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This article is the third (but may not be the final) report regarding California’s Assembly Bill 2218, a measure which, among other things. would authorize various transgender surgeries and sex hormone “therapy” for “gender-confused” youth and adults that would result in permanent sterilization due to the irreversibility of the types of procedures implemented that are considered effective treatments to turn a male into a female (and vice versa).

If you’re interested in the background, the first article was Sterilize Children? CA Assembly Passed Legislation Approving EXACTLY That! [VIDEO].

The second (which was a call-to-action to mobilize people to call and raise their objections to its passage), is 9 CA Senators Expected to Give Final Approval to Fund Bill to Sterilize Children! Action Needed!

The reason this may not be the last time you hear about this bill is that it was not included in the Senate Health Committee’s Agenda … THIS time. I haven’t seen anything anywhere that speaks to the bill being struck down. The only thing that happened this time around is that the committee announced that the bill was “dead for the year.”

That language makes me very suspicious. I believe it’s foolish to declare the way things turned out this week as a great “victory.” Yes, it is one, but I view it with little more weight than a temporary stay of execution.

I can’t help but think of the phrase “death by a thousand cuts.”

It’s reminiscent of what we’re seeing all over the country right now.

For decades the Left has been introducing little things one after another that have gradually eroded the fabric of our sovereignty, our morality, and our freedom to the point that we’re now in such a mess that is going to take some major policy surgery to repair and stitch up the thousands upon thousands of little loopholes that have been slipped in on us that have been enacted by those whose ideals undermine the very essence of American freedom, independence, and God-honoring moral conduct.

Or, perhaps this is another case of eating the elephant one bite at a time. The first bite was to get the bill passed by lawmakers. The next step was to have it funded. Enough people were on the ball and contacted the members of the Senate Health Committee that they realized now would not be the best time to pursue the funding. This is one of those times when it would have been interesting to hear what went on behind closed doors while the decision was made.

Whatever may have happened, the fact of the matter is that we can NOT let our guard down just because the committee took a pass on funding the bill this time around. We have to remain vigilant to make sure the representatives and senators actually represent the will of the constituents rather than the will of the corrupt socialist “leaders” that are doing their best to take over every aspect of our lives.

Doug Goldsmith

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