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During a press conference today, Joe Biden experienced a sudden pause in his speech, followed by an outburst of screams.

The conference focused on the suspicious death of Alexei Navalny, a prominent critic of Vladimir Putin who died while imprisoned in Russia.

Earlier in the day, Russian authorities reported that Navalny had lost consciousness and passed away at the “Polar Wolf” penal colony where he was serving a 19-year sentence for “extremism.”

This facility is situated approximately 1,200 miles northeast of Moscow and falls within the Arctic Circle.

After offering his condolences for Navalny’s demise and placing blame on Putin, Biden shifted his focus to criticizing Trump for a past statement regarding NATO allies paying for their own defense.

However, during this critique, Biden unexpectedly paused mid-sentence before erupting into screams.

All of us should reject the dangerous statements made by the previous president that invited Russia to invade our NATO allies if they weren’t paying up.

He said if an ally did not pay their dues, he’d encourage Russia to, quote, do whatever the hell they want.”

(Freezes for several seconds)

I guess I should clear my mind here a little bit and not say what I’m really thinking.


During the later part of the press conference, Biden unexpectedly raised his voice and passionately criticized the House of Representatives for taking a two-week vacation.

It is worth noting that this critique comes from someone who has himself spent close to half his time in office on holiday.

Biden faced questioning regarding the indictment of the FBI informant involved in the House impeachment inquiry, who was accused of lying about him and Hunter.

When asked if he believed the entire inquiry should be abandoned, Biden expressed his anger and firmly answered in agreement.

Biden concluded the press conference with a farewell, stating “I’ll see you in Ohio.”

He plans to leave for East Palestine, Ohio later today to participate in a photo opportunity.

This visit comes several months after the harmful train derailment that still negatively impacts the lives of local residents.

This latest episode undoubtedly provides more evidence to support invoking the 25th Amendment in order to remove this “senior individual with a declining memory” from their position.

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • this old POS either is too feeble minded to stand trial and run the country or he’s not…you can’t have it both ways.

  • Biden doesn’t like being harrassed and he’s committed too many crimes to count. How do you think Trump feels, he hasn’t committed a crime. Scary because in the U.S. this could happen to any of us.

  • That mumbling, bumbling, tripping, Anti-American Communist old sack of shit always has to blame President Trump for everything.!
    Nato, the border, the oil, violence, All the MAGA supporters, climate change, Trumps theft of Classified documents (which he had every right to possess), all the fake crimes President Trump had committed, so who the Hell are the most stupidest people are, who believe all that bullshit.?
    Biden, Obama and all the Anti-American Communist Democrats are the biggest criminals ever to be Elected into the Senate and Congress and the White House.! President Trump didn’t cause any of the problems Americans are facing today, but millions of Communist voters with parasites for brains believe Trump is at fault.
    In my state of Texas, all Law enforcement are being trained for combat, something is going to happen very soon and millions of Texans are locked and loaded.

  • The tables are turning.
    Just a year ago his handlers wouldn’t have let him go in a room with any chance of being asked questions. He is truly a man Alone.

  • It is called a brain fart. Very common in the severely senile. There is nothing to alleviate this condition in the elderly. This loss of brain function just gets worse and worse.

  • Stop calling him President. He is not the President. He is a usurper, a traitor, a seditionist, a criminal but he is not President.

    • Karen, that’s what I’ve been saying since day one of the stolen election.
      I hope millions will call him what he really is, a stupid a$$ dumbshit., and a Communist China operative, Anti-Constitution, Anti-American pedophile.

  • ( JUST A MODEST THOUGHT) :BIDEN PRESIDENT ??? I’ve lived long enough to have seen the results of PRIDE & SHEER EGOTISTIC NONSENSE . I do not insult Mr. Biden but indeed his cohorts who voted NOT for Mr. BIDEN but indeed against Mr. TRUMP who would not give in to the other Capitalists who hated him for his wealth. GOD HELP THIS ONCE WONDERFUL : UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  • Biden is always the same He uses selective words in his quotes of Trump but the main thing is that is Biden will always makes up these lies but if it is son he never has answer He can only try to make someone else look bad so as to hide his ignorance We continue to pay blackmail money to Ukraine and that is the answer Biden and his fellow criminals in the Senate They purpose all of these billions of tax dollars while we have our own citizens that can’t feed their families There are millions of people who wished that they could trade student loan reduction (unlawfully) would have much seen the money go to keeping Medicaid Biden is handing out money to everyone but our taxpaying citizens The illegals Biden has allowed in have places to eat and sleep but now they are complaining that they need better housing and pocket money WTF We have to start sending these people back They have robbed raped murdered assaulted the police This is on the shoulders of Biden and Mayorkas They are both worthless individuals I think that both Biden and Mayorkas could be charged with treason for allowing people to disregard our immigration laws and of course Biden for is treasonous acts with China and NWO These people that are pulling the strings doesn’t realize that we as hard working Americans will fight back and in a way these people have ever seen We need to get our government in order If they are not doing their job then they can leave the country We are now know that the criminals in the government past and present can be identified I think it is a grand idea for them to retire or resign but that still will not help them It is time to pay up for all of the garbage these criminals have done and are still doing They might have to release minor criminals to make room for all of these major criminals



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