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On Wednesday, an Israeli student attending Harvard Business School was subjected to harassment and assault during a march and “die-in” held in protest of Israel’s response to the killings of 1,300 civilians and kidnapping of 200 hostages by Hamas.

The demonstration began on Harvard’s main campus in Cambridge before proceeding to the business school in Boston where a “die-in” was staged.

Video footage from the incident shows the student repeatedly asking not to be grabbed or touched around his neck while being encircled by protesters wearing keffiyehs that concealed their faces.

Image: Screenshot Courtesy of Washington Free Beacon

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

The student, who asked to remain anonymous, described being pushed and shoved as he tried to film them with his phone. A report to the FBI identified two of the people laying hands on him as fellow Harvard University graduate students, one a law student, Ibrahim Bharmal, a member of the Harvard Law Review, and the other a divinity school graduate student, Elom Tettey Tamaklo, who lives with Harvard undergraduate students in supervisory role known as a proctor.

Bharmal and Tamaklo did not respond to requests for comment.

A report has been filed with the Harvard University Police Department and the FBI’s Boston office. “An Israeli student on his way to class pulled his phone out to film the rioters and he was attacked. He was assaulted both physically and verbally. Throughout the assault he kept calm, but was aggressively attacked by Pro-Palestine rioters,” reads the report to the FBI, which was reviewed by the Free Beacon. “At least 2 of those involved have been identified as employees of the University and have not yet been dismissed from their posts.”


Harvard is one of the many universities across the country that has recently come under scrutiny for reported antisemitic sentiments on campus.

31 student groups at the University signed a letter, blaming Israel as “entirely responsible” for Hamas’s barbaric attacks against Israeli civilians.

In response to this, Harvard President Claudine Gay released a statement condemning Hamas following pressure from prominent business voices who disagreed with hiring any young people who supported such acts of violence.

Furthermore, an associate professor at the School of Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) reportedly referred to Israelis as “pigs,” “savages,” and “irredeemable excrement” on social media; an associate professor of history at Cornell University spoke during a pro-Palestine protest sharing that they found the deadly Hamas terrorist attack was “exhilarating” and “energizing;” an instructor at Stanford University was suspended after making Jewish students stand in a corner with their belongings while he delivered a rant belittling the genocide of millions of Jews in the Holocaust; and students at The University of Wisconsin openly cheered Hamas killers chanting “Glory to Martyrs!” at a rally on campus.

According to The Free Beacon, FBI officials have declined to comment on these incidents.

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • Those individuals should be removed from the school and forfeit their tuition. They are as cowardly as the Hamas terrorists they support. They are to stupid to realize that because of Hamas the Gazans suffer. To Hamas they are nothing but political pawns used as human shields, and body count for publicity. Most of these so called students haven’t ever been anywhere, done anything, and think that activism no matter how ill conceived makes them look intellectual, and actively supporting a just cause, of course in their minds only. What they really need besides a good as whipping is some real life experiences on a battle field. Maybe then they could have an educated opinion with some meaning. At present they are a national disgrace.

  • It seens all Palestinians want to kill all the Jews in the world Harvard is a very liberal college the have no problem NOT SAYING THE TRUTH they are the cause of the very naïve kids wanting to scream out against Israel and there Right to defend themselves from known enemies Hamas has said many times they want to kill Jews after the October 7 Massacre they have shown the are lowlife sub- human animals and these really naïve young people go wild and want to kill all Jews so sad

    • I was hoping when the ignorant brats announced a die in they were actually going to do that. after looking forward to it, I was quite disappointed to see they were still alive. braindead but breathing.

  • This kind of protest is against the constitution, as it is NOT PEACEFUL!! EVERYONE OF THE STUDENT PROTESTERS need to be put in jail for at least six months for their actions, or given the option to be sent to palatine with big signs on their backs that read Stupid American. Shoot me…..

  • Stop the funding for those Colleges now.!
    And investigate the hateful teaching of all Anti-American and Anti-Isreal by those Professors and arrest them for brain washing those students.
    Deport them if they think Iran and Hamas are good people and see if they like better there.

  • We as a nation would do well to return to the Judeo-Christian ethic; degenerating into barbarism and calling it Democracy and the right to protest violates common sense and human decency. Murder is the ultimate cancel culture; is that what we want?

  • It takes cowards to gang up on one person. Bet each of them would chicken out of even starting a fair fight all by himself.

  • Isn’t it ironic that an institute of higher learing that was established by Christain churches is now run by anti-Chrost and anti freedom officials and students

  • I believe these two should be brought up on Terrorism charges. People need to understand that there are consequences to their actions. Failure to punish their terroristic behavior will only encourage them and others to repeat it and increase the violence.

  • They will probably be protected and allowed to continue. What has happened in our colleges is both sad and worrisome.

  • Harvard, an antisemitic institution, should be forcibly shut down, permanently. It is an embarrassment to this country and to the free world and has no known reason to continue it’s existence.

  • Why is the Left blind to what the Muslims plan for Israel? They have called for the complete destruction of Israel and no compromise is possible. Let me say that again: Muslims want the complete destruction of Israel. Letting Hamas or Hezbollah off the hook will accomplish nothing. In two or three years, they will attack again. They will have their asses handed to them then they will run to the UN blubbering about the mean Israels.
    Arabs consider the Palestinians as dogs and they use them because their are useful idiots.

  • A good example of why not to spend your retirement funds to send your kid to college. It’s way too radical.

  • It is not just Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Al-Quaeda, etc.
    It’s MUSLIMS, stupid.
    There is only one solution to the problem that Muslims continue to perpetuate.

  • Harvard has become the epicenter of anti-American indoctrination of our best and brightest! It is a DISGRACE to its heritage.


  • And as always, it is conservatives that are the “national terrorist threat.” Why? Obama and Creepy China Joe have opened our borders to all of the world’s trash with no one knows how many islamic extremists crossing illegally. Yes, we as Americans face more mass shootings amongst other violent atrocities at the hands of these people and yet, we are deemed the threat. This includes parents who object to their children being groomed, sexualized or gender confused by those on the far left. Palestinians could have been free decades ago. All they had to do was acknowledge that Israelis have the right to their lives. I stand with Israel!

  • At the very least, they should get charged in a “hate crime”. they attacked because he’s Jewish, wish makes him a protected class under the hate crime statute.

  • THE REAL ISLAMIC THREAT???? America you had best wake up to the ‘Real’ Islamic threat! Why? Because for most of Western world’s so-called leaders (save one) have failed to adequately address the fact that the Islamic threat is not limited to Jews. As detailed below, one of the primary objectives detailed in Muslim doctrine is to ‘RID’ the world of ‘ALL’ non-believers!

    NOTE: The information presented herein has been submitted many times since 1982 by several of the army officers who served on a counter-terrorism team charged by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs with assessing/addressing the threat to DOD personnel deployed overseas and developing strategy/tactics to combat the same. To date few Americans and their so-called leaders have given due attention to the ‘REAL’ threat presented by radical Muslims.

    Question: The Islamic State, the Nation of Islam, CARE, ISIS, HAMAS, and many other Muslim groups; what do they all have in common? Answer: They all have the same ultimate objectives!

    Those objectives are to: 1). Fully install Sharia as the only governing philosophy in the world, and 2). Install Muhammad as the last true prophet and his teachings supposedly inspired by the ‘truths’ delivered to him in a cave by Gabriel (an angel of the one and only God) sometime between 610 – 613 CE as the only law and religion of the land. Those same truths/teachings which became institutionalized in the Quran, the Hadith, and the Sira; are the three most important foundation documents providing the bases for Sharia.

    Per personal knowledge/experience gained as a military officer with many years of service in combating terrorism at the hands of various Muslim and other groups, I can inform all Americans willing to listen as to the reasons why I and many of my fellow officers have warned the American government many times as to why Islam is much different than any other religion/governing philosophy, and why ‘ALL’ Islamic groups present a significant threat to America.

    The simple reason the Islamic State, the Nation of Islam, CARE, ISIS, HAMAS, etc. are so dangerous is the range of strategies/tactics they claim were/are mandated to be employed by the Prophet himself. If you doubt me just watch those individual Muslims who are implanted in the U.S. Congress as they deal with their comrades, the media, and the American people. I simply find it pitiful as to how unskilled they are at spreading their propaganda, yet their comrades in the government, the public, and the media seem oblivious to their true objectives. As an old ground combat/counter-terrorist soldier I would say this to their audiences; “I can’t believe you knuckleheads, you let the enemy walk up and kiss you right on the mouth before they gut you and/or cut your throat!”

    Don’t feel bad that most of you may have been so blind reference the threat from Islam and the range of their tactics (lie, cheat, steal, kill, whatever required to rid the world of non-believers). Mr. Reagan and most of his administration failed to give the threat they were provided by the army officers mentioned above in 1982 adequate attention. Even after two Muslim terrorists less than a year later in 1983 killed over 200 marines, several sailors, one soldier, and 40 French soldiers in Lebanon; our arrogance, lack of knowledge, and stupidity has continued to leave us to this day seriously ill prepared.

    Now the Muslim community can count among their best allies the American government, the America media, the American left, Academia, and the hordes of simply ignorant deniers! Don’t believe me? Ask yourself, why does our government prosecute conservatives, Christians, Jews, etc., to one standard yet permit Muslims and other left wing groups to virtually rampage across the nation with little consequences?

    If you are one of the ill informed don’t fret too much. I am offering free classes to teach the eight prayers you need to learn in order to start your personal conversion to Islam. Oh, you will need to bring your own rug.

    Final Note: Would you like to know the primary tactic the team of army officers mentioned above presented to the Reagan administration in 1982? Their basic tactic was: “In that the best defense is a good offense we must kill the terrorists in their beds before they kills us in ours!”

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired



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