, all with the blessings of the judiciary!

    • You can be sure that if Soros donated only to Republican causes our government would prohibit Soros from having so much influence on the outcome of our elections. I just hope that Americans have been following what has been happening in this country caused by Obama and Biden. Every Black and Hispanic should vote for Trump for what he did for them when he was President, and for what Biden HAS NOT DONE for them.

  • Soros must be Satan’s number 1 man, he must have made a pact to live long enough to see America Completely destroyed.!!
    That Communist Mother Fu*ker should have been kicked out of America or assassinated immediately.

  • Well you what will come over those radio stations, a lot of Anti Trump Proper gander
    No i haven’t said that maybe someone else has the same thoughts.

  • Soro’s believes PEOPLE ARE STUPID… if we see a lie 100 times.. we assume it is the Truth because there are 100 Posts saying the Same Thing… over and over and over again. Hence, to buy up small news outlets.. people assume what they see is truth but they NEVER INVESTIGATE what they see? That is Exactly how PROPAGANDA WORKS… eh? Stop Being FOOLED… INVESTIGATE.. and CONFIRM what you read.

  • this is smelling more and more like a commie islamic take over, every day. thought this old nazi lover had a price on his rotten head. do us all a favor someone, take the whole rotten bunch out, and i don’t mean a dinner a matter of fact, the dems need the same thing. and also include those lovely beasts, the rinos. there should be a season with no bag limits.

  • It’s a shame that, out of all the members of Congress, there’s not one of them with guts enough to have that old, America-hating bas**rd arrested, have all of his ill gotten wealth confiscated, and toss his crooked butt in prison, before he completely destroys our country. Just sayin’.

  • Obviously American soliders, CIA, FBI guys trained to take out the bad guys like Soros.

    My 102 years old crippled WWII Veteran Grandfather does not. He would like to lead but would anyone with the ability to take Soros out follow him?



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